Shopping at Harlow and Co

I think I have found a new favorite place to shop for nail polish!
I have been stalking visiting Harlow and Co for a long time now. They are one of the few online shops that carries KBShimmer polishes and sells internationally! You know I love me some KBShimmers although I haven’t manage to grab any at all!
Anyways, while I was at Harlow and Co I noticed that they had some nail polish strips on sale and decided to finally place my order with them even though there were no KBShimmers that I want in stock. My damage: 2 polish strips, a Cirque polish, a body scrub for mom and a grab bag.
Fast forward 2 weeks and this came in the mail for me.
Remember what I said I purchased?
2 polish strips, a Cirque polish, a body scrub and a grab bag. Which means I received an Enchanted Polish and  Serum No 5 Love Lacquer in my grab bag! Talk about a good buy! Never would I have imagined that I would score these brands in a grab bag. *WIN*
Now to find time to play with these beauties! The weekend is almost here afterall 😀

Press Release: KBShimmer 2013 Summer Collection

KBShimmer is excited to announce the addition of 9 new colors to their 3-Free glitter polish line and an expansion to their nail prep line.  Owner Christy Rose says “With warm weather and sandals popping up, June is the perfect time for bright, bold colors and patriotic themes to celebrate a fun and exciting summer.”
The summer lineup includes one glitter top coat, two glitter crellys in a white base and six bright, bold polishes, two in a matte finish.  KBShimmer will also be expanding their nail care line to include two scented cuticle oils and liquid nail prep. “Our new line was created to play off the bolder palette of summer, some inspired by the 80’s and 90s, but also to celebrate the patriotic season. One of our polishes plays off the color of the year, Emerald Green, and will ease people into the summer while two others were inspired by the fall 2013 Pantone colors Koi and Vivacious. Both will make for an easy transition through the summer and into the fall.  We are also excited to unveil two scented cuticle oils in an easy-applicator pen.  We hope to inspire and motivate people to go out in the sun and show off their nails!” says Rose.
What’s Your Damage? – White crelly polish with neon green, neon pink, and black glitters.
Don’t Pink Twice –Bright near magenta pink with subtle blue shimmer – matte
24 Carrot Bold –Orange red polish with gold shimmer – matte
Blinded By The Bright – Neon yellow polish with a scattering of hex glitters in the 6 primary and secondary colors
The Dancing Green –A almost neon green with blue undertones, accented by fuchsia, sapphire,  green and chartreuse glitters in different shapes and sizes
Totally Tubular – A blue-green crelly polish with fuchsia circle glitters in two sizes and fuchsia micro slices, aqua circle glitters and sapphire hex glitters.
Totally Razzical – A red-violet shade leaning towards the purple side of raspberry. Loaded with holographic hex glitters in magenta, silver and pink.
Grayscale – Black, White, and Gray glitters are suspended in a clear base. Circles, hexes, rectangles, and squares in so many sizes complete this glitter top coat.
Pimp My Pride – This white based polish features metallic red and blue glitters. Best worn in three coats, or 1-2 coats over your favorite white.
Shipping June 1, 2013
KBShimmer products can be found at Http://  For sales outside of the US visit
KBShimmer was founded in 2008 by the husband and wife team of Jason and Christy Rose.  KBShimmer offers unique and colorful nail glitter nail polishes that are Big 3 Free, with all glitter formulas being completely free of chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).  KBShimmer glitter polishes feature a flat glitter grabbing brush for easy application.  KBShimmer also offers a 2-free quick dry polish top coat, olive oil lotion, sugar scrubs, lip balms, cold process soaps and other skin care products.
If you would like more information about KBShimmer, contact Christy Rose by emailing or visting
© 2013 KBShimmer. All rights reserved

Dotted Argyle

Work has been getting the better of me! I am so tired after I get back from work I have no energy to do much of anything at all! I have even been sleeping before midnight these days!
This is a manicure I managed to squeeze in before I KO-ed for the night yesterday.
As much as this looks complicating in person it is actually really easy to do! I took reference from this video by missjenfabulous from Polish and Pearls.
I used OPI Skyfall and China Glaze Poetic for this manicure. I love how it turned up! And if you are hesitating about doing this – don’t! I even managed to dot this nicely on my right hand!
Usually people don’t notice my nails at work but I got quite a few compliments with this beauty!

Bubbles I love you not!

I received an OPI nail polish as a gift the other day. It was from a friend who knew I liked nail polish but did not know how many I really have. I was soo happy to get an OPI for a gift, and for it to be a polish I do not own yet was just priceless!
The polish in question is OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy from the OPI Soft Shades collection
Coney Island Cotton Candy is a great nude peach shade. It is quite sheer but definitely gives your digits a nice healthy color. It is most suitable for work if you ask me.
I decided to pair my new polish with an oldie that I had – Malaysian Mist I found that the two colors were very alike and decided to do some monochromatic nail art with them. I busted out my striping tape and dotting tool and went to town. And after all my hard work I topped it off with a new top coat I purchases the week earlier – essence Gel Look Top Coat.
And, if you have not already noticed it in the previous photos – BUBBLES!! Lots and lots of bubbles! D:
It only happened on the fingers which I used striping tape though. I think there was a funky reaction with the topcoat and the glue residue from the tape. =/

I really kinda like this look. I may re-do it as soon as I get a new bottle of Seche Vite or maybe my Cult Nail Wicked Fast topcoat will come in the mail soon!

