First up, I would like to apologize for being absent the past few days. I had a guest over at my house over the holidays and had to play tour guide and bring him all over town. Literally. My nails were bare for 3 days and after it all I was so burnt out I spent the last 2 days sleeping it off.
I did a cute little snowman mani the other day just in time for Christmas Day. It’s a little overdue but I do hope you will like it 🙂
My base color was Color by T.B.N. Stevealicious because I thought it would be nice for Mr Snowman to shine against a nice dark blue background! I used OPI Alpine Snow to create the snowman as well as the random, er, snowflakes on my other nails. I finished off Mr Snowman with a red scarf (OPI Big Apple Red), some coal for eyes (OPI Black Onyx), buttons (OPI Warm and Fozzie) and a small little carrot for a nose (Sally Hansen Sun Kissed)
I applied top coat a little too early and it smudged Mr Snowman’s Scarf. Do you see what else is wrong with Mr Snowman?


I realised when I posted the photo above on Instagram that My little Snowman actually was missing a hat! I quickly went through my drawers and picked out OPI Skyfall to make a little hat for him.
Since I was going to apply another coat of top coat I also fixed up Mr Snowman’s Scarf.

Much better now 🙂

I won a giveaway!

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I won a <a href=”; target=”_blank”>giveaway</a> by Becky from <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Naked Without Polish</a> not too long ago and the little package finally came in the mail late last week! :D</div>
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I *think* this is the prize I picked. How lucky am I to get what I hoped to get!</div>
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Anyways, to those who are in the US or Canada, Becky is having a <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Birthday Giveaway</a> on her blog! Hurry on by to wish her Happy Birthday and to join in the fun. Her prizes are really awesome if you ask me :)<br />
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I have a giveaway of my own going on right now! Hop on over to <a href=”; target=”_blank”>this post</a> to take part in it :)</div>

Christmas Skittletes!

I finally found time to sit down and write this post! It was a really busy Christmas for me! I had so much to eat I think I would need to go on a diet after this. LOL.
Anyways, I do hope all you girls had a great Christmas with your families 🙂
I am sure you have noticed this manicure from a few days ago! The inspiration for this monotonous manicure was from Marta form Chit Chat Nails. She always posts the most interesting skittlete manicure which I love. A few weeks back, Marta had a Skittelete Manicure Contest so I decided to try my luck with this!
I took me a long time to decide what skittlette to do but I finally decided that I wanted to incorporate the new polish I got from my Glitzology Haul – Robots in Love.
I first painted  coat of Color Club Harp on It and topped it off with one coat of  Robots in Love to bring out the holo goodness in Robots in Love. I even managed to get a heart out for this!
I then proceeded to paint my thumb, index and middle finger with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and, to avoid it looking to stark white, I topped it off with OPI Pirouette My Whistle.
This was a competition held before Christmas so I thought it would be nice to have a little Christmas Tree incorporated in it. So I did that with a nice grey – Zoya Dove – and some striping tape. I topped the litle Christmas tree off with a holographic star I fished out from Robots in Love. 2 quick coats of OPI Black Onyx on my pinky and I was good to go!
And while I was taking photos of it, I realised that I did an Ombre manicure! Ha!

Well, I did not win a prize in the Skittlette Contest but I sure did have fun coming up with the manicure. You should check out all the awesome entries and see if your favorites won!

The polishes I used were:

OPI Alpine Snow

OPI Black Onyx

OPI Pirouette my Whistle

Color Club Harp on It

Glitzology Robots in Love

Zoya Dove

Cult Nails Haul

I took the opportunity to grab more Cult Nails goodies while they were having the offer on grab bags!
I did not buy many colors this time. I pretty much decided this would be a good time to stock up on Wicked Fast top coat! (I grabbed 3). I also got a convert pack with Charlatan and Nevermore (not pictured) as well as Flushed, Afterglow and Disciplined from their new collection! Talk about being lucky!
This was what I had in my grab bag – another bottle of Flushed!!, 2 wheels of multi-colored square and rectangular rhinestones and 2 pots of metallic studs!
Not too bad eh?

Merry Christmas – and a giveaway!

To all my readers, near and far, I wish you a very Merry Christmas! May all of you have a great time with your family and friends.
I’ve got a quick little poem I came across the other day for you:
I heard the bells on Christmas Day,
Their old familiar carls play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The giveaway is here!
I have an Etude House Milk Talk Shower Trio up for grabs. There are 3 scents in this trio which you can see below – Strawberry Milk, Choco Milk and Banana Milk. I personally have not tried this product out  but I can tell you that they smell heavenly! You can smell it even though it is sealed and in the box!
Click on the link below to fill up the Rafflecopter form to be in the running to win yourself this little trio!
Good luck ladies!

Christmas Braids!

It’s Christmas eve already!!
I will be really busy today so this is going to be a really quick post!
I finally gave the braided manicure another go last night! It turned out quite nicely if you asked me.
I now know that the trick is to let the different colored stripes dry a little bit before moving on to the next to avoid pulling and dragging 🙂
I used:
China Glaze Passion (gold)
OPI Big Apple Red (red)
OPI Green-wich Village (green)
And to my readers who are in a time zone earlier than me – Merry Christmas!!

365 DOC Waking up in Vegas

*rare Sunday Update*
Well, I was thinking – What other way to spruce up a gold manicure for the holidays? And immediately, Waking Up in Vegas by Sunny from 365 Days of Color was calling out my name from it’s little spot in the drawers.
Come to think of it – Vegas. Gold. How appropriate!

This is not a polish I would pick by myself. In fact, I got this from the Halloween grab bag that Sunny was offering. I got it on the 1st of November – right after my no buy ended. 😛
Waking Up in Vegas is a glitter topper filled with black and white diamond glitters as well as smaller metallic red squares. It is not one of the more popular shades form 365 DOC but I think I am in love~

Application was OK. It is the kind of polish where the harder you try, the harder is it for you to get what you desire. I am wearing 2 coats + some fishing and dabbing in these photos. I believe that the shape of the bottle matters a little. I got this polish in the flat round bottles that Sunny was using before.

The diamond glitters in this polish lay really flat on my nails. Out of the many on my nails, only 2 were sticking out slightly. And those were the ones that I placed manually. If it was applied on with the brush, it stays put.

I used this combo on top of some PVA glue. And as you know, I do not have much good experience with a peel off base. But I got lucky this time! It all peeled off in one nice sheet and now resembles some false nail tips!
There are only 9 here because one of it popped off while I was in the pool! How fun! 😀
*2 more days to Christmas!*