Purple tootsies!

I know not all people like to see toes on blog but I just had to post a picture of my pedi I did that day. But I love the colours on my toes so much I had to post this picture of it!

The colors I used to create this look was Sally Hansen Purple Potion and Essence Time for Romance. I will definitely recreate this look on my fingers when I can locate my bottle of SH Purple Potion. I think I may have left it in my drawer at work :/

Pictures after the jump of course 🙂

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Silvery Sand!

I can’t seem to get enough of glitter gradients! I love how that little bit of polish can bring the whole manicure to a different level. My last glitter gradient manicure was of quite contrasting colors. So this time I decided to go for a more neutral palette.

I used E.L.F colors in this manicure. It was not an easy task to get my hands on this polish. I was trying out a forwarding company based in the US for this order since E.L.F Cosmetics do not ship to Malaysia. It took about a month from my payment date to E.L.F Cosmetics to the day I received the parcel. And the price tag was USD 31.95 for 15 products which was wonderful and for shipping —- USD 45!

Ah well, I had it coming my way. Itchy hands you might say. Thank goodness all the products arrived safe and sound. No cracks, breaks or chips in the makeup.

I picked out only 3 polishes from E.L.F after reading the reviews. It was kinda confusing because the reviews were from 5 stars all the way down to only 1 star. The shades I picked out were Fire Coral, Golden Goddess and Desert Haze which would be used in this post.

Desert Haze is a dusty nude, somewhat clay colored polish. Application was a dream! It was kind of streaky on the first coat by the second coat covered up nicely. I sponged 2 different silver glitters on the tips – Bloop silver glitter and OPI Crown me already. I chose the silver glitter instead of the silver polish to create a less silver tip. I was trying to create a smooth gradient where the colours seemed to blend into each other.


The lack of the opaque silver layer made this manicure more delicate and sweet. And if you didn’t pay attention to it you would actually miss the glitter. Which works for sneaking a glitter manicure into the office 😀



Nail polishes used: E.L.F Desert Haze, OPI Crown Me Already, Bloop Silver Glitter

Pirouette My Whistle on Cocktail Bling

I picked up Cocktail Bling from Essie’s Cocktail Bling Collection for Winter 2011 after a a long hunt for a light grey polish. I Have always been eyeing French Quarter For Your Thoughts from the OPI Touring America Collection Fall 2011 but have not came across it at my usual hunting grounds.

In the bottle Cocktail Bling looks more of a dusty purple to me. Fortuantely upon application it turned out as I expected – a nice dusty light grey! Although the color is lovely I decided to add a little glam to the manicure. I added a 2 coats of Pirouette My Whistle to it and sealed it with a thin coat of My Pointe Exactly, both from the OPI New York Ballet series.

I had my doubts about layering the glitter under a jelly because my last attempt did not turn out well with Franken-pink but now that I have done this I am in love! The delicate glitter in PMW was covered nicely and evenly by MPE. *phew*

On to the photos!






My Dynamic Duo 😀

Barre(-ing) My (Heart and) Soul

First up on from the OPI x New York Ballet Collection is Barre My Soul. Barre My Soul is a sheer beige jelly. Even with 2 thinner coats and one thick coat my nail lines were still very visible under them. I think it might be buildable with more coats but I didn’t want to try because I liked this look very much. If you didn’t pay much attention to them it looks like I was not wearing any polish.


I took out my essence Quick Dry top coat for a test drive on this manicure. Unfortunately it didn’t work it’s magic this time. If you look carefully, you can see a small wrinkle on my index finger. That happened about 20 minutes after I was done with everything. But come to think of it, maybe this wasn’t the right manicure for it considering the thicker layer of polish below.
20120524-000948.jpg 20120524-001013.jpg

My thumb has an extra layer of heart glitters to hide the huge dent on it from when I was packing up my stuff back to their proper places. It looks really cute tho. And the polish only cost me RM5.90 (~1.85USD)


Essence Quick Dry Top Coat

This little thing caught my eye the other day. I was thinking how it would hold against my current fave – Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I was thinking if the essence quick dry top coat worked as well as SV then I would have an awesome backup at a fraction of the price! I will be using this in my next manicure. Keep your eyes peeled!

Mini Haul – Essence Nail Polishes

Essence is in Malaysia! And I didn’t know until recently. Essence make up is only sold in 2 locations in the whole of Malaysia – MidValley Megamall and in a small shop in along Jalan Bukit Bintang a.k.a a 5 minute drive from my office! 😀
I of course could not resist and picked up a few of them for RM6.90 a pop!
Lime Up!, Got A Secret, Space Queen, Make It Golden, Blue Addicted, Time For Romance

Individual bottle shots will be after the jump!
Aside from the polishes above, I also picked up a quick dry top coat and Irreplaceable from Essence which isn’t in this post because they have gone on a holiday with my friend in Australia!

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