My my, I didn’t realise that I havent updated this blog since the 4th of July! :O How time flies when you are busy! Anyways, I have moved all the post since then to this blog. Just scroll doen to read them.

Thanks a bunch for sticking by me! Enjoy!

The Hungry Asian Again!

No buy month of June sucked! I had to wait forever (read: 1.5weeks) before I aould allow myself to place an order with Kae again.
Anyways, I always loved THA Strawberry from the moment I saw it long ago. But the problem was that it was out of stock for as long as I knew. When Kae posted that she was going to restock Strawberry I was over the moon – for 5 seconds before I found out it was already sold out by the time i checked etsy AND I was still under a No-Buy I imposed on myself. Boo.
Fast Forward 1.5 weeks and there I was placing an order on etsy with a full size Strawberry, a full sized Belle, a mini Cookies and Cream and a mini Vote for Purple. And after 2 more weeks of waiting, they are finally here!
As usual Kae wraps up the polishes very neatly and nicely with a lovely personal note that comes in the package.
My goodies all lined up!
(Bottle shots after the jump)

Cookies and Cream is a milky white base with tons of black glitter in it which really really looks like Cookies and Cream ice cream to me. *drool*

Vote for Purple is a lavender glitter bomb with small and medium silver glitter in it. This looks like a lavender equivalant to I Hate Pink to me.

Strawberry!! as the name states it is a red creme polish with black microglitter in it. Ahhh! I should have another go with strawberry nails soon!
Belle is definitely one of my favorite of all polishes right now. This polish is named after Kae’s dog and is a sheer milky base packed with pink microglitter and dark brown hex glitters. As much as I love glitterbombs I definitely love glitters in white creamy bases (the reason why I got Election Day from Paris Sparkles). Judging from the bottle shot, I can definitely see this polish apply smoothly with no glitter issues!
These Hungry Asian Polishes and much much more can be bought on Kae’s etsy shop.
Happy Shopping!

Lightning Bolt

I wore my last manicure for 2 days before refreshing them. This time I decided to go with a simple accent nail. I remember a simple tape manicure at Nailside and thought that I should give it a go. I decided to go Grecian and picked gold for my lightning bolt. Zeus would be proud!  
My very own lightning bolt to zap people with! 😀
The first two photos were taken under a white light while the next two photos were taken under a more yellow toned light. Which do you prefer?

Mermaids Tears

Mermaid’s Tears is from the OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides Collection that came out in 2011. Mermaid’s Tears is a dusty turquoise cream that applied like a dream! The photos below are of 2 coats of Mermaid’s Tears followed by a quick coats of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

365 Days of Color

Something is up with the postal service these days. It seems that I am getting my parcels waaaayy faster then I used to just a few weeks ago! Hoho! I’m not complaining here. Just really mystified.
Anyways, on to my parcel of the day is from 365 Days of Color. Look at the pretty padded envelop she used, and that FRAGILE sticker too! Anyways, this parcel came just 10 days (8+2days held at customs and the post office) after I placed an order with Sanaz!
These little pretties were in there~
2 polishes: Mint Chip and Cotton Candy
3 Sunny’s Miracle Balm: Cucumber Mint, Cucumber Melon and Eucalyptus Blossom
Do click on to have a closer look at the polishes! 🙂

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