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Purple Dots

I think I may have a thing for purple polish these days. This is my second post in a row with purple polish and I can tell you that I have at least one more coming up.
I have a dot gradient for you today. Believe it or not – this is my first time attempting this! I was quite scared to try this technique before because I was afraid to mess things up with too many or too little dots. But after seeing so many people do this, I knew it cant be that hard 😛
My take on this manicure now: Its easy breezy!
I used the biggest dotting tool I had to create the large dots and used the other end (standard size) for the smaller dots. I think the contrast in size helped make this manicure a success (in my books).


I guess the key is to not put down so many dots in the beginning. If it looks bare at least you can still add on to it. But if you over-do the dots in the beginning, it’s a little harder to save it. So – if you were ever hesitating on this technique, hesitate no more! Just pick up a dotting tool (or 2 different sized pins) and dot away! I can guarantee you’ll love it!



The Hungry Asian – Secrets

My cuticles are in the worse shape they have been ina long time. I do not know if this is because I’ve been doing a lot of housework lately or the a/c in the office is wreaking havoc on my hands. I do have a bad habit of washing my hands and not re-applying hand cream though :S
To distract myself from my horrible cuticles I decided to wear Secrets by The Hungry Asian. I am not usally a fan of purple polish and actually got this polish because mom liked it. But when you are having sad cuticles and need pops of color in your life, you can’t say no to a purple holo polish!

Secrets has a secret – aside from the scattered holo, it also has a smidge of red glitter in it that adds to it’s charm!

The formula on this polish was a little draggy for me. I had to wait just a tad longer than I usually do before starting on the second coat. I wouldn’t say its the fault of the polish but rather the super hot and humid weather we have in this part of the world!
And of course I had to include a blurred photo to show off the rainbows!

OPI Lost on Lombard

I’ve been hunting for a nice deep marron color for the longest time. I have bought quite a few polishes trying to get the right color but it seem I haven’t been in luck. So far I’ve got Cult Nails Quench (too red), OPI Skyfall (too dark) and Color Club Charity Ball (too brown). When I saw The OPI San Fancisco collection I was so excited! I fell in love with First Date at the Golden Gate and Lost on Lombard immediately! Unfortunately I had a very bad experience with First Date at the Golden Gate when I went and got a manicure. *darn you jelly finish!* I hesitated for a long time but I finally jumped the gun and got Lost on Lombard – I do not regret!


Lost on Lombard is a dark garnet polish and applies like butter! I really don’t know how those bald spots appeared in the photos. In real life, it really does look perfect :S
I would love ot say that my hunt for the perfect maroon polish is over but I know myself better. Anytime there is a new polish out I can’t help myself. But I am quite happy for now. So, cosmetics companies – can you please hold on the release of gorgeous maroons please? My bank account needs a break. 😛



Textured Sunset

I love sunsets and sunrises! I am fortunate (or unfortuante) that I wake up at 6am to get ready for work on weekdays. And most of the time the sun would just be rising when I wake up. The blues and pinks and yellows *swoons*
Sunsets on the other hand are harder for me to see. I reach home at about 6pm (yes I am out of the house for more than 10 hours a day D:) and the sun is just setting. Half the time I’ll be in the shower or in the kitchen or, the most probable, on the couch in front of the TV. Heh.



My manicure today is a tribute to all the sunsets who lost the battle to my TV.

I did this over a textured polish (Barry M Station Road) and really loved the effect. I love textured polishes but do not have many of them because, well, they aren’t readily available where I am unfortunately. But I think my cheat kinda solves that 😛


Pink Chevrons

So after my last manicure was destroyed in less than an hour I knew I had to do something quick and simple as I needed to go out in less than an hour. I was still in the mood for some geometric nails so I bit my toungue and did some freehand chevrons. It came out surprsingly good IMO.
As with the last manicure, this manicure also had layers of polish layered at the tip. But I was way smarter this time! I used more opaque polishes which resulted in less coats of polish needed 😀
I think I did this manicure in under 30 minuted from start to finish! *so proud*


Of course when it came to painting my right hand, I had to change it up a bit. I tried doing a triangle on my tip but it came out quite funky. So I did a fish-tail chevron instead. Not too bad eh!



Pastel Triangles

Hello! I’m back!
Sorry I’ve been away for so long 😦 Life was really wuite hectic. I painted my nails most of the time that I was away; not as much as I did though.
Today I have a tape manicure inspired by the ever wonderful Pshiiit. I spotted this manicure a while ago but haven’t came around to do it as tape manicures and I aren’t the best of friends. Well, it turned out relatively well.


I say relatively well because I managed to get the basic shapes of the manicure down. Not perfect like Pshiit’s obviously. I need to work more on my tape manicures.


There is one thing about tape manicures that I really do not like – my tips would be really thick after I am done with the full manicure; and this manicure was no different. I actually forgot about the polish being thick and still dent-able and went about my business which resulted in a big dinge in more than one nail. So, I did what I could – remove it. after just 30 minutes =.=