Easter Stripes

Happy Easter everyone! Today is a definitely a day to celebrate! I hope you have a great one with your friends and loved ones ūüôā
Anyways, since it is both Easter and Spring already I thought I would do some egg-inspired nails today! I really had high hopes for this nail idea but I think I kinda failed on execution. I did a tape manicure and it seems my lines are kinda wonky. It is not bad in this photo but the next photo……please don’t scream.
The lines are really quite thick and uneven no matter how my tape is stuck. I suspect I may have pulled the tape off a little too late. Or maybe it’s just the matter of chalky pastel polishes. =/ And surprisingly, of all the nails, the one that turned out the best (in terms of how pretty my lines look) was my pinky.
One thing though, my lines may not be perfect but my nails sure do look cute!! I don’t usually wear pastel but I do love this color combination. It’s, well, srefreshing. LOL
I did a jelly sandwich with OPI¬†Mermaids Tears, Rainbow Honey¬†20% Cooler¬†and OPI¬†Don’t Touch My Tutu¬†and topped them off with OPI¬†Lucky Lucky Lavender, piCture pOlish¬†peaches n’ cream,¬†mellow¬†yellow,¬†honey dew¬†and Essie¬†Lapis of Luxury.

Essie A Cut Above

I have had this polish since forever but somehow never reached for it so far. I love the rose colored glitters in A Cut Above but never seemed to have the perfect base to go with it. When I got Boji from one of my beauty box subscriptions I knew that I would pair them both together!
Boji is a nice purple leaning taupe creme polish. It applied nicely in 3 thin coats and dried rather quickly too! I thought that I have already put up a swatch of it but I guess I thought wrong. I will have to go look for the photos!
A Cut Above¬†is indeed a cut above with it’s easy to apply formula! The glitters came out without a fuss and required no manipulation during application. My bottle of A Cut Above has been sitting in the drawer for quite a while now so the glitters have settled quite a bit. All it needed was a good shake and it was back to it’s awesome self.
The shot above isn’t my normal photo format but I just loved it so much that I had to post it here. I like how the black background makes my hand seem so fair!
You know what, as I was looking at these shots I tried recalling where I took them but for the life of me, I can’t remember where I took them! Gah!

Day 6 – Gradient Nails

I done a few different types of gradient nails before. Let me see, I have done – glitter on creme gradients, glitter-glitter gradients and creme-creme gradients. Today I have something different from the gradients I have tried before, a metallic on creme gradient.
My choice of polishes for this challenge are Essie Mink Muffs and China Glaze Poetic.
I started off with 3 thin coats of Mink Muff and sealed it in with some Seche Vite top coat. After about 15minutes I picked up my make-up sponge and began sponging on Poetic. I kinda messed up my thumb but learnt from there and did the rest of my nails just nicely.

I did not use a top coat after sponging because I like the difference in the texture of the 2 polishes. I do not on any OPI Liquid Sands polishes but the gritty effect created by Poetic does resemble it a little. Or maybe it’s just me that is seeing it that way :/

Essie – Mink Muffs

I’ve got a quick little post for you today!
But before I continue I would like to apologize for being absent yesterday. It’s been really buy the past few days and will be busy the next few days too! I may not be able to post regularly the next few days. Do forgive me for that.
On to the polish!
I have Essie’s Mink Muffs for you today! Brown isn’t my color but when I saw swatches of this little beauty I knew I was going to get my hands on it one way or another! I stalked online shops to no avail but finally bought it at a blog sale! For less than half of what I would buy regularly! ūüėÄ
Mink Muffs is a gorgeous rich chocolate brown! It’s like I have melted chocolates on my fingers. LOL. It covered nicely in 3 thin coats. Though looking at these photos I think I may only have two coats of polish on it :S
What is your best blog sale purchase?

NYE Mani – Clelestia and A Stroke of Brilliance

It’s the New Year already!! Time sure passes by really quickly!
I wore this manicure yesterday. My choices for the polishes were easy – what have I not tried on this year! A quick look in my drawers I picked up polishes which I thought looked good together. Rainbow Honey Celestia and essie’s A Stroke of Brilliance.
I first started off with 2 coats of Celestia. This color is lovely on its own. It’s packed with light glitter and glass flecks.
The only thing that bugged me a little was the sheerness of this polish. Even with 2 coats, under certain lightings my nail line was very visible.
Sheerness aside, this polish is super shiny!
I then grabbed A Stroke of Brilliance and dabbed it on my tip to create a gradient. I intended for it to be an accent nail but fell in love with it so much I did it on all 10 fingers!
I love how the different blues managed to blend together so well!
I even got a few compliments from my colleagues ūüôā
What did you wear on your nails on NYE?

Girly Bits – Indian Summer

My choice of layering polish is my one and only Girly Bits polish РIndian Summer! Did you guess right?
Indian Summer is the September shade form the Girly Bits Calendar Girls Collection. It is a mix of pink, blue, periwinkle, copper and gold, in a sheer periwinkle base. Now do you see why I had to get Essie Lapis of Luxury?
Aside from having all those lovely glitters in it, Indian Summer also has a slight color shifting properties to it. The periwinkle base gives off a nice pink glow at certain angles.
In the shade, this polish reminds me of another glitter polish. Can you guess which?
It reminds me of Oceans Alloy from Hare Polish. They aren’t the same definitely but quite similar to me.

And because I love this polish so much, I am just gonna leave a bunch of photos after the jump for your viewing pleasure!

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Lapis of Luxury

I have been searching high and low for this and I finally got this polish!!
It was always a toss between China Glaze Secret Periwinkle and this but after many google searches later I decided to grab Lapis of Luxury instead.
Essie’s¬†Lapis of Luxury¬†and it is a nice periwinkle blue which has a slight jelly formula. The first layer goes on really thin but a thicker second layer can easily even out the color.¬†Lapis of Luxury¬†reminds me of a nice evening sky just before the sun sets. *bliss*
This is 2 (thin) coats on my nails. I know there are some bald spots on my nails but I was thinking to layer something else over it so I just left it there. Do come back to morrow to see what I chose to layer over this.
Any guesses?