Wedding Nails

I was recently asked to be a bridesmaid for a family friend. It was a super last minute thing and I was really nervous about it!
The church is one of the very few churches in Malaysia that resembles churches in Europe. Of course it is no where near the majesty and grandness of those in Europe but it was still the prettiest ones in town. Literally! The theme was white and silver, which I think is just nice if you look at all the other colors of the church! 

Squint your eyes a little while you look at the photo above you can see that there are balls of flowers hanging along the aisle as well as 3 big bouquets(?) of lilies at the alter. And the person in the photo – a very nervous groom!

Well, since the theme was white and silver, of course I wanted to my nails to match it! I picked OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Cult Nails Faded and did a gradient. I then sponged Hits Hefesto over the grey for a little hint of color!

My pointer and middle finger came out a little weird. I think my sponge was a tad too dry and stuck on my nails 😦 Other than that I think it went quite well 🙂

I think my right hand came out better though. It seems to be the case these days somehow. :S
My nails even matched the cupcakes! Which were reaaaallly good by the way. I have no idea where to get them. But if I knew I would definitely be a regular there!

And a rare shot of me in the dress I wore to the wedding.

It was a beautiful wedding overall. The bride and the groom looked so happy! As a person who doesn’t like weddings (don’t ask me why) I really did like this one! Simplicity at it’s best if you ask me 🙂

Barry M Atlantic Road

I have another polish I purchased from the UK for you today. It is a textured polish from Barry M, a brand that I have been eyeing since forever!
When I got to the UK, the first thing I did was walk into Boots and lok for Barry Ms. I kid you not! I was really happy to see that not only did they have a Barry M display, the nail polish section was fairly full too! I spent only a few minutes there because I was supposed to be ‘at the washroom’. 😛
My first pick was this gorgeous pastel blue textured polish Atlantic Road. I was never a person who liked blue much but somehow I was really drawn to this shade.
Application of this polish was not hard. They key to it, like most textured polishes out there, is to wait between coats. I only have another textured nail polish (OPI What Wizardry Is This) and I think these to polishes have similar textures. Both are just nice and not too scratchy if you get what I mean.

I’m off on an island getaway!

I know it seems really soon after my long Europe trip but this island holiday was planned last year. Waaaaay before any talk about Europe came up.

Anyways, I wanted to show you my holiday nails but unfortunately they are a mess (while I am typing this)! My friends and I headed to the salon for a mani-pedi but came back with sloppy nails. The place we went to only used regular OPI top coat. No quick dry. So out nails smudged even after 3 hours 😦

My nails had another problem. I picked OPI First Date at the Golden Gate and ended up with streaky, patchy nails. I totally forgot that it was a jelly polish! Owh, and my manicurist did not wrap my tips. I highly doubt it will last until the holiday is over.

I am actually contemplating bringing nail polish to the island and paint my nails there! Unless of course I can find time to fix or change my manicure before I leave.

Until I come back, do enjoy the posts I have scheduled for you!



Shopping at Hi Shop

I made a purchase with HiShop early last month have been loving the items I got! I made an order for 2 Sun Off A Beach sunblocks for my travels as well as a Bath and Body Works set, blotting paper and a face mask just because. I waited for 3 days and these pretty pink box showed up at my doorstep!
Inside it:

Looks like alot huh! Well, little did I know that my order qualified for 2 offers which were running at the time. Or rather, they day AFTER I placed my order!

First up are my sunblocks. I received a small sunblock from a beauty box and loved it so much I decided to get another. And since I was at it I decided to out a Sports version of the sunblock in my cart as well. Good for my beach holiday coming up as well as for the boyfriend when he goes out for golf!

I placed an order for 2 100gm bottles and received 2 minis in my order thanks to this offer!

Next is the Bath and Body Work Dancing Waters set I got on offer at RM60! I know it may sound like a lot but did you know this is the only way we can get B&BW items in Malaysia? Oh how I wished they would ship to Malaysia. My bathroom would be filled to the brim with awesomely scented products!

I added on a mask for when I am burnt to a crisp on the island. I looked around and found this Baviphat Woori Gokmul Black Beans Mask Sheet. Aside from the awesomely cute packaging, it also boasts that it has black bean extracts that supply moisture and nourishment to dry and flaccid skin.
Oops! I forgot to snap a photo of the blotting paper I bought! It is the Nature & Co Mint & Tea Oil Blotting Paper. I like mint and I like green tea. So how could I resist right? 😛 I used it a few times and I am liking it so far. It absorbs oil quite good and does not leave any powder on your skin after.
The products I am showing you after this point are all freebies I received with my order!
Well, as with some other online retialers, Hi Shop gives you 2 samples with every order placed. I picked the twistband and another mask.

As much as most people love Twistband hair ties, I am on the fence with it. I like how it does not leave a crease in your hair, but then it also does not have such a firm hold on my hair. I end up having to go one too many round with it or re-tying my hair throughout the day.

And the next item I received because my order was above RM150!

I received this scent randomly and surprisingly I like it! It has a nice sweet scent to it. No, I have not used it just yet. I already have 4 bottles of shower products sitting in my shower!
My freebies from Hi Shop all next to each other.
All in all I am very impressed of Hi Shop. Aside from great offers and great shipping time, they do carry a lot of products on their website. Oh right, did I forget to mention that they offer free nationwide deliveries for orders above RM50?
What are you waiting for! Go on by Hi Shop to see what goodies you can add to your stash!

Zoya Mia Striped

Tadaa!! Another striped mani!!
I actually planned for something else but my creativity left me before I even started. I have this gorgeous rose gold nail polish by Skin Food and although it is probably 2 years old and with no mixing ball it’s formula is still really easy to work with!
I initially wanted to do dots I think but when I saw these 2 colors together I didn’t want to ruin it with my uneven dots so instead I picked up my striping tape and created this funky french striped mani.
I switched it up a little making each nail slightly different with the placement of the striping tape. A subtle difference that no one would notice in the office. *shhhh*
I have to admit, not all the lines on my left hand turned out as clean as I want them to be. After so long I am still trying to figure out what my problem is. One time my stripes are perfect and another it is all goopy 😦
At first I thought maybe it’s the polish, or maybe I did not peel the tape off quick enough, OR maybe I left the tape on for too long. Then I move on to do my right hand and this is what I get.
CLEAN LINES!! And I did everything the same as when I did my left hand. -_______________-
Back to square one. Gah!