Holo Chevrons

Chevrons. I told you I’d try them again.
I did this manicure when I had zero inspiration on what to paint my nails with while wearing a soccer jersey the other day. As for as I know beauty and sports don’t go well, for me at least. I stared at my drawers of polishes for quite a while before picking out 3 rather monotonous colors.
I started with 3 coats of OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu, the perfect white jelly polish and topped it with free handed chevrons in Color Club Harp On It and a england King Arthur.

Harp On It is just as awesome as Cherubic! Fuss-free holo goodness in a bottle! Even though a good half of Harp On It is covered up you can still see the rainbows peeking out at you! King Arthur on the other hand is a shimmery gunmetal grey with an awesome formula! It covered Harp On It in just one coat and the brush strokes were not obvious. Which is definitely a plus especially for a metallic shade.
The photo below shows off Harp On It the most! *Rainbow love*
It turned out pretty good for an uninspired manicure don’t you think ūüėõ

Trelly’s MISC Polish – Dance Education

One more giveaway polish on my blog today!
This is Dance Education from Trelly’s M.I.S.C Polish. It is a clear based polish with red square and hex glitters, black square and bar glitters as well as white bar ad small squares.
I love the combination of colors and glitters here. I am not usually one for bar glitters but somehow the ones in Dance Education doesn’t bug me much!

I layered  only one coat of Dance Education over Zoya Dove, a grey cream which I love! I actually went back and forth while picking the base color for this polish. I wanted to layer it ovver something that can show off all the different glitters in Dance Education. Do you think picked a good color?

I love how these glitters came together. Although I have seen polishes in the same color combination before, this is definitely a one of a kind polish in my¬†stash¬†ūüôā

Christmas Skittletes!

I finally found time to sit down and write this post! It was a really busy Christmas for me! I had so much to eat I think I would need to go on a diet after this. LOL.
Anyways, I do hope all you girls had a great Christmas with your families ūüôā
I am sure you have noticed this manicure from a few days ago! The inspiration for this monotonous manicure was from Marta form Chit Chat Nails. She always posts the most interesting skittlete manicure which I love. A few weeks back, Marta had a Skittelete Manicure Contest so I decided to try my luck with this!
I took me a long time to decide what skittlette to do but I finally decided that I wanted to incorporate the new polish I got from my Glitzology Haul – Robots in Love.
I first painted  coat of Color Club Harp on It and topped it off with one coat of  Robots in Love to bring out the holo goodness in Robots in Love. I even managed to get a heart out for this!
I then proceeded to paint my thumb, index and middle finger with two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and, to avoid it looking to stark white, I topped it off with OPI Pirouette My Whistle.
This was a competition held before Christmas so I thought it would be nice to have a little Christmas Tree incorporated in it. So I did that with a nice grey РZoya Dove Рand some striping tape. I topped the litle Christmas tree off with a holographic star I fished out from Robots in Love. 2 quick coats of OPI Black Onyx on my pinky and I was good to go!
And while I was taking photos of it, I realised that I did an Ombre manicure! Ha!

Well, I did not win a prize in the Skittlette Contest but I sure did have fun coming up with the manicure. You should check out all the awesome entries and see if your favorites won!

The polishes I used were:

OPI Alpine Snow

OPI Black Onyx

OPI Pirouette my Whistle

Color Club Harp on It

Glitzology Robots in Love

Zoya Dove

e.l.f. Desert Haze

a.k.a I seriously need to know my polishes better
I thought that I would show you the base color of the last manicure on it’s own. I know that I did not add much to it the last time but I thought it deserves a post on it’s own.
e.l.f Desert Haze is a very interesting color! It is a nude polish but leans towards quite a bit under certain lightings. I had a colleague who commented on this polish and says that it looks like mud.
I only have 2 (and a half) e.l.f polishes and I love them all. My only complaint is that they do not have any steel balls in them. My bottles aren’t exactly new so they are a little goopy now. Or maybe that is just me :/

Even thought my polish is a little dried out, I used 2 coats of Desert Haze in these photos and it covered nicely.

