CrowsToes Frogs’ Breath

I told you that I would definitely add to my nude little manicure!

I busted out CrowsToes Frogs’ Breath for this manicure. I love a good glitter gradient and thought that these were the best things on a nude base. A little touch of glam on my tips if you may.

I even managed to get sun (evening) shots of my nails for this manicure!

If you look properly you can actually see the stains on my nails through Barre My Soul. I think it was the gold in Frogs’ Breath that brought out the yellow in my nails.
Though the yellow shows through I think it made this gradient somewhat smoother. Don’t you think?

Day 5 – Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentines Day isn’t my favorite holiday but I do love reds and I do love trying something new 🙂
I have been wanting to try this design out for the longest time but never attempted it because my nails were quite stained and this designed required me to show off a whole lot of nail. Since my nails are much better than before I thought this was the best time to pull this look off!
I wanted to do somthing different from the pin. Instead of having it all in the same color family I decided to go for contrast! I did this manicure with striping tape instead of regular scotch tape as in the pin but I think it turned out fairly good with this color combination.

I used OPI Big Apple Red and Goldeneye and topped it off with my quick dry top coat from essence. Bad move!

Can you see it in the photo below?


How about now?

Something went funky with my top coat and I got this dark stripe of red on my middle finger. Just the middle finger even though I used the same topcoat on all my nails :S It is apparent in some photos but not others too. LOL.

Owh wells, I still like the overall effect very much. Gold and red is definitely a winning combination in my books!

Sponged French

Since I got my package from Cult Nails a while back, my eye was caught immediately by Enticing, the light pink polish in the bunch. I am not one for pinks usually but I fell in love with this polish from the very moment I saw swathes of it.
I took this little baby out and used it a few days ago but I was quite disappointed with the coverage (application was still smooth as butter though!!) I know it says on the Cult Nails shop that it is a sheer pink polish but I didn’t expect to have VNL even after 4 coats. I still loved the color even tho coverage was so-so.
To save the mani from being removed, I took a hint from Sara of Chalkboard Nails and sponged some white (OPI Alpine Snow) on my tips. And, voila!  The manicure is saved and my fingernails look awesome!
Indoors. Artificial Lighting.
How cute this is right?! It’s a more modern take to the usual french manicure and I love it much more to the traditional french manicure!
Outdoors. In the shade.
I really love how Enticing looks on my nails too! It may be sheer but it still is an awesome color. It also changes quite a bit with the lighting. Sometimes it look like the perfect nude for me but in other lights it’s sheer pink shines through all the way!
Indoors. Fluorescent Lighting.
Outdoors. Full Sunlight.

From the Vault: Tape Mani – Fail

I always pain my nails at night before I head to bed. Most times I start at about 11pm and don’t finished until 1am because of my indecision. Tonight was one of those nights.
I wanted to do a funky french with a the striping tape I bought recently. But *alas* it was not meant to be 😦
I painted my nails in Revlon’s Opulent Pink and prepped them with striping tape. The striping tape I used was kinda different from the one’s I see on other nail blogs. For one, it wasn’t metallic and it wasn’t a solid colour either. It was a black paper base with hot pink stripes going through it.
I now think that they look quite unique here. The black-pink tape actually goes very well with this polish.
Why oh why wasn’t I aware of this earlier?
I should have just snipped the tape to size, applied top coat and jump into bed and sleep. But, noooo, I had to complete what I envisioned! And thus – a really odd manicure was born!
The yellow I used was China Glaze Lemon Fizz. China Glaze was the most logical choice for me because so far they’ve all been rather opaque on the first coat. But somehow this time it didn’t work out for me. I needed to use 2 coats on them. And they were quick thick at that! I really wasn’t thinking straight. When it came to removing the tape, the yellow smudged, went under the tape and some even came off with the tape. I couldn’t think of any ways to salvage it *sigh*
Needless to say I only wore this manicure long enough to take some photos and off they came.
Check back tomorrow for the manicure that I eventually did. I promise it isn’t half as disastrous as this was.