Model’s Own Nail Wrap a.k.a Holiday Nails!

I’m off on a 3 week break (I am working on scheduling some posts but I don’t think I can write so many in so little time!) and I wondered what was the best way to dress my nails aside from just painting them and it hit me – nail wraps! I had a few from Model’s Own and those that I received from beauty box subscriptions and after staring at them for a bit I decided to use Roses from Model’s Own.
I am sure you have guessed by now that I would have roses on my nails from the name of my nail wraps set. They were nice bright roses in pink, orange and purple on a white base – and honestly, I was just about to paint my nails with a similar color scheme if I had not remembered these lovelies.
Application was, well, a little tricky. My nails were small compared to the nail wraps – less than half a strip I believe. No, the length was not the problem. It was the width that cause me some trouble. You see, my nails are short and small (just like me :P) and even the smallest of the strips was just a tad big for my pinky. But I managed 🙂 I maneuvered the strips so that they are centered nicely with maybe the sides of my nails are exposed. Unfortunately still some of the strips are a tad big and created little bumps on my nails. I topped it off with lots of top coats and then notices something – some parts of the nail wraps are bunching up and being all wrinkly. Owh well, life goes on right?
After all the work of putting on nail wraps on 8 nails, I thought that an all rose manicure may be a little too much. So off I went to grab Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle in Gold, one of my favorite go-to gold polish, and painted my ring finger.
All the bumps and bubbles aside I think this pattern made for a really cute nail wrap, even if all I could get was 2 and a half roses per finger. The woes of short, small nails. On the plus side, since I only use half a strip for each nail, I actually can do double the manicures with this!
Now, all I need to do is keep my fingers crossed and hope that this stays on for the next 20 days!

Cosmobox May 2013

I did not realize I have not posted about this box until I received my June box. It is slowly becoming a habit :S I think my June box is my last box from my last subscription plan. I do intend to renew, as soon as I get back from my holidays. But, let’s see how the June box turns out.
On to the goodies!
Hair care, body care, nail care and discount vouchers to a new (to me) online shop! I can tell you now that I have already placed an order with them. I’ll show you what I got soon 🙂
First up, sunscreen!
SUN OFF A BEACH | Sensitive Skin Sunblock SPF 50 (100ml/RM35.80)
The all-new Sun Off A Beach is providing broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB using non greasy formulation and fragrance free leaving skin protected and moisturized with light shea butter and cucumber extracts that contains Vitamin A and cooling Vitamin E.
This little guy came just in time! It is nice and small and with the carabiner, it is super easy to carry along in your bag while travelling. The formula is quite light for a sunscreen, just a tad sticky compared to regular moisturizers I think. There is a faint sunscreen smell to it, nothing too strong that you think Banana Boat.
THE NAIL SHOP | Nail Wrap (RM39.90 per pack)
These nail stickers can be worn over natural or artificial nails and are removed easily by peeling off. Adheres to fingernails and toenails. 
I am going on a trip soon and think I should try a nail wrap ASAP and I think this may be my first choice! It’s bright enough to stand out but yet neutral enough to go with most outfits. I did read somewhere that peeling off hurts your nails really bad. So anyone out there , if you do use nail wraps, maybe try a little nail polish remover/acetone to remove it before yanking it off your nails.
b.liv by cellinique | Sheer Off Crease (1pc/RM6.90)
This mask whisks off the age buster, whips up your collagen and puts a plug on your fine lines – by it’s Botox-like action.
More masks! I sooooo need to catch up with using them but… le sigh.. I always fall asleep when I do put them on and almost always find them on the bed when I wake up. I don’t think they stay on my face for more than 5mins. I think next time I shall try them on while using the internet.
L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL | LissUltime Shampoo (500ml/RM79.00)
Moisturises and smoothes frizzy, uncontrollable hair. Restores softness, controls frizz and provides nutririon to unmanageable, rebellious hair with an incredible detangling action.
Hello life saver! My hair, though fairly manageable most times, can be a pain when it has it’s little bouts of dryness. This little shampoo helped keep it in order and it’s scent is awesome to boot!
ALQVIMIA | Body Sculptor Oil (30ml/RM98.00)
This body oil shapes the figure ina natural and effective way, preventing excess weight and liquid retention through it’s draining action, activationa micro circulation, while toning the skin.
Oopsie, no photo of his product. Anywyas, it is the small bottle in the little pouch up front. I have not used this but I can see it come in handy in the coming months when I get ready for my beach trip. I need to start with the sit ups and squats ASAP to get my beach-bod (how I wish!) ready!
And look what else came in the box:
Another Dr Fuch’s Secrets eye mask! I think I have 3 sets already. It must be really good for them to keep putting them into the boxes.
Oh, notice the missing curator’s note/product description card? Well, on the front of the note there was a coupon to with a buy one get one cupcake free from Cupcake Chic. Being a lover of desserts, I redeemed my cupcake waaaaaay before I thought to take photos of my box. I didn’t get to eat them though. I left them on the kitchen counter and they were gone before I knew it D:
Overall I am still quite impressed with Cosmobox and their monthly boxes. Though it may seem like there are very few products in the box the value of the items definitely covers the amount I paid for the box.
I just checked and my subscription only expires in November! YAY!

