Purple Refreshed

As you know from yesterday’s post, June is Migraine Awareness month and I am wearing purple to join a nail art competition by MariJo. Anyways, even though I am bad at nail art I couldn’t just submit a plain manicure. So to spice it up a little I added some white (OPI Alpine Snow) and purple glitter (Bloop H555) to my tips and created this funky french!
Bloop H555

Look at the holo goodness in this little bottle of glitter!

Lavender Love

…or lilac. I don’t really know the difference actually. 
I decided to bust out this light purple to join a competition on Instagram by Mari Jo from Polish Obsession. I am one of the worse person you can find for nail art but I joined it for another cause. The theme of the competition was to wear a purple polish in the month of June for Migraine Awareness month. Purple has been chosen as the official colour for migraine since March 2012.
Usually people would just classify a migraine as a bad headache but I can assure you that it is altogether different. While I may not suffer from chronic migraines, I do get the occasional migraine and it is no laughing matter.
If you do see this post in the month of June, try on a purple mani or maybe just add on some purple in your outfit to support this cause.
bloop H195

Silvery Sand!

I can’t seem to get enough of glitter gradients! I love how that little bit of polish can bring the whole manicure to a different level. My last glitter gradient manicure was of quite contrasting colors. So this time I decided to go for a more neutral palette.

I used E.L.F colors in this manicure. It was not an easy task to get my hands on this polish. I was trying out a forwarding company based in the US for this order since E.L.F Cosmetics do not ship to Malaysia. It took about a month from my payment date to E.L.F Cosmetics to the day I received the parcel. And the price tag was USD 31.95 for 15 products which was wonderful and for shipping —- USD 45!

Ah well, I had it coming my way. Itchy hands you might say. Thank goodness all the products arrived safe and sound. No cracks, breaks or chips in the makeup.

I picked out only 3 polishes from E.L.F after reading the reviews. It was kinda confusing because the reviews were from 5 stars all the way down to only 1 star. The shades I picked out were Fire Coral, Golden Goddess and Desert Haze which would be used in this post.

Desert Haze is a dusty nude, somewhat clay colored polish. Application was a dream! It was kind of streaky on the first coat by the second coat covered up nicely. I sponged 2 different silver glitters on the tips – Bloop silver glitter and OPI Crown me already. I chose the silver glitter instead of the silver polish to create a less silver tip. I was trying to create a smooth gradient where the colours seemed to blend into each other.


The lack of the opaque silver layer made this manicure more delicate and sweet. And if you didn’t pay attention to it you would actually miss the glitter. Which works for sneaking a glitter manicure into the office 😀



Nail polishes used: E.L.F Desert Haze, OPI Crown Me Already, Bloop Silver Glitter


I was looking to do something simple and easy this week for work. Something which is girly enough yet has a little edge to it. I took some tips from Jane from the Nail Side and decided to sick with a tape mani. I love Jane’s manis, they always seems really bright and cheery and always have perfect lines!

My color combination for this manicure was a light magenta (H110) from Bloop and silver from Skin Food’s Pedicure Sparkle collection.


My lines were’t as defined as they should. I think I might have applied too much of the silver polish on my nails. Either that or I didn’t peel of the tape quick enough :\