The Great Australian Comparison

I mentioned in an earlier post that I got a bunch of Australian nail polishes that seemed similar from my mom and through a swap. Well, I guess I was really going through a crazy moment there. out of the 8 mom got me, only 5 were similar to the ones I got from the swap. Make that 3 similar and 2 really close to each other.
These are the goodies from my Mom.
And these are from Natalia.
If you are thinking that the first 3 are colors from the same color spectrum while the other two polishes actually look like dupes. Well, you guess right!
First up I have Ulta3 tangelo and N.Y.C crazy. This photo of tangelo is horrible but in real life both colors are actually really similar. The only difference is that crazy  has a shimmer to it while tangelo is an orange  creme.
Next up I have ulta3 mojito and lagoon. They are very different greens but both are just stuning! I recently used mojito in a manicure and I was surprised at how the color came through! I will be posting that mani soon 🙂 lagoon on the other hand is a gorgeous apple green with shimmer in it. I also have used this polish. I just have to locate the photos before I can post them!
ulta3 pearly grape and spring break are actually quite different. One is a shimmer and the other creme. I am amazed at how my mom managed to get a shimmer for every creme (and vice versa) that I had!
Now on to the polishes that look similar!
In the left corner I have Colour by T.B.N. Seafoam and Face of Australia Let’s go Scuba Diving. In the bottle they seem like they are the same hue/shade of blue.
I did a quick swatch of it and guess what, they are similar but definitely NOT the same! Both Sea Foam and Lets go Scuba Diving are metallic seafoam greens with shimmer but Lets go Scuba Diving has much more shimmer in it! Or rather LgSD has a greenish shimmer to it while Sea Foam has silver shimmer.
And in the right corner I have Designer Brands Berry and T.B.N Berry Blush. If you think the names are similar, wait till you see the swatch! Well, both polishes as their names suggest are a nice shade of berry-pink  in the bottle. But when you swatch them – it becomes a darker more vampy shade of berry.
If you have not seen the names do you think you can tell them apart?
They are very, very, very similar but there is a small difference in them which only can be seen IRL. Berry has a tad more shimmer to it than Berry Blush. And probably Berry Blush has a slightly better formula than Berry. I used 3 coats for Berry and just 2 coats for Berry Blush in the swatches below.

And there we have it! My great Australian polish Comparison. *phew~~*

Candy Canes Again!

I showed you my right hand yesterday and now I am back to show you my left hand.
I am not one to always have both hands an exact match for each other. In fact, most of the time they do not match in design but the colors are often the same few polishes. Today is the day where they are similar in design but in different colors! — Yay for striping tape!
I started off with the same base color (OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu) and this time used 2 different greens to create this look. I used ulta3 mojito and Cult Nails Feeling Froggy for my accent nail.
I love how for both the polishes the color seems way different than I expected them to be! mojito turned out to be lighter and more neon than I expected and Feeling Froggy, well, this one was a good surprise to me. I was expecting Feeling Froggy to be quite light and thin because of it’s jelly-ish properties but it really was this nice Christmas-sy green which popped against the white base.
I placed the striping tape differently this time and left less white space in the design. What do you think of it? Just in case you don’t remember, here are both my hands side by side 🙂

Failed Ombre

I decided to do an ombre manicure the other day. I picked these polishes to do the job.
I know it looks really odd here but I did swatch them on a piece of paper and this was the best combination for an omber manicure… or so I though!
When I painted them on my nails this is what I got :

No ombre and, OMG, can the colors be any more different?! I thought that they were all purple-ish but it seems I have a nice bronzy color hiding there.

The bright side of this manicure is that I have tried out all these polishes and I can say their formula is wonderful across the board! I believe I used 2 coats for all of them.
The little bald spot on my ring finger was caused by user error. While I was cleaning up I accidentally got some cotton on my finger nail. Boohoo. This little mistake though reaaaaaaally bad, actually brought out the maroon/red in this polish. Interesting huh!
So I have a question here, which polish do you girls want to see as a full mani? Do let me know and I will try my best to get it up ASAP! 🙂

Goodies from Australia!

My parents recently went to Australia and came back with these goodies for me 😀
Colour by T.B.N Lilac, Sea Foam and Stevealicious, ulta3 spring break, sweet violet and lagoon, NYC crazy and T.B.N Berry Blush
When I told my mom to look out for nail polishes in Australia and probably grab a few for me she was kind of hesitant. Well, it is because in her mind nail polishes are expensive.
I was at work when my mom came back and she did not tell me anything about her purchases for me. So imagine the joy when I came in my room to find a small bag with 4 polishes in them. I was literally beaming! When I went to thank my parents, they were like – What 4 polishes? We bought you 8 bottles of nail polish! I was ecstatic!
My mom’s choice in colors were much different from what I would pick. She did call and ask me what I would like, but not knowing much about color choices there I told her to just pick what she thought was nice.
ulta3 spring breaksweet violet and lagoon, NYC crazy
One thing my mom managed to do was to pick colors that were new to what I had at the time that she left. Yup, I recently got similar colors from an Aussie Swap. Talk about coincidence!
T.B.N Berry BlushColour by T.B.N LilacSea Foam and Stevealicious

Though they are similar they aren’t exactly the same. I shall post a comparison post one day! I am thinking to go out and grab a nail wheel for that. Fingers crossed that I can do that by the end of this week!

Match-y Pedi

I am not one to be match-y with my outfits. My manicures almost always is from a different color class from what I am wearing that day. Of course I make sure that the colors do not clash too badly!!

Last Sunday when I was in church, I realised that my pedi/shoe combination actually matched the bag I was using that day! Hah! This was totally random!

This combination is actually quite nice. I may wear it again soon 🙂

I used Ulta3 Hot Springs which I got from the swap with Natalia.