Day 6 – Gradient Nails

I done a few different types of gradient nails before. Let me see, I have done – glitter on creme gradients, glitter-glitter gradients and creme-creme gradients. Today I have something different from the gradients I have tried before, a metallic on creme gradient.
My choice of polishes for this challenge are Essie Mink Muffs and China Glaze Poetic.
I started off with 3 thin coats of Mink Muff and sealed it in with some Seche Vite top coat. After about 15minutes I picked up my make-up sponge and began sponging on Poetic. I kinda messed up my thumb but learnt from there and did the rest of my nails just nicely.

I did not use a top coat after sponging because I like the difference in the texture of the 2 polishes. I do not on any OPI Liquid Sands polishes but the gritty effect created by Poetic does resemble it a little. Or maybe it’s just me that is seeing it that way :/

Fozzie Owls!

This is the mani I came up with after the previous mani was all covered in sheet marks!!
I was still feeling the brown-vibe and decided to bust out OPI Warm and Fozzie for this mani. I knew that I wanted an accent nail but did not know what to do until I saw this tutorial from MissJenFabulous from Polish and Pearls and knew immediately that I was going to do owls!

I have always avoided delicate nail art because I was afraid of messing up. But after watching the video I was surprised how easy this was!

The colors I used in this mani:

OPI Warm and Fozie

OPI Alpine Snow

OPI Black Onyx

Cult Nails Feel Me Up

Sally Hansen Sun Kissed

Artistry Bronze

Owl on my ring finger was looking to the left.

And the owl on the thumb say ‘Whooo?!’

I just couldn’t resist not posting another photo!

Paris Sparkles: Chataigne

I did a pedicure with a glitter polish I got from etsy quite some time ago – Chataigne by Paris Sparkles. Chaitaigne is French for chestnuts and this color is really quite close to it. Chaitaigne is a mixture of brown and bronze glitters in a clear base.
This glitter polish is jammed pack with glitter I tell you! If you are lazy, you could easily get away with one thick coat. It is rather gritty so I used 2 layers of Seche Vite to smoothen it out.
***** WARNING  *****
Toe pics after the jump!

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Copper tone

I found an old polish I have for probably 10 years now! It’s a rich bronze by Artistry.

I haven’t been usimg it much because back when I was younger I thought this polish actually looked kinda old on me. But looking at it now I think it is actually quite pretty.


There are actually a lot of gold shimmer hiding within the polish that I just couldn’t capture! Though I think you could catch a glimpse of it in the shots of the bottle in the photos below.