Shopping at Luxola :D

A few months back, or maybe it was last year, I stumbled upon Luxola, an e-tailer selling HTF (in Asia) nail polishes such as Deborah Lippmanns and Models Own. Since then I actually go check on this website at least once a week to see what goodies they have. I have wandered from nail polishes to body lotions and most recently to make up items.
I recently ran out of my old trusty blusher by Maybelline and decided to try something new. And lucky me – at the same time mom was looking for some new eye make-up because she was having some allergic reactions to her old(er) make up. I have been looking to get some Sleek MakeUp on Luxola since for-e-ver but could not justify it, until that day that is! Off I went and picked up this awesome duo from Sleek. It took about 5 days to get to me but it was worth the wait!
This came in the mail:
The oh so special eyeshadow palette, the blush BY 3 trio AND a free eyeliner brush! Luxola always gives you little somethings with your orders! Me likey!
The i-Divine Oh So Special eyeshadow palette comes with 5 shimmer and 7 matte mineral shadows. The colors are relatively neutral (mostly pinks and browns) and is really easy to use with one another. Color payoff according to mom is quite good but she would prefer it to be slightly more pigmented.

The names of the colors are really quite festive don’t you think. With Ribbon, Gift Basket, Boxed, Wrapped Up, Glitz and Celebrate my mind wanders willingly to thoughts of Christmas!

Next up is blush BY 3 in Lace.

I love this compact! All 3 colors look so gorgeous. My camera doesn’t pink up the colors as well but they are really pretty. The most left color is a matte peach color followed by a rose gold shimmer and finally an antiqued rose pink. The colors come out really gorgeous on me – as long as I do not have a tan! I used this before my island getaway and it came out really easy but now I need to apply a little more for it  to stand out against my skin!
I really loved this set that I puchased. Not only was it worth my money, the colors were gorgeous too! And that little free gift was a lovely surprise! I have been back on Luxola many more times since I got this order and, heh, bought a little more.
By the way, if you are interested to get something from Luxola, I would recommend that you hop on  by soon since they are having a free shipping offer for the rest of this week!

Waterfall Nail Art

I have seen the waterfall manicure (as coined by Sammy from The Nailsaurus) around for a few months now and always wanted to try it. It seemed simple and chic at the same time. Of course I procrastinated for-e-ver because I was scared I would mess it up. But when Sammy came out with this tutorial, and made it seem so easy, I knew I had to try it!
And since it was a long weekend with no internet again (hence my abscence), and I was already wearing blue AND had the appropriate brushes as well, I thought that I would just give it a go. I picked a few blues, a silver holo and a white, took a deep breath and just went for it!
I think they came out OK. My lines are definitely not as even and uniform as Sammy’s but at least they looked decent from a distance 😛 I also managed to get a few outdoors/sun shots since this was done on a weekend too! Usually I would be in the office before the sun is fully up and leave only as the sun is setting.
I did take a few photos indoors and surprisingly the holo is more obvious there!

The little bits of rainbow really does give this mani a little more depth me thinks!

Barry M Blueberry Gelly

I love Barry M polishes! But unfortunately when I was in the UK I did not purchase many even though I was dying to get them all! I only  came back with 4 of them and this is definitely one of my favorites!
Barry M Blueberry is a gorgeous cornflower blue creme. It applies gorgeously and is good to go in 2 thin coats.
And as the name suggest – gelly – this polish dries to a super glossy finish! What you see here is 2 coats without top coat!
Blueberry is somewhat similar to Essie Lapis of Luxury. I would say it is a tad lighter and more blue in color compared. But if you ask me which to get I would definitley sat Blueberry because of the ease of application. But then again, they are both gorgeous colors and I am glad I have both of them in my drawers!
I do want to get more Barry M Gellys but with the problems of shipping polish out of the UK as well as the crazy GBP-MYR exchange rate, I think I shall restrain myself. Unless of course a super sale comes along 😛

Etude House Coco Black aka PBK 803

When I put on OPI That’s Hot Pink I knew immediately that I wanted to layer Etude House Coco Black over it!
Coco Black is a gorgeous glitter polish with black, white AND metallic pink glitters in it! Application was so so when you use it like a regular polish. The dabbing method is definitely better as the suspension base of this polish isn’t as thick as those indie polishes out there!

