The 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: Day Ten – Santa and Friends

It’s my third post for the day!! I thought about it and made a decision to post all my nail art challenge manicures on my blog before the year ended! So, I do apologize if my posts seems a little hasty!
This manicure is one of my favorite I have done in this challenge! It is also the manicure I wore over Christmas and I gotten many compliments too!
Here are my Santa and Friends nail art! There is the little Gingerbreadman, Santa, Mr Snowman and of course Rudolph had to make an appearance too!

I took inspiration from this tutorial on YouTube and tweeked it a little here and there. I really loved how easy they were and how quickly I did them. I think it took me less than 30 minutes to complete them!

Ahh.. How I wish all nail art that was so easy looked so gorgeous each time 🙂
xoxo Louanne

The 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: Day Nine – Christmas Decorations

I’ll be honest. I did not really like today’s mani and almost did not post this up for 2 reasons.
1. This mani did not turn out as nice as I imagined it to be
2. I only have ONE photo of this manicure. And a bad one unfortuantely.
Well, brace yourselves:
I had the idea of ornaments hanging off the edge of a Christmas tree but somehow my ‘ornaments’ just did not look nice enough 😦 I thought of redoing it but work got the better of me. Again.
*sigh* Louanne

The 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: Day Eight – Snow!

It’s Snow day!! And I (think I) have never seen snow before in my life. Well, not in person that is. Snow is everywhere in Christmas movies.
I took a fairly simple approach in creating this mani. First I painted my nails with a silver foil polish, add some glitter and painted some snowflakes on top of it. Little did I know the simple snowflakes were the hardest part!
I am quite happy with most of them except for the one on my ring finger. I was wondering why my snowflake looked so weird. I only found out later that snowflakes only have six points and not eight as I have drawn it :S Owh did you notice that I have no top coat on? I quite liked the rugged look this had like this.
What do you think? Should I have top coated it? Or does it look OK as is?
xoxo Louanne

The 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: Day Seven – Inspired by a Christmas Movie

OMG! It’s the 29th and I have 5 more nail art to go! Do you mind if some of my Christmas nail art mani spill over to January!
Anyways, today I have a manicure inspired by a Christmas Movie. I picked A Charlie Brown Christmas as my inspiration because a) I love snoopy b) I love the minimalistic tree that is in the movie. But I have a secret to tell you – I have never watched this movie before. I actually only came to know about this movie last year after Christmas but totally forgotten about it until I had to do this manicure. And since then I have gotten me a copy of it but have yet to watch it being sick and all 😦

Here’s my take for my manicure!

I actually was contemplating to paint Snoopy and Charlie Brown on my pinky and index finger but wasn’t confident enough. I managed to squeeze the little dog house and the tree on my nails though!

Instead of Snoopy and Charlie Brown I just painted random dots and stars in the ‘sky’.

Even though this manicure is a tad simple, I still was quite proud of it! Come to think of it, this may be one of my most intricate manicures 😀 *pats self on back* LOL
xoxo Louanne

The 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: Day Six – Santa’s Workshop and his List

First up – Happy (Belated) Christmas to all my readers out there! Sorry this came late, but as luck would have it I was sick for the past 3 days. Yep! Sick since Christmas eve D: I am way better now with just a little dizziness still hanging around.
Today the challenge was Santa’s Workshop and his List. Well, all I could think of was presents (which I have already done back on Day 2) or Elves. And Santa of course! With that in mind, this was what I came up with!
I have both Santa and elf helper covered here! Tummies and hats accounted for 😀
I think it came out quite good. Except perhaps I should have switch fingers for the Santa and Elf tummies as my ring finger is smaller than my middle finger. And also perhaps a silver buckle too 😐

Note to self for next year! 😀

xoxo Louanne