A piCture pOlish trio – Mellow Yellow, Fairy Floss and HoneyDew!

I will be featuring all three of the above mentioned polishes in this post!
First up is a quick swatch of Mellow Yellow by piCture pOlish before I went to the driving range a few weeks ago. I don’t play golf at all. I just go there with my boyfriend. I’ll be reading while he hit them balls. LOL!
I love the color, very Spongbob-y! It kinda reminds me of China Glaze Lemon Fizz. Maybe Mellow Yellow is tad lighter than Lemon Fizz. Maybe. The formula was kinda chalky on the first coat but it evens out as you apply the third coat.. Hmm..
(please do ignore the gross cuticles! I’ve been doing tons of housework these few weeks; from scrubbing to mopping to vacuuming the place!)
I quickly added a pink half to my nails after I got back from the driving range, topped it off with some SV Quick drying top coat and hopped into bed. And when I woke – NO sheet marks! YAY!
The pink I used is from the piCture pOlish soft shades series – Fairy Floss.
And to top it all off, I added a dash of HoneyDew on my tips. Well, I did manage to get some photos of this manicure in sunlight while I was out for lunch yesterday. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to apply some cuticle oil before taking these photos. So (again), please ignore the dried out cuticles and enjoy the colors!
More photos after the jump!

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Minty Cheetah

(My first ever stamping attempt!! I found this just sitting in my drafts folder. According to my Instagram, I actually did this a good 9 weeks ago! NINE weeks! I actually thought I posted this before. OMG! I am getting old!)
Did a little stamping yesterday. I finally found the courage to dig out my nail stamping kit – scraper, stamper(?) and the *only* two stamping plates that I own. I tried stamping before this but it never turns out OK so I always avoided it. Until now.
I picked the cheetah print from plate M57, took a deep breath and did what I feared to do. Although this is far from perfect I think it looks pretty good.
I used Essie’s Mint Candy Apple as the base and stapped it with OPI Java Mauve-a and topped it off with baby pink polish from Baviphat. Mint Candy Apple was quite chalky in the beginning. It took me 3 careful coats to get it both smooth and opaque on my nails. But the color is really pretty and was definitely worth the effort! By the way, I think mint green and baby pink makes a cute combination!