In the photo below the polish actually leans a little on the olive side. Or maybe it is just me and my wonky eyes.. Hmm…

Happy Monday!!

Happy Movember!

Oops! I forgot to schedule this post! Better late than never right?
This is my manicure dedicated to the Movember movement where men grow their moustache with the aim to raise fund and awareness for men’s health issues. If I am not mistaken the main research right now is the research for prostate cancer. More on Movember and it’s causes HERE.
My boyfriend actually decided to not shave for Movember this year. Honestly, although I do support this cause, I am glad that November is almost over and he can finally shave again! I am just sooo not use to him with a moustache!
I used one of my older polishes – e.l.f Sand as the base polish and added a mo’ on my accent nail with none other than my new liner I purchase not long ago. ūüėõ
One mo’ for the go!!

Samurai Dove!

I have an awesome polish to show you guys today. But before I proceed, I would like to apologize for my poor cuticles. Ever since I got back from the island my skin has been really dry, just shy from peeling to be honest. I am trying my best with lotions and balms to keep things moisturized but it seems I need to bump it up a notch.
Okay. With that out of the way, let me show you this pretty polish I got from Sonnetarium not too long ago. Anyone can guess what it is from the title of this post?
It’s¬†the awesome black and white glitter –¬†Samurai¬†Princess!! I mentioned in my previous post that I only bought this polish because I caved in to the B&W glitter trend which everyone was talking about. I do not regret getting this now! Not one bit!
Samurai Princess is filled with small and medium sized hex glitters, bars and a dash of super fine round glitters. Coverage with this polish is quite good. All I used is 2 thin coats is the photo above. The photo below is one coat PS over 2 coats Zoya Dove. You can see that there is a decent amount of glitter on the nail, and quite a variety too!
I added another thin layer of glitter in the photo below. The coverage is much better with no bald spots. It looks like the pinky has a huge spot with no glitter but, in fact, it is covered in glitter – small white ones.
And somehow, almost everytime I use a glitter polish to paint my nails, my dominant hand always looks better. Go figure!
The brush in my botthe wasn’t perfect with a few strands of the brush sticking out on the side. It didn’t cause me any trouble and could be made to join the rest of the bristles by wiping the side of the bottle when taking the brush out.
And a few shots of Zoya Dove on its own.
Artificial light
Shade, indirect sun
Polishes from Sonnetarium can be bought from their Etsy Shop HERE. Remember to follow them on Facebook for updates and offers!

From the Vault: Glitter Showdown

The contenders are:
LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails #07 and Milani Jewel FX in Teal
LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails #07 only has one kind of glitter in it – turquoise hex glitters. If you just judge it by looking at the bottle you can see that it is very densely packed. Milani Teal on the other hand has turquoise, green and silver hex glitters as well as fine turquoise glitters in it.
I swatched these polishes over my OPI My Pointe Exactly from the NYC Ballet collection. Not surprisingly the brown base of the grey polish has been cancelled out by the turquoise of the glitters. Under the glitters MPE comes off as a cool grey instead.
From L-R: #7 2 coats, Teal 2 coats, #7 1 coat, Teal 1 coat
Application of #07 wasn’t a walk in the park. It was a hit or miss thing. Sometimes it is quite hard to get the glitters on the nails but if you are lucky you can get tons of glitter with just one stroke. My ring finger applied nicely in one coat but for my index finger I had to dig around the bottle a little and dab the glitter on.
Application for Teal wasn’t too bad. As in the photos, you can see that you can get quite a bit of polish with one coat and by the time you applied the second coat you have a rather opaque coat of glitter on your nails.
After staring at the glitters on my finger for a good minute, I realised that the hex glitters in both the polishes are of the same size. The turquoise glitters do differ in colour a little; #07 is just a tad lighter than the Teal.
My conclusion is that #07 and teal are very different polishes. #07 creates a cleaner look compared to Teal due to the lack of fine glitter. But if I had to choose, I prefer Milani Teal more compared to #07 based on the application.
If you had a choice, which polish would you get?