365 Days of Color Vagabond

I’m late again! Oops!
Anyways, I got a new polish from Sunny from 365 Days of Color! I actually received this in her Valentines Grab Bags (my all time favorite thing to buy from her!)
This is Vagabond from Sunny’s Le Boheme Collection for spring. It is a beautiful nude polish with royal blue small and smaller hex glitters as well as a good pinch of royal blue micro glitters.
When I first got this polish I was kinda meh towards it but as I wore it I fell in love with it more and more! I liked how the nude base matches my skin tone. And the blue is just a great addition to it!
I loved it so much I actually wore this for more than 3 days and did not want to take it off at all! The only reason why I had to remove it was because I had an important work meeting and had to change to something more work appropriate.

Did I mention that I got TONS of complements for this manicure? Ahh.. Such beauty in simplicity!

Day 7 – Inspired by a Tutorial

I’m sporting nubbins in this post. Well, my nails decided it is too long and broke on me while I was painting my nails for this 9 Day Nail Art Challenge. Nubbins or not I must forge on. LOL!
I decided to do my nails based on this tutorial from Sarah from Chalkboard Nails. Sarah always has gorgeous swatches on her blog and her nail art is just drool-worthy!
Back to todays nails.
I always love leopard prints on my fingers but so far I have only used a stamp to do so. I always avoid free handing it because I am afraid that it would not come out perfect. Yea, I’m weird like that.

I pinned this tutorial since the day it came out but I never tried it till now. And now I think to myself – Oh My Gawd, why was I so scared before! LOL!

I used Mrs Claus I got from my grab bag from 365 Days of Color as my base color. Mrs Claus is a raspberry jelly with gold shimmer in it. I kinda like the color but it  turned out to be a little sheer for my liking.  I am wearing 3 coats of Mrs Claus on my nails. If you look carefully you can still see my nail line underneath the spots.

The spots are done with Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle in Gold and wrapped with OPI Black Onyx.

Pink, White and Blue!

This is an old manicure which I never came around to post because the photos aren’t as awesome as I would like them to be.
This was a super early attempt of a skittlette mani which I did. I did not include any glitterbomb accent nail but I like it all the same 🙂
I love Cotton Candy very much and always wanted to wear it again but with all the new polishes I keep getting in the mail, it was kinda forgotten. I finally took this baby out and told myself – you must use this polish NOW! With that in mind I quickly picked out 2 the blue and pink to play off the glitters in Cotton Candy.

I think the combination, though a little simple, is still really cool. From far, many people have asked how I dotted the blue and pink on the white! LOL

And finally, the finger where Cotton Candy applied the best – my right thumb!

I used:
Cotton Candy by 365 Days of Color
No Room for the Blues by OPI
It’s Hot Pink by OPI

365 DOC Waking up in Vegas

*rare Sunday Update*
Well, I was thinking – What other way to spruce up a gold manicure for the holidays? And immediately, Waking Up in Vegas by Sunny from 365 Days of Color was calling out my name from it’s little spot in the drawers.
Come to think of it – Vegas. Gold. How appropriate!

This is not a polish I would pick by myself. In fact, I got this from the Halloween grab bag that Sunny was offering. I got it on the 1st of November – right after my no buy ended. 😛
Waking Up in Vegas is a glitter topper filled with black and white diamond glitters as well as smaller metallic red squares. It is not one of the more popular shades form 365 DOC but I think I am in love~

Application was OK. It is the kind of polish where the harder you try, the harder is it for you to get what you desire. I am wearing 2 coats + some fishing and dabbing in these photos. I believe that the shape of the bottle matters a little. I got this polish in the flat round bottles that Sunny was using before.

The diamond glitters in this polish lay really flat on my nails. Out of the many on my nails, only 2 were sticking out slightly. And those were the ones that I placed manually. If it was applied on with the brush, it stays put.

I used this combo on top of some PVA glue. And as you know, I do not have much good experience with a peel off base. But I got lucky this time! It all peeled off in one nice sheet and now resembles some false nail tips!
There are only 9 here because one of it popped off while I was in the pool! How fun! 😀
*2 more days to Christmas!*

Birthday Nails!!

I decided to go super cutesy for my birthday! My polish of choice is Funfetti by Sunny from 365 Days of Color!
I got this color recently. Right after my no buy actually! I am really surprised that this polish came to me just in time for my birthday! *big smiles!*
I always loved this color but never brought myself to get it because it had bar glitter in it. I am not a big fan of bar glitter so I would avoid it whenever I can. But this polish I have in my hand is a new formulation of Funfetti! This has all the same glitters in it minus the bars. How perfect is that for me right?!
Anyways, the photos below are 3 coats of Funfetti on it’s on. It went on quite smoothly and the glitter came out easily. No need for fishing for glitter here! 

Do you notice any difference in my photos today??

Do you see it now??

The first photo is taken in the shade under indirect sunlight and the second photo was taken in my boyfriends house under this new standing light that they have! I was alone in the hall and had nothing to do so I just switched it on and took some photos. To my surprise the photos came out lovely! Way better than usually do in fact! Maybe I should save up and get one of these lamps as well.. Hmm.. Have to go find out the price of it first.

I love the variety of this polish. None of my fingers looks the same. Of course I had a favourite!

My favorite nail from this mani – my middle finger! With the two square glitters, it really stands out. Like an accidental accent nail!

And as usual, my left hand with a lot more glitters! The ring finger has a huge brown hex glitter as an ‘accent’ again.

One more photo for the road!
*I am so in love with this lighting!*