P/S Just in case anyone was wondering, the dots on my ring finger was created by adding some white polish (OPI Alpine Snow) to Coney Island Cotton Candy

Cult Nails – Disciplined

I thought that I should get a head start on some unused Cult Nails polishes while I am waiting on my newest order to arrive!
This is Disciplined from the Behind Closed Doors collection that came out late last year! It is a soft creamy grey packed with soft, somewhat color shifting shimmer. It seems kind of sheer at one coat but it can be opaque easily at just 3 coats.
The shimmer in Disciplined looked really familiar to me when I first saw it. It took me a while but I finally figured it out! The shimmer in Disciplined is similar to Charlatan from their top coat series!
Actually, I am only  wearing 2 coats in these photos as my bottle of Disciplined came a little on the thick side. I am very sure that it is no fault of the polish itself. Well, you see, this is what I saw when I opened my bottle of Disciplined.
I got a leaky bottle.
Well,I am glad I store my Cult Nails polishes upside down. If not I am sure that it would have dried out even more!
And finally a shot with flash to show off the shimmer in this polish!

Cosmobox April Edition

Remember I mentioned that I only wanted to keep maybe one or two beauty box subscriptions? 
Well, this is one of the 2 that I chose. Unfortunately the other box I chose (modbox) is undergoing a facelift and have temporarily stopped shipping out boxes. I believe they will be back in June. *fingers crossed*
So back to this months box. Instead of the regular pink and black sleeve it came in this gorgeous sleeve featuring a Plasterdoll on the top! This box is the first of their Limited Edition boxes. On this box, we have Miss Summer, animated by Jessica Wong, with her trademark plaster on her forehead and using products from this month’s Cosmobox.

Pretty right? Below is a short introduction to Plasterdoll on the back of the sleeve.

On to the products!

Looks good huh!

First up – hairspray.

L’oreal Professional | Infinum Hairspray (300ml/RM40)

L’oreal Professional Mademoisells Infinum Hairspray by Charlie Le Mindu
Extra strong hold professional hairspray. Patented formula for finishing a hairstyle. Extra strong, instant fixing of a section or long-lasting overall hold. Optimal shine. Anti humidity action. No residue.
I am not a person who uses hairspray. At.All. This hairspray was created by Charlie Le Mindu, hairstylist to the infamous Lady Gaga. And judging from all the crazy hairstyles Lady Gaga has shown us, I am sure this product will work good.

Benefit | Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain (12.5ml/RM125)

The original liquid stain that gives a sweet hint of color to cheeks and kiss-proof color to lips that lasts beyond lipstick. It’s the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle.

Benetint – one of the most talked about beauty product when it came out! I have been eyeing it since it was released but have never got it because I don’t wear make-up enough to justify this purchase. Now that I have it I shall have rosy cheeks everyday 😀
They’re Real mascara although not part of the box was actually redeem using the curators note. YAY for free mascara!

The Nail Shop | Nail Tips (1 set/RM29.90)

Pre-Designed Nail Tips perfect for instant nail decoration. Cut or file the edges for a suitable fit. Apply using nail glue (not provided) or bring them to The Nail Shop for professional application. Service charges apply.
I was excited when I say that there was nail products in this box. But when I got my box I was kinda disappointed. I got the French Manicure set. I am not a big fan of French Manicures but wanted to give it a go at least. But hey – there was no nail glue (they did mention this on the description card) and the tips were a little too big for me :S Well, off to the swap/giveaway drawer it is!

Murad | Age Reform Refreshing Cleanser (200ml/RM148)

Murad’s Refreshing Cleanser removes oil, dirt and surface impurities on contact. Gentle enough for everyday use, this non-drying, foaming cleanser is lightweight and ideal for removing makeup.

SOTHYS | Hydra Bourishing Body Lotion (200ml/RM229)
An ever sheer and soft body care for all skin types with the extra nourishment and hydration. Global breakthrough formulation with almond seed extract, white lupine extract and plant complex to fulfill the desires of women of all ages to preserve the tines and youth in their skin.
I have heard this brand a lot but have never ventured into their shops and spas. I have read good comments on this product. Hopefully I love it as much too 🙂
Cosmobox | Velcro Hair Grip
This simple and convenient velcro hair grip helps keep your fringe away from your face when you put on your make up or clean your face.

LOVE this! I use it to keep my hair out of the way when painting my nails! No more hair in my nails for me. Haha. And it does not cause a crease in my hair like pins and clips do.

DR. FUCHS SECRETS® | The Emergency Eyepads (2pads/RM30)
The Midnight Secrets EyePads is for insufficient sleep which reduces the natural detoxification phase of the skin during our sleep. The result – swelling and sagging skin. Through the combination of these three main active ingredients Syn-Ake®, Vitamin B3 and Caffeine, the detoxification phase of the skin is accelerated. You can now wake up looking fresh after a short night – just as if you’d enjoyed an 8-hour beauty sleep.
The Emergency EyePads complement this optimal care regime and works against puffiness around the eyes, especially the tendency to have ‘eye bags’.
I think I received these before in another box. Haven’t used them still. Anyone wants a free eye mask?


I am loving this last months Cosmobox. No regret resubscribing here 😀

I believe they are having a Mother’s Day special box for May. Hurry on by Cosmobox if you wanna grab one for yourself!

365 Days of Polish – Nomad

*Products were purchased by me. I am not in anyway related to the company or  products mentioned in this post*

I am sure I have mentioned befor how much I love polishes from 365 Days of Color. Well, this is no exception!
Nomad is a mustard pastel cream polish with teal square and micro glitters. A winning combination if you ask me! I was never a fan of yellow polished but I do love this one. I think it may be because it is a mustard shade rather than a straight on yellow.
All I had was the mini bottle from one of her Spring grab bags. I think it may be the brush from the mini bottle but the polish applied a little streaky as seen in the photos here. But here’s the funny thing – after 2 days Nomad self leveled and the streaks were no longer visible! I kid you not!