Frolicking Updated!

Happy Monday everyone!
OK, not so happy where I am because the haze is getting really bad. If you did not know, Malaysia and Singapore is covered in haze from open burning of the forest in Indonesia. In some places in Malaysia the API went up to as high as 748! (with API 500 as being hazardous). Vision was cut down really bad but it was also really.. er.. funny in a way. Imagine looking at the same view you do everyday and having buildings missing. I know. It is bad. Really bad. Let’s hope the cloud seeding by the government in the next few days help clear up the skies. I miss the blue skies!
OK. Ranting done. Lets move on to my manicure. Remember I told you that I was going to jazz up my manicure? Well, this is what I did!
I did an awesome tape manicure! Awesome because all the lines came out perfectly! No smudges and no visible tugging! and all at my first go too 🙂
I used China Glaze Sugar High for my triangles. It was the only darker pink that I own. I am definitely not a pink person. One funny thing behind this manicure, initially, I wanted to do quirky lines on my nails so I just randomly placed the tape on without knowing what it is going to look like. I only knew what it was AFTER I painted a nice thick coat of Sugar High on did I know that I created triangles!
AND the tape peeled of so perfectly too! Talk about good luck 🙂
I am really proud of myself with this mani! Although my pink doesn’t really match the glitters in the polish I think it still turned out quite well. What do you think? Do you prefer this look better or the previous look?

365 Days of Color – Frolicking

I got awesome indie polish for you today! It’s from one of my favorite indie polish makers – Sunny from 365 Days of Color.
This is Frolicking from Sunny’s La Boheme Spring Collection. It is a light teal cream is packed with small tan and brown squares, larger holographic pink squares, round magenta glitters with a dash of pink and copper shimmer in it! Phew, that was a mouthful to say!
Frolicking is gorgeous! I love it from the very second I saw it when Sunny showed previews on her instagram feed. I do not usually buy anything with pink in it but when I saw Frolicking I knew I had to get it!

I did not want to use this beauty too fast too soon so I paired Frolicking with OPI I Theodora You a light pink from the OPI Oz the Great and Powerful collection. It has somewhat of a jelly-like finish. Not too sheer but requires 3 coats to acheive the opacity in the photos here.

I just love this combination. It’s flirty and sweet at the same time! My only qualm is that the pink that I chose is a tad too light compared to the glitter in the polish. 😦
What do you tihnk?

Etude House PPP503

I have not reviewed a Korean polish in a long time only because I have been avoiding the Korean brands recently because if my low buy. But the other day, my mom had to go in to Etude House to grab some make up remover so I went and took a peek at their nail polish and I was sold. I picked up 2 of the polishes on display – at a discount of course! I think it was a 20% discount. I do not know for sure ’cause mom took the bill 😛
This little beauty today is Etude House PPP503 or also known as Celeb Girl. It is a cornflower blue crelly polish filled with multiple sizes of blue and golds hex glitters.
Application was a breeze! The glitters all came out with no fishing and applied flat on my nails. There was no snagging on my clothes whatsoever. I did dab some polishes a little only because I was too eager to wait in between coats. I am sure if you are patient enough you wouldn’t have to worry about this.

I love how these days mainstream brands are coming out with more indie like polishes! And for it to be (relatively) readily available makes it even more awesome! I am super excited about the other polish I got. I will have it up as soon as I figure out the perfect base color for it 🙂

Grey Skittelette

I was in the mood for some monochromatic nails the other day and thought what would be better than some grey skittelette nails! I went through my drawers and picked out a few grey polishes and this was what I came out with!
At first all I had on was OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls Zoya Dove and Essie No Place Like Chrome. But after 5minutes I got bored and added a good layer of OPI Which is Witch over No Place Like Chrome – instant glam!
This was supposed to be a two part manicure but unfortunately my peel off base worked too well! By the end of day 1 a few fingers started to lift on the sides and I just had to peel them off. I do not know about you but when it one finger starts peeling the OCD person in me will make everything else equal by peeling everything else off =/
Owh yea, I thought I would include a photo of my insta-glam finger: Pretty rainbows!!!!

