Day 8 – Polka Dot Nails

I thought I would jazz up the previous mani just a little and since it’s Polka Dots day why not!

I initially wanted to do dots on the whole nail but a failed attempt on my thumb led me to do otherwise. I finally settles with just a strip of dots running down the middle. I think it turned out rather OK.

For the dots I used Lucky Lucky Lavender on Lilac, Steady As She Rose on Lucky Lucky Lavender and Lilac on Steady As She Rose.

I still need lots of practice for my dots :S

Purple Skittles!

More untried polishes in this post! Actually, out of the 4 polishes I have on my fingers in this post, 2 are untrieds and the other two haven’t been used in quite some time!
I was thinking of a way to use all 4 polishes.I finally settled on a skittelette manicure to tackle this task. In shades of purple again! I think purple may just be my new favorite color.

The idea was to do a ombre manicure at the same time actually, one of the many nail art techniques that I have yet to pull off successfully!

What do you think? Does it count as an ombre manicure?

I used these colors Color by T.B.N Lilac (thumb), OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender (index finger), OPI Steady As She Rose (middle finger) and on The Hungry Asian Vote for Purple (ring finger and pinky).

Smitten Polish – Glass Elevator

I really really love my last order from Llarowe. Another lemming down! Wahoo! 
Glass Elevator by Smitten Polish has been on my radar since the day it launched. It is packed with different sizes of matte teal and light blue glitters suspended in a white very pale aqua milky base.

I wanted to bring out the teals and blues in this polish so I paired it up with a nice light blue – Cult Nails Manipulative.
And to top it off and create a skittlette manicure, I stuck a little gem I got from the Cult Nails goody bag on my ring finger.

The gem didn’t stay around too long though. It fell off right after I woke from sleep D: So, in it’s place I used a hex glitter I fished out from Glizology’s Robots in Love. Talk about a versatile polish! LOL

It it said to be a dupe for Dollish Polish’s Expecto Patronum and Pretty and Polished Wherever you go, I Virgo. Anyone has those or have done a comparison of them?


This manicure is ancient. By the look of the messy cuticles and the super nubbins I would say that this manicure is at least 2 years old!! If my memory serves me right, I chose to do this skittle mani because I was down with fever and wanted something to lift my spirits. And it did!!
All the colors used in this mani are OPIs: No Room for the Blues, Greenwich Village, Need Sunglases, Flit A Bit and Big Apple Red.
Not long after I decided to make my mani less in your face, I went with half moons topped with OPI Private Jet – holo version. I actually got Private jet from a friend as a present. She was gifted it but found that it was not to her taste. Lucky lucky me!