The glitter combination really is quite indie-like and honestly way more affordable for me! If I remember correctly it was RM15.90 before discounts. Which is way cheaper than buying indie polishes which comes out to RM30-45 depending where I get them from. And I do not have to worry about packages getting lost in the mail too!

I did one (and a half) coats dabbed and no top coat! It dried really quickly and stayed put for more than 5 days with minimal tip wear! The only reason why I remved it was to get my nails done ‘professionally’. Which turned out to be quite dissapointing actually D: An experience which I shall write in a different post of course.

OPI That’s Hot Pink

I do not usually like wearing pink on my nails but OPI That’s Hot Pink seems to be an exception! This polish is one of the very first polish I have ever purchased and even till now I do reach for it quite frequently!
As it’s name suggest, That’s Hot Pink  is a gorgeous hot pink polish. It has an awesome formula and is good to go in 2 coats!
One more thing I love bout That’s Hot Pink is that it dries really quickly and very shiny too! Sometimes when I am in a hurry I just do 2 coats of this and nothing else. It stays on fine and doesn’t smudge even without a quick dry top coat!

[PR] ILNP: The Ultra Chromes Are In Stock Right Now! Get ‘Em!


The ILNP Ultra Chromes are in stock and ready to ship now!

The day has arrived! Thank you all for being so patient and waiting this out with me. Pre-order customers, your goodies will start shipping today so keep an eye on your mailboxes!

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Of course, I had to refresh your memories with some beautiful swatch pics!

Swatches above by XOXO Alexis Leigh. Click here to visit her blog for her full review and more swatches!

Swatches above by Very Emily. Click here to visit her blog for her full review and even more swatches!
If you’re heading over to the site now, you may see a new queue in place. This is to prevent the site from slowing to a crawl and crashing under the heavy load.

The new queue is pretty neat and will automatically save your place the moment you hit the site. No one will be able to “cut” in line. Best of all, we can notify you via SMS the moment your spot is open!  No more sitting and waiting!

I hope you fall in love with your Ultra Chromes… actually, I know you will 🙂

Like always, if you ever have any issues with your order please contact me and I’ll do my best to help! Thank you again for all of your support, it means a lot to me.

-Barbra 🙂

[PR] ILNP: Ready For The Ultra Chromes?

Get Ready! The Ultra Chromes Are Almost Here!

It’s official…

The Ultra Chromes will be officially released this Friday!

This is a just a heads up email for everyone that wanted to score some ILNP Ultra Chromes but missed out on the pre-order. This Friday 9/6/2013 at 12pm PST the Ultra Chromes will be available for purchase.

If you want them, make sure you’re there on time so that you can get yours while they’re in stock!

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Note: Pre-order customers, your Ultra Chromes will start shipping on Friday

Limited quantities

If you want the Ultra Chromes, don’t wait too long. They will sell out.

I did my best to make enough Ultra Chromes for the official release but if they move as fast as pre-orders did, we may sell out before everyone can get their orders in. If this happens I will do my best to do a re-stock in the near future!

“I hate the craziness of new releases!”

Sick and tired of practically fighting for your spot in line only to lose out in the end?

We learned a huge lesson after watching the site crash over and over during the Ultra Chromes pre-order sale and we never want that to happen again.

We don’t want you to have to sit by your computer or on your phone having to refresh the site over and over hoping to get in. We know that sucks and is beyond frustrating!

Consider that a thing of the past! Here’s what will kick in if the site gets overloaded again:

  1. real-time queue that will save your place in line from the moment you visit the site. That’s right, no need to refresh over and over hoping to get in. Your spot will be held automatically the second you visit.
  2. Small groups will be allowed into the site (based on your place in line above) toshop freely and complete their orders at their own pace.
  3. SMS notifications! Yup, if you want you’ll be able to receive an SMS notification the second your spot opens up!In the SMS message you will also receive an access code that will allow you to access the shop from any other browser on your phone or different computer for example.

    If you come back with the same browser you originally visited with you will be let in automatically!

    * Your phone number will be removed from our system promptly following your notification. We will not send you any other messages.

  4. Once your spot is opened, you can come back at any time.

We hope that this will take some of the craziness out this release! We know you have better things to do than sit around refreshing a webpage.

I hope this news excites some of you! We’re doing our best to make your experience with ILNP as pleasant as possible!

That’s all for now!
-Barbra 🙂