The Lilac Box – Box 3

The Lilac Box is the only box that does not have a subscribtion but yet I love them to bits! All the blind dates in their box never cease to amaze me. This box is no different.
I received this box sometime in May but have not gotten the chance to use most of the products. Getting sick did not help either. But I thought – what the hell – and am going to post about this box because it is that wonderful! I have only tried one item in this box so far and I am loving it. Really.
This month’s box came a little different from the usual packaging, the guys included a little lace ribbon along the box. Something like a french lace garter to me. Very sexy indeed.
This were the goodies in the box:

On to the products individually:



The fusing top of juicy bergamot translates her energy and her urban edginess. Like a sweet smile, the sparkling notes of bergamot stir the senses. Her natural femininity is conveyed through a beautiful floral bouquet of apple blossom and jasmine that caresses this natural seductress. The delicate floral notes bring elegance and a touch of seduction to the fragrance. An olfactory game of hide and seek grows into a sexy veil of warm and sensual vanilla, and addictive sandalwood.
This is a gorgeous scent. I have only spritzed it once and I am thinking if I should go get a full size. *must not shop YET*

BABOR | HSR® lifting extra firming cream
The exclusive Lifting treatment with its intense anti-wrinkle effect creates an all around lifting effect together with the HSR® Lifting Integral Complex leaving skin looking smoother and tighter. Hyaluronic acid and shea butter provide additional skin care while vitamin E serves as an effective “radical catcher.”
BABOR | HSR® lifting extra firming eye cream
With the HSR® Lifting Integral Complex this highly effective anti-wrinkle eye cream gives the delicate skin around the eye area more elasticity. In addition, an active ingredient composition made from peptides, green beans and rutin compresses the collagen network making skin look visibly tighter and smoother. Natural oils like macadamia oil, corn seed oil and shea butter provide additional treatment. Vitamin E acts as a “radical catcher”. This perfume-free formula has been tested by dermatologists and eye doctors and meets the highest standards.

PHYTO | Phytodéfrisant Botanical Relaxing Balm
A 99% plant-based formula containing Ferula, Horseradish, Chamomile
Matrucarua and Sage to protect and provide natural hair relaxing benefits.
The innovative alcohol-free formula works to hydrate and strengthen hair
without making it greasy or weighing it down.

This is one interesting product. I wonder if it works on my hair which is quite straight already. Imagine having iron-straight hair with just this!


PAYOT | Pâte Grise
Since 1947, Pâte Grise has been a beauty secret handed down from mother to daughter to treat small blemishes. It works overnight to clear them up – just like magic – and it is a favourite with the women who use it! In 2008, Pâte Grise was reformulated for improved antibacterial efficacy and a more pleasant texture.


PAYOT | Spéciale 5
An essential complement to Pâte Grise, Spéciale 5 has cleared up the blemishes of thousands of girls and women. This dual-phase lotion used to require shaking before use to mix all the active ingredients.

Now, all it takes is a press on the pump dispenser to release the Spéciale 5 gel. Much easier to apply, it covers the treatment area more effectively and leaves the skin soft and healthy.
MAX FACTOR | The Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum
The Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum goes beyond delivering just cosmetics coverage; the built-in protective serum with SPF 15 containing Vitamin E and Green Tea, will help fight the signs of ageing by providing UV protection and moisturization for long-term beauty benefits, when used daily.

The Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum is an intelligent, dual benefit foundation. The full coverage formula contains a specially interwoven soft focus technology that acts to capture light and provide a radiant glow. Simultaneously, the technology helps to optically blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and gives the foundation its rich, velvety texture, helping it to glide and blend easily.


Yves Rocher | Rose Fraîche Shower Gel
Fresh Rose / Rose Fraîche ~ developed by perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu.

Discover the delicate freshness of a fresh picked rose in this eau de toilette with floral-citrus notes that leaves your skin delicately scented. The charm of a fragrance that recreates the freshness and delicate perfume of a rose in a garden at daybreak. Composed of Rose absolute and Grapefruit, Bergamot and Mandarin essential oils.

This is the bulk of the box – a full size Yves Rocher Rose Fraîche shower gel. I am not one to like Rose scents but I liked this very much. It is really light and not as in your face as those potpourri scents. A definite winner in my books!

Would I subscribe for this box again? OF COURSE I would! The items in the box are always form high end brands (their main selling point actually) and the value is definitely over what I pay (RM50). I really do hope they start a subscription plan soon. Stalking their pages and beating other girls to this box is sure a lot of work if you ask me. 😛