Nail polish, Y U so pretty!

Recently I have gotten to a habit of painting my nails – again. And unfortunately for my poor bank account this time around I have spent quite a bit on it. I usually would get the higher end (in Malaysia) nail polishes (think OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Orly) from wholesalers who sell them at maybe around a 30-35 percent discount from retail. It isn’t a really deep discount as compared to when I got them when I was on holiday in the USA but it does make a difference all the same! I was thinking to get some from eBay but shipping doesn’t look to friendly to me.

Anyways, my stash of nail polish isn’t as big as some people but it has grown quite fast in the past year. So to make my moneys worth, and so that none of the polish that I have go wasted I am going to give myself a mini manicure every week or so.

Wish me luck and prompt me if I’m lagging k?