A piCture pOlish trio – Mellow Yellow, Fairy Floss and HoneyDew!

I will be featuring all three of the above mentioned polishes in this post!
First up is a quick swatch of Mellow Yellow by piCture pOlish before I went to the driving range a few weeks ago. I don’t play golf at all. I just go there with my boyfriend. I’ll be reading while he hit them balls. LOL!
I love the color, very Spongbob-y! It kinda reminds me of China Glaze Lemon Fizz. Maybe Mellow Yellow is tad lighter than Lemon Fizz. Maybe. The formula was kinda chalky on the first coat but it evens out as you apply the third coat.. Hmm..
(please do ignore the gross cuticles! I’ve been doing tons of housework these few weeks; from scrubbing to mopping to vacuuming the place!)
I quickly added a pink half to my nails after I got back from the driving range, topped it off with some SV Quick drying top coat and hopped into bed. And when I woke – NO sheet marks! YAY!
The pink I used is from the piCture pOlish soft shades series – Fairy Floss.
And to top it all off, I added a dash of HoneyDew on my tips. Well, I did manage to get some photos of this manicure in sunlight while I was out for lunch yesterday. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to apply some cuticle oil before taking these photos. So (again), please ignore the dried out cuticles and enjoy the colors!
More photos after the jump!

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If only, if only I lived in Miami

or any other state in the US. Only so that I can have access to all the indie polishes there are as well as avoid the high shipping charges!
I’ve been eyeing some polish pots from Wonder Beauty Products since forever but I still can’t bring myself to buy them because of the shipping charges. She ships them for USD10 per item and it increases by USD8 per item! This is one of the most expensive shipping charges I have ever seen so far! And it’s not even on all the products in her shop =/ I do know, from experience, that international shipping for a small box is just 16.95USD. I know, I know, who am I to complain right?
Oh wells, I guess it’s just not my luck with these pretty polishes. I’ve link two of my favorites from the shop. You’d know what I mean when you see them. The polishes are just so yummy and pretty! *le sigh*

Of course, if you live in the US you can pop by Wonder Beauty Products on Etsy to see more of her wonderful polishes and follow her on Facebook for updates and offers!

From the Vault: Blue addicted

I topped off my previous mani with some some really AWESOME glitter polish!
essence blue addicted is an awesome polish. Apparently it is a dupe for a Deborah Lippmann’s Accross the Universe. Well, there is no way I can get DLs where I am so needless to say I am over the moon with this awesome purchase!
The photos below are 2 coats choose me! followed by 3 coats of blue addicted.
Direct Sunlight
Artificial Lighting
Indirect Sunlight
Taken with flash

From the Vault: Choose me

I did a quick mani with essence choose me! way back when my nails were much much longer. Choose me! is a dupe for the teal glitter from OPI Summer Collection 2010, Catch Me In Your Net.
Choose Me! is a teal metallic foil with a very slight duochrome. When the lighting is just right, this color can look slightly more yellow/green. If i remember correctly, the photos below are of two thin coats. You can see that there is a VNL there. Usually I would top it off until it is opaque but I had other things in mind for this mani!
 Artificial Light
Indirect Sunlight

The Hungry Asian – Strawberry

I got a polish from The Hungry Asian for you today! This was actually taken quite a while ago. I don’t know how it never made it to the blog.
Anyways, I proudly present to you Strawberry! Strawberry, as it;s namesake, is an awesome red creme filled with black microglitter. The red is nice and bright and applies like a dream. There wasn’t a problem getting the glitter out of the bottle. What you see below is two effortless coats 🙂
And now for an artsy shot of my nails and the cobblestone pavement: