Half and Half

My photos for this post ain’t all that. I did not realise that they turned out quite meh. When I was taking them I actually though tthey looked wuite good on the camera screen. Who knew that beige, brown and gold together would be so hard to photograph. ūüė¶
Anywyas, this is a dressed up version of yesterdays manicure. I topped off My Vampire is Buff with Cult Nails Tulum and painted wispy lines down the seam with Skin Food Gold Sparkle.
I really liked this combination, I actually wore this manicure for a good 3 days before I removed it. It’s also kinda funny how the gold shimmer in Tulum¬†has gone into hiding next to the gold polish. The gold shimmer was the reason why I picked Tulum¬†for this nail art in the first place.
I would say maybe I picked the wrong polish to paint down the middle. Don’t get me wrong, Gold Sparkle¬†is a gorgeous color! But’s its formula, being somehat a cross between glass flakes and glitter, made it difficult to hide the part where the two colors meet. As you can see in the photo below, it actually looks like there is gold only over MViB and not Tulum.
I definitely would re-do this manicure. With a different choice of polish of course! Maybe some metallics or shimmers on the sides and a nice creme down the middle.
What do you think?

Reindeer Games

I’ve got a LynB Designs polish for you today!
This is Reindeer Games by Jenna from LynBDesigns. I got this from quite a while ago and kept going back and forth on which base color I should use. I fianlly decided to go with the most natural color I can think of for a reindeer – brown.
Reindeer Games is a reindeer in a bottle¬†as the maker says on her description. The red hearts represents Rudoiph’s nose and the black hexes for it’s hooves. There are tons of brown micro hex glitters and a good spash of gold holographic glitter to represent reindeer fur. And of course what are reindeers without snow (white shards) right?

I can’t really reacall but I think this is 1 layer over Cult Nails Tulum¬†– my only brown polish for now! I did have to fish a little to get hearts on all my nails. But if you don’t mind a heart or two only you actually do not have to do much work to get them.

The gold shimmer in¬†Tulum¬†played really well with the gold holo glitters in¬†Reindeer Games don’t you think?
I’m sure you can already see the holo glitters showing off themselves in the photos above. But hey! I just HAD to include a blurred photo for it’s so dreamy~

Nail Mail – Cult Nails 2nd Anniversary Special Collection

I received my Cult Nails order late last week and I am in love~
I purchased their 2nd Anniversary Special Collection which consists of Fetish (a wax finish black polish), Tempest (white creme polish) and Blaze (a gold and copper polish). I also picked up Bitten and Blackout in this order!
Notice something about the card behind? Here it is with the special release collection.

Maria included a drawing along with my order! I was really surprised at this gesture. Initially I thought that they did this for all orders but eventually figured out that they took a line from my order! How sweet! ūüôā
I am definitely floored by their actions and obviously this collection. Now to figure out which of these polishes I should try first!

Day 1 – Galaxy Nails

OK. It seems that I didn’t read the rules properly and missed out the last day that I was supposed to send a request to Erica to take part in her challenge. Oopsie! Owh well, Since I have already done a few designs, I shall continue with the challenge whether or not I am linked with the other wonderful ladies.
Galaxy nails. One of the many nail art techniques I was crazy scared to try. I always loved to see them on other nail bloggers but was afraid that I will never be able to do it as nicely or perfectly. Well, I guess I was wrong!
This really is one really easy manicure to do!
All you need is a bunch of complementing nail polishes, a regular make-up sponge and a dotting tool. I did not know which way to go with my galaxies and pulled out a bunch of purples and a pink for this challenge.
I started with a black base and sponged nebula shapes with my polishes, starting with the darkest tone as the base of the nebulae to the lightest as highlights. After all this was done I decided to add some glitter for glitz. I used Cult Nails Hypnotie Me on the clouds itself and dabbed a bit of Glitzology Purple Rain on the sides for extra oomph! After all that has dried a little I took my dotting tool and some white polish and dotted on some stars.
I actually started this manicure quite differently. take a look at my thumb here.
Initially I was inspired by this tutorial at The Daily Nail but changed my mind and did it in purples instead. While editing the photos I thought that my original idea looked pretty cool. And Hypnotize Me really did brings out the greens and yellows I used.
I think I may redo this on all my nails one day. What do you think? Do you prefer the purples or is a multi colored nebula more your cup of tea?

Polishes I used in this manicure:

Sally Hansen Purple Potion

Cult Nails Hypnotize Me

Glitzology Purple Rain

Etude House CPP001

OPI¬†That’s Hot Pink

OPI Alpine Snow

OPI Black Onyx


Skittles Updated!

So yesterday I popped by Sephora just to have a look-see and found this nice dark teal polish from the Sephora mini nail polish rack. It was a very rich vampy color and went with my nails very well that day. I held on to it for a minute of two and even put it in my basket. But alas, at RM21 for a small bottle I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it.

Though I did not buy it, I had a go at it and I am impressed! The polish although a little on the thick side, covered nicely in just one coat. The brush on the bottle was also really easy to use. All I did was swipe the polish on in one stroke on my pinky and the whole nail was covered. 

I am curious why these Sephora polishes aren’t that popular in the nail blogging community. I wouldn’t mind picking up a few only if it’s on sale. RM21 (~USD7) is just too far from my budget for a mini bottle of polish.

Smitten Polish – Glass Elevator

I really really love my last order from Llarowe. Another lemming down! Wahoo! 
Glass Elevator by Smitten Polish has been on my radar since the day it launched. It is packed with different sizes of matte teal and light blue glitters suspended in a white very pale aqua milky base.

I wanted to bring out the teals and blues in this polish so I paired it up with a nice light blue – Cult Nails Manipulative.
And to top it off and create a skittlette manicure, I stuck a little gem I got from the Cult Nails goody bag on my ring finger.

The gem didn’t stay around too long though. It fell off right after I woke from sleep D: So, in it’s place I used a hex glitter I fished out from Glizology’s Robots in Love. Talk about a versatile polish! LOL

It it said to be a dupe for Dollish Polish’s Expecto Patronum and Pretty and Polished Wherever you go, I Virgo. Anyone has those or have done a comparison of them?

Cult Nails – Scandalous

I have another Cult Nails polish for your viewing pleasure today! This time it’s less showy and more appropriate for Monday.
This is Scandalous from the Cult Nails Divas and Drama collection. It is a nice pale pinkish-coral polish.
I initially purchased Scandalous because it resembled Starfish-Patrick by Rescue Beauty. The reason for I choose Scandalous over Starfish-Patrick is because Cult Nails polishes are half the price and so far has delivered polishes with awesome formulas!
The formula of Scandalous was really interesting. Upon application of the first coat, I honestly thought it was going to take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to make it opaque because it seem kind of jellly-like.

But surprisingly it took me only 3 coats to reach the opacity in the photos here. I do have to say though, my VNL is not as obvious as it is in these photos. Camera and lighting problems I guess.

Initially I looved this polish a lot on me. But as I continued to wear it, I noticed that the color changes to a nice soft coral to pink.
Don’t get me wrong, it still is a gorgeous color! It’s just that pink isn’t really my thing. Especially light pink. It’s alwasys a no-go for me. It always makes me look like I have lobster hands.

One more thing, aside from looking pinkish, Scandalous also turned neon on me! LOL! Tres weird!