KBShimmer Spring 2013 Preview!

Is it the end of January already?! Own no! This means my Low-Buy is going to start really soon!
*I must, I must, I must resist buying too many polishes!*
Especially from KBShimmer’s new Spring line!
KBShimmer has sent out their press release for their spring line and I can tell you that I am impressed! The shades range from glitter bombs to gorgeous pastels to lovely jellies! Don’t believe me? Check them out below.
KBShimmer is excited to announce the addition of 9 new colors to their 3-Free glitter polish line.  Owner Christy Rose says “With Easter, warmer weather, and Spring Break fast approaching February is the ideal time to introduce softer pastels to our lineup, but also to add a splash of bold color.” 
The spring lineup includes three glitter top coats, two bold jellies, and four creamy pastels, one of which is scented.  “Our new line was created to play off the softer palette of spring, but also to accent unique glitters like small black dots and spring 2013 Pantone colors like the color of the year, Emerald Green.  We are also excited to debut this collection in our new printed bottles.  With the printed bottles, and our glitter grabbing flat brush, we feel our polish is a solid addition to any collection” says Rose.





A Dot Mess – Fuchsia and black dots, hexes, and micro slices in a clear base – Top Coat


Pastel Me More – Pastel colored glitters in a rainbow of colors and range of sizes – Top Coat


Squared Away – Square glitters in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes including metallic and holographic in a clear base – Top Coat
Spring Training – Soft green crelly full of pink, purple, blue and green floral toned glitters, scented with a floral freesia note – Full coverage in 2-3 coats


Where My Peeps At – Soft yellow crelly with circle and tiny hex glitter in fun jelly bean like shades – Full coverage in 2-3 coats


Lottie Dottie – Turquoise and fuchsia dots and coordinating glitters micro slices in a soft white base – Full coverage in 2-3 coats
Iris My Case – Violet pastel crelly with glitters in purple, pink, silver and blue – Full coverage in 2-3 coats


Get Clover It – Emerald green jelly with micro shimmer and circle glitter in shades of green, gold and turquoise- Best in 3 coats or layered over coordinating polish to cover nail line


I Got A Crush On Blue – Royal blue jelly with holographic silver glitters ranging from micro to extra large- Best in 3 coats or layered over coordinating polish to cover nail line


Shipping February 15, 2013
KBShimmer products can be found at http://www.KBShimmer.com. For sales outside of the US visit http://www.HarlowandCo.org.
KBShimmer was founded in 2008 by the husband and wife team of Jason and Christy Rose.  KBShimmer offers unique and colorful nail glitter nail polishes that are Big 3 Free, with all glitter formulas being completely free of chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).  KBShimmer glitter polishes feature a flat glitter grabbing brush for easy application.  KBShimmer also offers a 2-free quick dry polish top coat, olive oil lotion, sugar scrubs, lip balms, cold process soaps and other skin care products.
These polishes are all so gorgeous. I am a sucker for pastel crelly glitters so I am definitely drooling as I look through them! I really want to get them, especially Spring Training and Iris My Case. Maybe they will be in my Low-Buy list?
What so you girls think? Which are your must haves from this collection?


Cosmobox January 2013

When I received this month’s Cosmobox I had my doubts. After last month I really did not know what to expect from the girls at Cosmobox. But when I opened my Cosmobox this month I was amazed! The girls did step up their game this time!
Look at them goodies!

Yup, you spotted right! There is a FULL SIZE OPI nail polish in there! Lets move on to the products shall we 🙂
First up is the curators note. Unlike the usual ones that just come with a note from the girls in the front and product descriptions on the back, this curators notes comes with a little offer from benefit! With this card, I can redeem a sample of the Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation. I have had this box for a week already but keep forgetting to pop by benefit to redeem my gift! Gahhh!! *makes mental note to go by a benefit counter soon*

Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Splash The Remix Collection | Inseperable EDP Spray (30ml/RM160)
A cocktail of explosive fruity sensations of raspberry, mango and pear combined with exotic jasmine and orange flowers create a sparkling and irresistible fragrance.
Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Splash The Remix Collection | Never Forget You EDP Spray (30ml/RM160)
A playful and radiant fragrance combination of Gourmet Jelly Beans and Golden Peony creates a flirty, fun experience

Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Splash The Remix Collection | Vision of Love EDP Spray (30ml/RM160)
A colorful, chic fragrance inspired by the combination of French Macaroon and purple jasmine for a tasty surprise

I love getting perfume samples! They always give me a chance to try out the scents before I decide to splurge on a full sized bottle! And they are also very travel-friendly. These Mariah Carey perfumes definitely match the Lollipop theme very well. They are all very sweet scents that remind me of candy. My favourite of the three was Visions of Love.

