From the Vault: Guess the polish!

Do not ask me why I never published this! I thought that I had already published it considering I had it all typed out and this was actually my New Years DAY mani. =/ My age is definitely catching up with me.
Anyways. May I present to you my New Years Day manicure, 3 months late nonetheless!
Let me warn you beforehand though that this post is gonna be photo heavy as I took a whole lot of photos everywhere under different lighting and most importantly, the polish is just too gorgeous to not show it off!
I picked a really interesting polish combination to start my New Year! Can you guess which polishes I used?
I got this from a swap not too long ago, and as you know, I have only done one swap so far.

OK, fine. To be fair, I am wearing 2 polishes on my nails in these photos and both of them are from the same swap.


Well, the answer is – Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire over T.B.N Gorgeous Grape.
T.B.N. Gorgeous Grape is a really deep dark maroon which oftentimes look black if you don’t look too closely. Fantasy Fire, I think this polish needs no more introduction! It is a gorgeous blurple base with multichrome shimmer that shifts to red to copper to green to gold depending on what lights hit it and what color you choose as a base!
I think my choice of base color brought out the red/gold in Fantasy Fire. It just enhances and brings out the hidden red of Gorgeous Grape. Whenever the shimmer shines red, it gives the polish so.much.depth. I can’t stop staring at it!
See what I mean?
I also managed to grab a few photos that showed off the different shimmers in Fantasy Fire!
There was the elusive (for me) olive green.
And gold!
And all I had to do was turn around in circles catching the sunlight on the balcony.
I included a not-so-awesome-blurred shot to show off the sparkly quality of Fantasy Fire.

And finally – a night shot! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this! Fantasy Fire even looks gorgeous under a street light at night! I took this in the car while picking up a friend. I didn’t really notice at first but when I glanced down at my nails I was blown away and attempted a photo with my crappy camera (and succeeded to capture one good photo!).


Day 8 – Polka Dot Nails

I thought I would jazz up the previous mani just a little and since it’s Polka Dots day why not!

I initially wanted to do dots on the whole nail but a failed attempt on my thumb led me to do otherwise. I finally settles with just a strip of dots running down the middle. I think it turned out rather OK.

For the dots I used Lucky Lucky Lavender on Lilac, Steady As She Rose on Lucky Lucky Lavender and Lilac on Steady As She Rose.

I still need lots of practice for my dots :S

Purple Skittles!

More untried polishes in this post! Actually, out of the 4 polishes I have on my fingers in this post, 2 are untrieds and the other two haven’t been used in quite some time!
I was thinking of a way to use all 4 polishes.I finally settled on a skittelette manicure to tackle this task. In shades of purple again! I think purple may just be my new favorite color.

The idea was to do a ombre manicure at the same time actually, one of the many nail art techniques that I have yet to pull off successfully!

What do you think? Does it count as an ombre manicure?

I used these colors Color by T.B.N Lilac (thumb), OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender (index finger), OPI Steady As She Rose (middle finger) and on The Hungry Asian Vote for Purple (ring finger and pinky).

Jewel Tones

I seldom wear bold colors together. I usually use bold colors as accent nails or pair them with a glitters of the same color or maybe black or white to tone it down a tad. I don’t want my manicures to stand out too much in the work place. But since it’s the holiday season (Chinese/Luanr New Year) I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bust out some brights!

I am wearing Colors by T.B.N Sea Foam and Julep Morgan as an accent nail. When I took these photos I was doing it without my glasses hence the dinged, smudged nails. Gah!! I did go back and fixed them right after taking these photos but immediately did some nail art on them. =.=

But dents and smudges aside, I think the pairing of these 2 polishes look really good. And my nail art over these? I think it’s pretty cool as well! Come on by and check it out tomorrow.


Looks familiar? I used this as the base color for my snowman manicure I posted a few days ago. I was really amazed by this polish and decided that it should have a post dedicated to it!
This is Steavealicious by Colors by T.B.N. It’s a nice blurple which has awesome coverage in one coat. Yep! This awesome blue/purple is a one coater! It also dries really glossy, these photos are without top coat.
I am a really hard time photographing this polish. In real life the purple is definitely more obvious. It definitely reminds me of  Want My Bawdy from the China Glaze Bohemian Collection, with less shimmer I think.
You know what I love most about this blue polish?
It does not stain!