Cult Nails Trio

OMG! I thought I have posted this but it seems I have not! Imangine my shock when I saw this post in my drafts folder :S Without further delay, let’s get on to the manicure!
Today’s manicure is one using a trio of colors from the Cult Nails Road Trip, Anyone? Collection. I thought if they could come out in the same collection they definitely could go together – and I was not wrong!
I loved Riot and did not want to remove it so fast hence the idea of adding on with colors from the same collection!
I first added a triangle with Party Time (a blue creme) and then another with Be Loco a bright peach creme.
The formula was great for Party Time. It was as opaque in one coat and dried surprisingly fast! Be Loco on the other hand is a little more jelly like. It needed 2 thick coats and, well, after so many layers of polish, it got dented a bit as you can see on my pointer.
But then again, dent aside, I still love this simple-pop-of-color manicure!
xoxo Louanne

Wonky WordPress

WordPress has been weird on me for a few months.

For those who use WordPress reader I am quite sure you aren’t affected. But for those who type in my blog address to get to this page, I do apologize. For the past few months I noticed something weird with my blog – it seems like the first few posts are stuck in March and refuse to move on.

I have tried all ways I know – playing around with the settings, poking at appearances, changing themes and even changing multiple browsers (can you tell I am not good with technology) – but to no avail. The blog is still stuck in March.

I would like to know if anyone out there is facing this same problem and how did you manage to get around it for things to be back to normal. All and any help is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance 🙂

xoxo Louanne

Cult Nails – Riot

Long overdue color but hey – that’s what international shipping and a cheapskate gets. LOL
If you didn’t know, Cult Nails offers free shipping above $75 for international orders. Of course I have to grab this perpetual discount! So, every time Cult Nails comes out with a new collection or color I will lust over it until probably the second collection has come out and do a bulk order to hit the price target. Yea, I know. Why so bothersome? Well, at the exchange rate of USD1:MYR3.20 I better try my very best to save!
Back to the polish!
This is Riot from the Cult Nails Road Trip, Anyone? Collection. From the first time I saw swatches of this polish I knew that I had to have it! It is a gorgeous neon mint (is that even possible?) polish that is good to go in one coat!
As much as I do not really fancy mint polishes on my nails I really love Riot. I guess it has enough blue and enough pop to it that it doesnt make my hands all pale 😀
I actually did some nail art over these nails. They aren’t perfect but I do like them ery much. I’ll show them to you really soon! Hopefully tomorrow if all goes well 🙂
xoxo Louanne

Totally Tubular + Hot Springs

I had a comemnt on how this polish reminds one of my readers of Scully from Monsters Inc So I thought the most fun thing to do is to emphasize the hidden pinks in this manicure.
I only have two go-to nail art techniques I am really comfortable doing – stripes and dots. I picked stripes this time. Just because.
I free handed this manicure with ulta3 Hot Springs. It wasn’t too hard to get decent lines, but they somehow came out a little on the thick side. I probably was hesitating too much on them.
Actually, I shall be honest here – I picked stripes because I misplaced my dotting tool and was too lazy to go hunting for it then. I am happy to report that I have since found it under my striping tapes none-the-less.
And finally – a monster worthy claw to end this all!
xoxo Louanne

KBShimmer Totally Tubular

How was your Halloween? I hope youhad lots of fun and got lots of candy! Well, it’s back to regular non-stomach churning manicures (I know I only have two but, oh wells~). Today I have a totally cool polish to show you.
This is Totally Tubular from KBShimmer’s Summer collection. I know it’s already Fall where most of you are but, as I have mentioned before, it’s summer all the time here! Albeit it being the rainy season now.
Totally Tubular is a turquoise-y teal crelly polish with fuchsia circle glitters light blue circle glitters and sapphire hex glitters. Application was good with little to no fishing needed to get the bigger dots on my nails. Coverage was good with three thin coats.
xoxo Louanne