Day 7 – Inspired by a Tutorial

I’m sporting nubbins in this post. Well, my nails decided it is too long and broke on me while I was painting my nails for this 9 Day Nail Art Challenge. Nubbins or not I must forge on. LOL!
I decided to do my nails based on this tutorial from Sarah from Chalkboard Nails. Sarah always has gorgeous swatches on her blog and her nail art is just drool-worthy!
Back to todays nails.
I always love leopard prints on my fingers but so far I have only used a stamp to do so. I always avoid free handing it because I am afraid that it would not come out perfect. Yea, I’m weird like that.

I pinned this tutorial since the day it came out but I never tried it till now. And now I think to myself – Oh My Gawd, why was I so scared before! LOL!

I used Mrs Claus I got from my grab bag from 365 Days of Color as my base color. Mrs Claus is a raspberry jelly with gold shimmer in it. I kinda like the color but it  turned out to be a little sheer for my liking.  I am wearing 3 coats of Mrs Claus on my nails. If you look carefully you can still see my nail line underneath the spots.

The spots are done with Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle in Gold and wrapped with OPI Black Onyx.

Neon No-Go

I finally decided to bust out my Deborah Lippmann Run The World (Girls) mini’s today. My first pick from the box – Party Girl. Party Girl is a bright (neon) pink polish that dries to a matte finish. Very interesting if you ask me.
Unfortunately, Party Girl was really very, very sheer on my nails even at 3 coats. It was a tad streaky for me too. The end result looked like I dipped my finger in red dye trying to make red eggs for Chinese New Year!
I tried to salvage it by adding a red glitter on it but, gaaahhh, I picked the wrong one. I applied one coat of CrowsToes Hell Hath No Fury but the base color and glitter just did not go together well 😦
Owh one more thing! Party Girl photographed really funny. I had a bunch of them I took without flash and instead of pink it looked really orange. Like a deep neon coral!
Funny eh?

Pink, White and Blue!

This is an old manicure which I never came around to post because the photos aren’t as awesome as I would like them to be.
This was a super early attempt of a skittlette mani which I did. I did not include any glitterbomb accent nail but I like it all the same 🙂
I love Cotton Candy very much and always wanted to wear it again but with all the new polishes I keep getting in the mail, it was kinda forgotten. I finally took this baby out and told myself – you must use this polish NOW! With that in mind I quickly picked out 2 the blue and pink to play off the glitters in Cotton Candy.

I think the combination, though a little simple, is still really cool. From far, many people have asked how I dotted the blue and pink on the white! LOL

And finally, the finger where Cotton Candy applied the best – my right thumb!

I used:
Cotton Candy by 365 Days of Color
No Room for the Blues by OPI
It’s Hot Pink by OPI

China Glaze – Swanky Silk

I have today one of the Bohemian Luster Chromes from China Glaze. I only picked up 3 from this collection  because I wasn’t sure I’d love these colors as much as I do!
The one polish that caught my eye the very first time I saw this collection was Swanky Silk. Although not as bold as the others I was drawn to it immediately! Swanky Silk is a beautiful pink color that shifts to a bold gold with subtle green flashes!
This polish is gorgeous! Every time I look at it I see something different.
I did 2 coats of Swanky Silk and it seemed just perfect. No VNL was visible in person but somehow it shows in certain photos here.
This is definitely one hard polish to photograph! Wherever I went, I took photos of this mani. And everytime I did, it seemed like a new polish!
Of course I am not going to post all of them here! Most of them are blur and have funny hand poses because I took them in such a hurry. I picked 3 different ones to post. One taken under the evening sun (above), another taken in my office lobby (afternoon sun), and the last one taken under artificial light.

These two photos show the most pink among the rest.

And the photo I loved the most:

At this angle it looks like a really really rich gold! Almost foil like 😀
I heard this polish is awesome for stamping. I shall attempt that soon! If I do forget, or take tooooo long to get to it, a friendly reminder is always welcomed!

Go PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Just a quick post on the pink mani I did recently. By now I guess most of you out there know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month among others. To show my support I have been wearing more pink manicure, something I am not overly fond off.
Anyways, here’s my pink mani. The polishes used here are OPI Second Honeymoon and The Hungry Asian’s I Hate Pink as an accent nail. I did 3 coats for SH and topped my ring finger with 2 coats of IHP.