Organix | Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo and Conditioner (385ml/RM39.90)
The sensual and alluring blend of cherry blossom extract and Asian ginseng root help invigorate the scalp and hair follicle to add volume at the root while nourishing your hair with the replenishing organic rice milk and bamboo extract for hydration and shine.

I see the words volume, nourishing, hydration and shines. Makes this product sound really good. Although these are samples, they are really packed well and they gave us more than one of each product to try (which was one of the main complaints with last months box). Into my travel essentials it goes for now! There was also a coupon to purchase a set of Organix shampoos and conditioners at RM60 (RRP: RM79.80). I may check it out one day. I do have until the end of March to decide 🙂
The Body Shop | Strawberry Shower Gel (250ml/RM220)
This soap-free shower gel contians real strawberry seed oil. It has a deliciously sweet scent. Soap-free. Lather-rich.

The Body Shop shower gels are always a win! This is a travel sized bottle of course. I would need to plan more trips to finish all these samples and travel sized toiletries I have. LOL. And here we have another discount coupon here: 20% off Strawberry Shower gels.
Yadah | Anti Trouble Spot (15g/RM35)
High potent pimple cream with concentrated formula helps reduce spots, blemishes and blackheads gently yet effectively without drying the skin surface. Combats inflammation, improves skin immunity without irritation and promotes healing. Free from preservatives, paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, sulphate and artificial coloring.

This product seems like its really new in the market. I have yet to come across anyone who used it. My skin has been quite trouble free the past few months but there is no harm in keeping this around. You never know when the weather or stress or all the munching that I will be doing next month will cause a breakout.
OPI | Mariah Carey by OPI (15ml/RM59.00)
8 chart-smashing shades inspired by the icon Mariah Carey. These shades include four new OPI Liquid Sand lacquers featuring groundbreaking technology for a textured, matte finish infused with reflective sparkle. OPI nail lacquers contain no DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde, and each includes OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for the ultimate in application.

HoHo! I am glad I am still subscribed to Cosmobox this month 😀
My random polish was the glitter topper Pink yet Lavender. Not bad. My low-buy month starts with an OPI nail polish. And hey! More vouchers 🙂
Good job to the girls at Cosmobox!
I love the January Cosmobox much more than I did the last one. I am impressed at how big a difference it is between the two boxes. The girls have definitely taken into account all the opinions from their subscribers and upped their game.
This is definitely going to affect which beauty box I am going to keep after my subscriptions come to an end. 2 down 2 to go! Although there is still one January box that hasn’t arrived at my doorstep. Hmm..

Girly Bits – Black Eyed Susan

Remember when I said yesterday that I thought that Green-wich Village looked like grass? Well, what goes better with grass than a bed of flowers right?
*Cue Girly Bits Black Eyed Susan (Daisies!)*
When I first laid my eyes on swatches of these polishes I knew that I had to get it somehow! I finally laid my grabby hands on them when I bought them from Llarowe. On sale too!
Black Eyed Susan is a clear base packed with multiple sizes of matte yellow glitter in hexes and squares, micro gold holo glitter, metallic brown and metallic green hex glitters. I wore 2 coats if Black Eyed Susan over Green-wich Village. Glitter coverage was quite good actually but I did do some dabbing to get more brown glitter on my fingers. I just was not in luck with those!

Don’t you think they look just gorgeous together? Even the green leaves stood out over Green-wich Village!

OPI Green-wich Village

OPI Green-wich Village is one of my oldest nail polish I have in my stash! I can even remember that I bought it for USD12 back then. I even considered it cheap!
Anyways, I decided to bust out this color to use as a base color for one of my untried glitters (you will see this tomorrow!). I did not realize haven’t used this color since forever!
Green-wich Village is a warm green creme with yellow undertones. In fact I would say it is a really nice grass green!
Although the first coat seemed really thin and streaky, Green-wich Village covered flawlessly in 2 coats.
As much as I do not like wearing cool colors on my nails I actually quite like Green-wich Village. It’s slight yellow undertones makes this green just right for my skin tone IMO 🙂

Peeling Nails

My nails are in horrible conditions! For the past few days I have been busy cleaning and arranging stuff in my room as it is long overdue. I did not wear any nail polish while doing this because I really do not like it when it chips. Instead I wore only a coat of base coat. Or so I thought!
This is what they looked like this morning.
First up is my left hand. It looks kinda OK with just a small peel on my middle finger. This was the hand with base coat.
And meet my poor right hand! I did not realise but I did not use base coat on this hand! I use NailTek III base which dries to a matte and if you don’t look closely, it looks exactly like my natural nail.
The peeling is horrible across all fingers! Just look at my poor index and middle fingers! Usually if I have done a lot of cleaning around the house, at most only one thin layer peels off. But this time the top most 2 layers of my fingernails peeled off leaving only a thin layer.
I tried to salvage my nails and buffed them down and for a few minutes they were looking good. Until I wanted to paint my nails that is!
Gahhh! All my effort down the drain. Boohoo. I am going to cut them down again and paint them ASAP!
Be right back!

