Rainbow Honey : Oni, The Yokai Collection

I’m gonna show you an awesome polish today. It is from the trio of polishes that Rainbow Honey recently came out with for their Yokai Collection.
oni, the malevolent wild demon
According to wiki, oni is a mountain ogre that is depicted to have red, blue, brown or black skin! I think Dee really depicted this in the polish. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you why I think so.Well, oni has a darkened-brown or rather a charcoal base and is packed with gold shimmer, bronze glitter and glass flecks that flash gold, brown and the occasional purple. It is indeed an intense polish.
I don’t know if it was intentional, but oni actually shade shifts! At first I thought it to be a dark brown polish. But as I wear it, I’ve seen it looking more black, olive (!) and even a nice milk chocolate-y brown under yellow lights!

Don’t you think this looks olive-y?
And Black!!
oni is a rather posh color. It is dark and mysterious but has really good shimmer throughout!As much as it is a dark polish, the gold shimmer in it makes it a work friendly polish. Especially in the Fall!

Application was the polish is awesome, even better than kitsune in fact! It covered nicely in 2 thin coats and doesn’t come off as gritty. I am not wearing any top coat in these photos by the way.

I think I caught a red flash as I was typing this out! And the polish is starting to look more and more like Oreos! or maybe S’mores! *chocolate I love you tons!*

It actually looks really Olive in the photo below!!

Are you wondering why I have not showed you why I think Dee depicted this polish just like the description on an oni in wiki? Go back up again and look closely. You would see that I have a few slanted words. Write them out. What do you see?? 😛

A blurry photo to show of the shimmer! 🙂

Remember these polishes are LIMITED EDITION!! Do hurry on by Rainbow Honey’s website to grab them before they are gone!