Easter Stripes

Happy Easter everyone! Today is a definitely a day to celebrate! I hope you have a great one with your friends and loved ones ūüôā
Anyways, since it is both Easter and Spring already I thought I would do some egg-inspired nails today! I really had high hopes for this nail idea but I think I kinda failed on execution. I did a tape manicure and it seems my lines are kinda wonky. It is not bad in this photo but the next photo……please don’t scream.
The lines are really quite thick and uneven no matter how my tape is stuck. I suspect I may have pulled the tape off a little too late. Or maybe it’s just the matter of chalky pastel polishes. =/ And surprisingly, of all the nails, the one that turned out the best (in terms of how pretty my lines look) was my pinky.
One thing though, my lines may not be perfect but my nails sure do look cute!! I don’t usually wear pastel but I do love this color combination. It’s, well, srefreshing. LOL
I did a jelly sandwich with OPI¬†Mermaids Tears, Rainbow Honey¬†20% Cooler¬†and OPI¬†Don’t Touch My Tutu¬†and topped them off with OPI¬†Lucky Lucky Lavender, piCture pOlish¬†peaches n’ cream,¬†mellow¬†yellow,¬†honey dew¬†and Essie¬†Lapis of Luxury.

Rainbow Honey – The Worst Possible Thing

Chop chop! My fingernails are down to nubbins again due to cracking at the tips. I think my average cycle from nubbins back to nubbins is around 2-2.5 weeks. =/
Since my nails are shorter now, I decided to go with a neutral color with a dash of glitter to help give the illusion of longer fingers. My choice of colors for this wonderful task – OPI Malaysian Mist for the base and, as is seen in the title, RH The Worst Possible thing.
This is 3 coats of Malaysian Mist on it’s own. I love this color (I know I have said this many times now!) but sometimes dry time can be a problem. It is a really pretty peach that looks really simple and classy at the same time.
And here I have topped it with one coat of TWPT. Yup! Just one coat and my whole nail is covered. Rainbow Honey glitter polishes tend to be on the thick side. I believe this is due to fact that the polishes are jam-packed with all sorts of glitter and shimmer – No complains here really.
At first I thought it may turn out kinda weird to layer this polish over a light color let alone a light peach but looking at it now I love the purple-orange combination that is seen here. TWPT also seems to have a duochrome property to it which cab be seen in the photo above. Definitely have to try this over a darker color next time.
More photos before I end this post:
Indirect Sunlight
Artificial Light
And last but not least, a super grainy photo. I did not want to post this at first but this photo is the only one that really shows off the glitters and shimmers in this polish.
Rainbow Honey products are hand-crafted, hand-packaged and “Big-3” free! You can purchase Dee’s products from her shop HERE. Do keep yourselves up to date with Rainbow Honey products and promotions by following her blog and Facebook page!

piCture pOlish – peaches n’ cream

I am still slowly going through my last piCture pOlish order but I am already tempted to make another order with them for their new releases! Ahh!
Anyways, I have today a nice peach polish from piCture pOlish aptly names peaches n’ cream. PnC is a creamy light pastel peach with a little bit of pink in it. The first coat tends to be streaky but it does level out on the second coat.
Morning sun
And a photo taken during high noon in the car hence the blurry photo. And because of that, I am going to keep this photo smaller than the rest.

Malaysian Mist

OPI Malaysian Mist is one of my favourite polishes of all time! No. It’s not because of the name. Really! The polish is a really pretty peach and the formula is good. If you are careful, you can get away with just 2 coats of it!

Instead of my usual glitter accent nail, I dedcided to just add a little rhinestone on my ring finger. Unfortunately the shine of the rhinestone only lasted for 5 seconds. One layer of SV later, not only is the shine gone, the faceted rhinestone looks more like a round gem on my nails. And if you look carefully, you can see that the nail polish is bunching up at the base of the rhinestone. I guess this is what other nail bloggers mean by SV shrinking their manicure ūüė¶
Malaysian Mist looks much better on the nails as compared to the polish in the bottle. It’s less flesh tone and more¬†peachy you can say!