Trelly’s MISC Polish – Dance Education

One more giveaway polish on my blog today!
This is Dance Education from Trelly’s M.I.S.C Polish. It is a clear based polish with red square and hex glitters, black square and bar glitters as well as white bar ad small squares.
I love the combination of colors and glitters here. I am not usually one for bar glitters but somehow the ones in Dance Education doesn’t bug me much!

I layered  only one coat of Dance Education over Zoya Dove, a grey cream which I love! I actually went back and forth while picking the base color for this polish. I wanted to layer it ovver something that can show off all the different glitters in Dance Education. Do you think picked a good color?

I love how these glitters came together. Although I have seen polishes in the same color combination before, this is definitely a one of a kind polish in my stash 🙂

January 2013 modbox

This month is a month of subscription boxes. I went crazy and signed myself up to 3 different subscriptions late one night in December after seeing all their really cool December boxes! I was not crazy enough to go 12 months on all of them. I only with the minimum subcription of each box (one to three months in general).
Well, the first of all the boxes to arrive was modbox. It came in a sturdy little lilac box with white tissue paper and a bright yellow ribbon. I am intrigued by their color choice, lilac and yellow. Weird but interesting I guess.
The first thing I saw when I picked up the card was a RM20 cash voucher! Sweet! The box also had a nice delicate scent coming from it. I knew I had to find the source of that scent as soon as I caught a whiff of it!

Here are all the products lined up nicely.


From L-R: Cellinique Skin Action Sebum Gel, SANTE Naturkosmetik Body Lotion in Acai Energy, Kiss Me Heroin Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner, My Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose Mask and a small bar of Claire Organics Handmade Organic Soap in Verbana and Avocado Oil.

Cellinique | Skin Action Sebum Gel (RM159/30ml)

Say goodbye to those pesky blackheads and whiteheads! This sebum gel packs a punch with its phyto bio-engineering formulation gel, controlling skin congestion and reducing blackheads to leave you with clearer, smoothing skin.

Interesting. My blackheads are actually not that obvious (Thank God!) but I can’t wait to try this. After I am done with my little test drive of the Human Nature skin care I purchased not too long ago. It’s going well so far!
SANTE Naturkosmetik | Body Lotion in Acai Energy (RM19.90/150ml)

Pamper your skin after a long day with SANTE’s organic nourishing body lotion. Complete with harmonising and memorable scent, it features precious organic camellia oil that is bound to leave your skin feeling irresistibly smooth and soft.

I had a go at this product and I love it! I used it in the morning the other day and the scent lasted throughout the day! The scent was really interesting. I found the scent rather fruity, almost like a fruit cake! My mom on the other hand said it smells like melted butter 😐 Fun scnet aside, it was really moisturising to boot!
Kiss Me | Heroin Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner (RM19.90/2.5g)

Voted by you as a must-have-can’t-leave-home-without-it item! This long-lasting waterproof eyeliner will take you through an entire day of sweat, tears and rubbing.

 Long lasting it definitely is! Whenever I wear mascara or eyeliner it is bound to smudge and make me look like I have panda eyes! Not this eyeliner! I wore it for a whole day and it still looked like I just put it on! A defnite winner from this box!
My Beauty Diary | Bulgarian White Rose Mask (RM39.90/box of 10)

Brighten up your skin before a big night out! With white rose hydrosol and kiwi essence, this mask instatly whitens and hydrates skin to give you that radiant glow.

Big day where are you? LOL. I have heard that My Beauty Diary masks are really good but have yet to try them for myself. Maybe one day soon I’ll finally get to them and give you a proper review here.
Claire Organics | Handmade Organic Soap suitable for face and body (RM16-23/~100g)

Feel luxuriously moisturised with the homemade goodness of Claire Organic’s soaps. Made only from fresh and natural high quality ingredients such as organic virgin olive oil and essential oils, each soap is manually cut and carefully cured for 45 days.

This was the source of the scent of the box! I am eager to try it but have to wait another day to do that. If you look at my shower now you can see that I have 5 types of body products just sitting there. As much as some people do not like soaps I actually love them. I use them when after a hot, sweaty day and it does the job just right!
I am really impressed with modbox and the products in the January box. There were 2 full sized items (body lotion and eyeliner) and those alone made up for the whole RM28 I paid for this box!
I am definitely thinking if I should renew my monthly subscription of this box. Considering that I have 3 more boxes on the way I definitely have to pick from the best and only keep 2 or maybe just one of them.
So far, this looks like a winner!