Easter Stripes

Happy Easter everyone! Today is a definitely a day to celebrate! I hope you have a great one with your friends and loved ones ūüôā
Anyways, since it is both Easter and Spring already I thought I would do some egg-inspired nails today! I really had high hopes for this nail idea but I think I kinda failed on execution. I did a tape manicure and it seems my lines are kinda wonky. It is not bad in this photo but the next photo……please don’t scream.
The lines are really quite thick and uneven no matter how my tape is stuck. I suspect I may have pulled the tape off a little too late. Or maybe it’s just the matter of chalky pastel polishes. =/ And surprisingly, of all the nails, the one that turned out the best (in terms of how pretty my lines look) was my pinky.
One thing though, my lines may not be perfect but my nails sure do look cute!! I don’t usually wear pastel but I do love this color combination. It’s, well, srefreshing. LOL
I did a jelly sandwich with OPI¬†Mermaids Tears, Rainbow Honey¬†20% Cooler¬†and OPI¬†Don’t Touch My Tutu¬†and topped them off with OPI¬†Lucky Lucky Lavender, piCture pOlish¬†peaches n’ cream,¬†mellow¬†yellow,¬†honey dew¬†and Essie¬†Lapis of Luxury.

piCture pOlish – Monroe

It’s fall! I have never travelled to a country during Fall but I have a feeling I would like it! I love the leaves turning colors, from green to red, to yellow and finally brown! Then there is the elusive pumpkin (in Malaysia)! I love pumpkins and pumpkin pies but I can never find any in the restaurants and cafes in Malaysia.
OK. I should really stop here! On to the polish!
I decided to break out an awesome Fall-esque polish for today – piCture pOlish Monroe (the first!)
This is the older, discontinued version of Monroe which I got quite some time ago. I was always hesitant to use it as I was afraid that the polish would be too dark for me. I stand corrected now!! This is a gorgeous polish!!

Monroe is a gorgeous wine jelly with hidden holographic glitters in it! I am wearing two coats in these photos. Funnily, it looks quite streaky here. IRL I did not notice the streaks at all.

The holographic glitter ain’t easy to coax out with my camera. I tried going really close to the light.

Took a blur photo.

Took some photos with flash. (getting closer here!!)

*rawr* glitters comw out!!

And finally, I stood really close to the light and used flash. This was the best shot to show you that the glitters really do exist!!

I actually even tried sun shots of Monroe but the color changed sooooooo much it’s funny. It looks really cool this way too!

Anyone out there has any good tricks for me?

piCture pOlish : peacock

If you have been here long enough, you would know that I used piCture pOlish peacock once before in a tape mani and it did not turn out as good as I thought it would. The colors just did not go together. So, this post is dedicated fully to peacock!
peacock is a deep purple jelly based with many different shapes of emerald and blue glitter. This time I chose to present peacock all on it’s own, 3 thin coats and no undies whatsoever.
On it’s own, peacock¬†has very good coverage for a jelly polish. The base color is dark and no VNL is obvious after 3 thin coats. The thing that bothered me most is that the base color is a little too ¬†dark for my liking. Under certain lighting, it looks black than the rich purple that it is.
This photo below represents the polish the best IMO! you can see the glitter in full force and the base is an obvious rich purple color!
I took some photos with flash too! These photos really bring out the purple in the base color!
And last but not least, a blurry photo to show off the glittery goodness of this polish!
peacock and other piCture pOlish nail polishes can be bought from their website and this list of international stockist on their website. I got mine directly from the girls but I did get one or two of my piCture pOlishes from Llarowe. Do follow the girls on Facebook and Twitter for updates and giveaways!

piCture pOlish – peaches n’ cream

I am still slowly going through my last piCture pOlish order but I am already tempted to make another order with them for their new releases! Ahh!
Anyways, I have today a nice peach polish from piCture pOlish aptly names peaches n’ cream. PnC is a creamy light pastel peach with a little bit of pink in it. The first coat tends to be streaky but it does level out on the second coat.
Morning sun
And a photo taken during high noon in the car hence the blurry photo. And because of that, I am going to keep this photo smaller than the rest.

A piCture pOlish trio – Mellow Yellow, Fairy Floss and HoneyDew!

I will be featuring all three of the above mentioned polishes in this post!
First up is a quick swatch of Mellow Yellow by piCture pOlish before I went to the driving range a few weeks ago. I don’t play golf at all. I just go there with my boyfriend. I’ll be reading while he hit them balls. LOL!
I love the color, very Spongbob-y! It kinda reminds me of China Glaze Lemon Fizz. Maybe Mellow Yellow is tad lighter than Lemon Fizz. Maybe. The formula was kinda chalky on the first coat but it evens out as you apply the third coat.. Hmm..
(please do ignore the gross cuticles! I’ve been doing tons of housework these few weeks; from scrubbing to mopping to vacuuming the place!)
I quickly added a pink half to my nails after I got back from the driving range, topped it off with some SV Quick drying top coat and hopped into bed. And when I woke – NO sheet marks! YAY!
The pink I used is from the piCture pOlish soft shades series – Fairy Floss.
And to top it all off, I added a dash of HoneyDew on my tips. Well, I did manage to get some photos of this manicure in sunlight while I was out for lunch yesterday. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to apply some cuticle oil before taking these photos. So (again), please ignore the dried out cuticles and enjoy the colors!
More photos after the jump!

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