Ozotic Pro 604

I have to apologize for missing a few post and not posting regularly. But I’ve been really busy these days with work and life and the works. I am going to make that up with a post of a gorgeous polish which I think has been overlooked by many.
As you know Ozotics were all the rage just a few months ago, but those were just the duochromes I think. I was stalking looking through a whole lot of photos online but I eventually settles on 2 Ozotic Pro polishes – 604 and 607.
604 is a gorgeous champagne/light gold based scattered holo polish. I think I have a post on this polish but I know it wasn’t a good one back then. LOL.
Anyways, 604 was a breeze to apply! All I needed were 2 coats to achieve opacity. From the photo you can see that the holo particles are quite big. But rest assured that they do not stick out at all. In fact, I went without top coat and my nails were still super smooth!
Removal was a breeze too!! All I needed was one cotton pad to remove all the polish on both my hands! No foil method needed here 🙂
The holo was super easy to photograph as well. Just look at the photos below.
How not to drool! 😛

Ozotic 604

This is my first full holo manicure so far! I always hesitated to use holo polishes because I do not have an awesome camera to take good photos of the polish. But I could not keep this baby in the cupboard for any longer, so please do excuse the not-so-awesome photos I have here.
Ozotic 604 is a white gold scattered holo. This means that the holographic particles will not create rainbows across your fingers but rather small burst of rainbows randomly on your finger nails.
I did 3 coats of 604 over my NailTek II (No-no #1) and topped it off with Cult Nails Wicked Fast (No-no #2). I actually did the base coat before deciding on a color. 604 id not go on smoothly at all! It kept creating empty spaces when it dragged against the matte base coat. Luckily this isn’t a linear holo, if not I can’t imagine how distorted the rainbows would turn up on the nails! After I let the polish dry a little, I instinctively picked up my top coat and did my nails carefully. I did not think too much of it when the polish started to look a little dull. Only after I did the manicure did it hit me that you usually do not use top coats with holo polishes as it dulls the holo effects :\

This is generally what I got under the sun. You can see shimmer and subtle glowing from the holographic particles.

This photo above as well as the previous one were taking both under a mid morning sun and the ones below was taken indoors under a ceiling light. Surprisingly the sparkles are much more prominent in the indoor photos as opposed to the outdoor ones!

Blurred to show off the holographic shimmer!!
I knew there was much more to this polish so I finally resorted to taking photos with flash to coax the holo glitters to shine!!
First attempt: Almost there!
Second attempt: Boom!! Holo galore! 😀
Have a great weekend everyone!!

The Hungry Asian – Belle, Ozotic 607

A little sneak peek of my newest purchase from The Hungry Asian!
I used 2 coats of My Second Honeymoon from OPI for my middle, ring and pinky finger and layered 2 coats of Belle over one coat of MSH for my thumb and index finger. I love how Belle has a little pink tint to it in this little experiment of mine!
And I did the opposite for my right hand! This photo has a different light to it as it was taken at different times of the day. (My bad! Sorry!) But belle stand out even more in this shot. you can see the fine pink glitter much more here!
I had to try on the Ozotic Holographis polishes I just got in the mail from piCture pOlish! And since I was wearing pink from before I decided to just give my previous mani a little more ‘oomph’ with Ozotic 607.
Sorry there isn’t a photo under the sun. The sun has been in hiding the past few days because of the haze and dull weathere here these few weeks 😦
I used only 1 thin coat in the photo above and it has transformed my sweet little mani into something very party appropriate!
Bring on the weekend!