Half and Half

My photos for this post ain’t all that. I did not realise that they turned out quite meh. When I was taking them I actually though tthey looked wuite good on the camera screen. Who knew that beige, brown and gold together would be so hard to photograph. ūüė¶
Anywyas, this is a dressed up version of yesterdays manicure. I topped off My Vampire is Buff with Cult Nails Tulum and painted wispy lines down the seam with Skin Food Gold Sparkle.
I really liked this combination, I actually wore this manicure for a good 3 days before I removed it. It’s also kinda funny how the gold shimmer in Tulum¬†has gone into hiding next to the gold polish. The gold shimmer was the reason why I picked Tulum¬†for this nail art in the first place.
I would say maybe I picked the wrong polish to paint down the middle. Don’t get me wrong, Gold Sparkle¬†is a gorgeous color! But’s its formula, being somehat a cross between glass flakes and glitter, made it difficult to hide the part where the two colors meet. As you can see in the photo below, it actually looks like there is gold only over MViB and not Tulum.
I definitely would re-do this manicure. With a different choice of polish of course! Maybe some metallics or shimmers on the sides and a nice creme down the middle.
What do you think?

OPI Dulce de Leche

Recently, I have been arranging my polishes by brand and then by color. And guess what – I have much
more nudes than any other color! But looking through my blog I don’t think I have posted much nude manicures!
Let me rectify that with this gorgeous nude from OPI – Dulce de Leche.¬†Dulce de Leche literally traslates to ‘Candy of Milk’. I looked it up on Wiki and it sounds awfully like Toffee. I wonder if it’s the same thing.. Hmm..
ANYWAYS, back to the polish.
Dulce de Leche is a nice dusty pinkish brown (makes sense?) which is very office friendly. It applied like a dream in 2 coats. I did an accent nail with this metallic pink polish from Skin Food it just says Pedicure Sparkle #01. This too applied easily but I needed 3 thin coats to cover up any VNL.
I wonder.. Which colors are your favorite and which colors do you have most in your stash? Are they the same color or totally different?

Geometry Fun!

As many of you know, October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness and Depression Awareness represented by the pink and green ribbon respectively. With this in mind I created this mani collaborating these colors to show that I do care for these two causes. I am no expert so I shall not bombared you with my ramblings. But if you want to know more on these two illnesses, I would suggest heading on to the breastcancer.org¬†and (since I couldn’t find any official websites for depression awareness) Scrangie’s very well written post on depression for more details.
This is my first attempt at a more complicated tape mani. I used this video from Sophie of My Awesome Beauty as my guide and I think the final result came out quite well!
I’m gonna keep it short and sweet from here and just let the photos do the talking ūüėÄ
The colors I used on my left hand are Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle in Silver, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Baviphat Baby Blue, Essie Mint Candy Apple, China Glaze For Audrey, and OPI Mermaids Tears
And for my right hand I decided to switch it up and do a pink version! Colors I used are Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle in Silver, OPI Alpine Snow, Nature Republic Baby Pink, Baviphat Light Pink, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender and OPI That’s Hot Pink.
I kinda ‘cheated’ on the right hand. As you can see it looks quite simple compared to the left hand. The most sections per finger is only 4 as opposed to 5 on the left hand. Who knew one finger could make such a difference!

One more shot of my left hand.

And last but not least, both ‘claws’ side by side ūüėÄ

Lightning Bolt

I wore my last manicure for 2 days before refreshing them. This time I decided to go with a simple accent nail. I remember a simple tape manicure at Nailside and thought that I should give it a go. I decided to go Grecian and picked gold for my lightning bolt. Zeus would be proud!  
My very own lightning bolt to zap people with! ūüėÄ
The first two photos were taken under a white light while the next two photos were taken under a more yellow toned light. Which do you prefer?

Strawberry Season is Here!

I painted my nails red the other day and decided to add an accent nail to it. Summer is here and strawberry season is just around the corner, so I thought to do a lil accent nail  the best way to add a lil something to my nails was to paint me a small strawberry while I wait for my chance to pick some actual strawberries up!
I picked OPI Big Apple Red as my base and added the strawberry on my ring finger using a white striper by Precision, OPI Green-wich Village and Gold Pedicure Sparkle from Skin Food for the seeds.
Big Apple Red is a rich creamy red polish. It applies flawlessly in 2 thin coats but if you want more depth just add a third and you’ll see how the color changes to a deeper red.
Photographing Big Apple Red wasn’t easy to do at all! My camera just wouldn’t capture the richness of the polish. I took photos of my hand against a white back ground and almost all of it came out way too dark in the photos. How dissapointed I was. I even tried taking the photos with natural light, yellow light and even took some in my bathroom! In the end, I took the best shot when I had given up. The shot on top was the first shot I took on a black backgraound and the colour is almost as it is in real life.
Up close on my little strawberry accent finger. This shot was the total opposite and produces a more yellow tinge to the nails.
More shots in differernt lighting after the jump!

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