DDDino-mite Yoshi

I got 2 polishes in this post today. From the title of this post, one of the polishes is dead easy to guess which. But anyone wanna take a jab at the second? *hint – I recently got it from a grab bag*
*Please excuse the band-aid. I accidentally closed my room door on my fingers a few days ago and it isn’t pretty. Although it was only a bad bruise and maybe a small surface cut, I almost passed out from the pain more than once. D:*
Isn’t this combination gorgeous? I especially love the contrast of the yellow and green glitters of Dollish Polish Dino-Mite Yoshi against the orangey base color! Unfortunately this base color hides the red square glitter a little bit. Owh! Anyone can guess what it is yet?
The base polish changes a lot depending on what light it is under and the addition of Dino-mite Yoshi makes that change even more obvious! I believe that it is the fine gold and red fine glitters which are the cause of this!

If you look at the first 3 close up photos here, you can see that the colors are all different and is actually getting darker! The first of the 3 you can see a hint of neon in it, and in the photo above you can see that it is leaning more towards red. Finally the photo below it has turned into a coppery orange.
It also turns to a nice orange-y base under my bedroom lights.
These two (top and bottom) photos were taken not more than 2 minutes apart!

The polish generally looks like this most of the time since I spend most of my time in the office.
Any guesses on the base color yet?
It is Sally Hansen Three-D from the (older?) HD line! Get it? 3-D – DDDino-mite Yoshi??It is an amazing polish! It applied flawlessly and it had so many color shifts I made sure I looked at it every 10 minutes to see if it had changed. 😛

I took quite a few photos in various lighting – some came out quite grainy but the colors are all different so I’ll post them all after the jump!

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I’m sorry for the lack of posts these few days!! I got really sick the night of my birthday and I did not have the energy to blog. In fact I have not had much energy for anything! 😦
Anyways, I’m gonna do a quick little post of my latest pedi for this post. As usual the photo would be after the jump 🙂
I started it off with 2 coats of Sun Kissed by Sally Hansen and topped it with one coat of Rainbow Honey’s Hoofed Wrassle. I love Hoof Wrassle! It is a nice burnt orange polish filled with gold, copper and even orange glitter! I think there’s a hint of holographic glitter in there too!!
It’s really quite fall appropriate if you ask me!

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Halloween Mani – Take Two!

I felt bad for only having one Halloween-esque mani so I decided to attempt another.
Tadaa!! BOO!!
My first ever attempt on water marbling!! Is is not perfect but I am sooo happy with it! Owh, did you know I actually did this over my last mani. Hehe. Recycling is good for me.
You know how they tell you *ahem*

You can choose to use tape to tape off your cuticles or if you want to, just apply vaseline on your cuticles to avoid the polish from sticking to your nails.

Well, I did it both ways and my final verdict is – go with the tape!
If you look closely at the cuticles in the photo above, you can see very clearly that my cuticle area is dryer and the lines at the cuticles are messier for the pointer and middle finger. And for the ring finger, The side of the nails look good but the near the nail bed – not so good. And finally the pinky – good clean lines all over, not too much drying out of the cuticles. Can you guess which is which??
Well the list is as below:
Vaseline Method : pointer and middle fingers
Tape on the sides and vaseline on the cuticle : Ring finger
Tape all over!! : pinky
Maybe it’s just me but from now on, if I ever do another water marble I would definitively grab tape to protect my cuticles!
Below are a few single finger shots of my middle, ring and little fingers.
And of course one of the seldom shown thumb!
* So happy!! *
Anyone else have any good tips and tricks to share for my next attempt?

Candy Corn

It’s almost Halloween and I realised I haven’t posted a single Halloween related mani. So fail.
Let me redeem myself with a Candy Corn mani. Here she is – my one and only Halloween mani this year!
I started off with Cult Nails Feel Me Up with OPI Alpine Snow as an accent nail. 
I them taped off the top and bottom of the nail and painted the centre orange (Sally Hansen Sun Kissed) and then after finished up the tip with more yellow.

There is a reason why there is only one candy corn on my finger. I actually intended to do 4 candy corns and a ‘boo’ on my ring finger. But when I googled for candy corn, the centre color was orange. Not yellow. So. Yea. Only one candy corn this year.
Hmmm… I wonder how they taste like?

Rainbow Honey – The Worst Possible Thing

Chop chop! My fingernails are down to nubbins again due to cracking at the tips. I think my average cycle from nubbins back to nubbins is around 2-2.5 weeks. =/
Since my nails are shorter now, I decided to go with a neutral color with a dash of glitter to help give the illusion of longer fingers. My choice of colors for this wonderful task – OPI Malaysian Mist for the base and, as is seen in the title, RH The Worst Possible thing.
This is 3 coats of Malaysian Mist on it’s own. I love this color (I know I have said this many times now!) but sometimes dry time can be a problem. It is a really pretty peach that looks really simple and classy at the same time.
And here I have topped it with one coat of TWPT. Yup! Just one coat and my whole nail is covered. Rainbow Honey glitter polishes tend to be on the thick side. I believe this is due to fact that the polishes are jam-packed with all sorts of glitter and shimmer – No complains here really.
At first I thought it may turn out kinda weird to layer this polish over a light color let alone a light peach but looking at it now I love the purple-orange combination that is seen here. TWPT also seems to have a duochrome property to it which cab be seen in the photo above. Definitely have to try this over a darker color next time.
More photos before I end this post:
Indirect Sunlight
Artificial Light
And last but not least, a super grainy photo. I did not want to post this at first but this photo is the only one that really shows off the glitters and shimmers in this polish.
Rainbow Honey products are hand-crafted, hand-packaged and “Big-3” free! You can purchase Dee’s products from her shop HERE. Do keep yourselves up to date with Rainbow Honey products and promotions by following her blog and Facebook page!