Half and Half

My photos for this post ain’t all that. I did not realise that they turned out quite meh. When I was taking them I actually though tthey looked wuite good on the camera screen. Who knew that beige, brown and gold together would be so hard to photograph. 😦
Anywyas, this is a dressed up version of yesterdays manicure. I topped off My Vampire is Buff with Cult Nails Tulum and painted wispy lines down the seam with Skin Food Gold Sparkle.
I really liked this combination, I actually wore this manicure for a good 3 days before I removed it. It’s also kinda funny how the gold shimmer in Tulum has gone into hiding next to the gold polish. The gold shimmer was the reason why I picked Tulum for this nail art in the first place.
I would say maybe I picked the wrong polish to paint down the middle. Don’t get me wrong, Gold Sparkle is a gorgeous color! But’s its formula, being somehat a cross between glass flakes and glitter, made it difficult to hide the part where the two colors meet. As you can see in the photo below, it actually looks like there is gold only over MViB and not Tulum.
I definitely would re-do this manicure. With a different choice of polish of course! Maybe some metallics or shimmers on the sides and a nice creme down the middle.
What do you think?

365 Days of Color Vagabond

I’m late again! Oops!
Anyways, I got a new polish from Sunny from 365 Days of Color! I actually received this in her Valentines Grab Bags (my all time favorite thing to buy from her!)
This is Vagabond from Sunny’s Le Boheme Collection for spring. It is a beautiful nude polish with royal blue small and smaller hex glitters as well as a good pinch of royal blue micro glitters.
When I first got this polish I was kinda meh towards it but as I wore it I fell in love with it more and more! I liked how the nude base matches my skin tone. And the blue is just a great addition to it!
I loved it so much I actually wore this for more than 3 days and did not want to take it off at all! The only reason why I had to remove it was because I had an important work meeting and had to change to something more work appropriate.

Did I mention that I got TONS of complements for this manicure? Ahh.. Such beauty in simplicity!

OPI Dulce de Leche

Recently, I have been arranging my polishes by brand and then by color. And guess what – I have much
more nudes than any other color! But looking through my blog I don’t think I have posted much nude manicures!
Let me rectify that with this gorgeous nude from OPI – Dulce de LecheDulce de Leche literally traslates to ‘Candy of Milk’. I looked it up on Wiki and it sounds awfully like Toffee. I wonder if it’s the same thing.. Hmm..
ANYWAYS, back to the polish.
Dulce de Leche is a nice dusty pinkish brown (makes sense?) which is very office friendly. It applied like a dream in 2 coats. I did an accent nail with this metallic pink polish from Skin Food it just says Pedicure Sparkle #01. This too applied easily but I needed 3 thin coats to cover up any VNL.
I wonder.. Which colors are your favorite and which colors do you have most in your stash? Are they the same color or totally different?

Rainbow Honey : The Yokai Collection

Dee has outdone herself again! Have you seen her newest collection? Unlike her other collections, The Yokai Collection are not just glitter toppers this time – they are stand alone colors. Really pretty stand-alone colors. Dee contacted me a while back to ask if I would like to review her new collection. Of course I said yes! I love her creations! But instead of getting the polishes long before the launch date (October 13th) I only received my package on the 17th. Which is really quite typical of international shipping.
At first I was thinking, maybe Dee might not send me a package because I am so far away! But when it did show up, I was happy beyond belief! I was grinning – like this 😀 – the whole time from my post box to my office.
Enough chit chat from me! Let me show you the pretty polishes~
Of course I have to show you Rainbow Honey’s famous box packaging! There’s an ingredient list, big 3 free disclaimer and of course the little window for you to peek at the polish inside!
The Yokai (妖怪) literally means monster. In the Japanese culture, it stands for the supernatural monsters form Japanese folklore. Dee, picked 3 of these yokais – kitsune, oni and kawako.


Since I got these babies late, I will be featuring them one at a time to give them all the attention they deserve!

First up is kitsune, the magical fox – the nine-tailed fox from Japanese folkore that is! kitsune is a lovely polish. It is a nude-peach polish packed will a whole lot of glitter. There is a good amount of gold glitter and glass flecks, hex glitters of red, green and brown and I think I spied a few holo glitters in there too!!

kitsune, like the magical nine-tailed fox, is a shapeshifter. It looks more on the yellow side on me as compared to the polish in the bottle and on other bloggers. I rather like this quality actually, always something new 🙂

Application of kitsune was lovely. Even though it is packed with glitter, it applied easily and evenly. All I needed was 2 coats to achieve the opacity in these photos. I did not use any top coat in these photos. You can see that it did dry a little gritty but nothing a thick coat of top coat can’t solve!
Oh yes, did I mention these polishes are LIMITED EDITION! That is the reason why I was soooo happy that I got them! Do hurry on to Rainbow Honey’s SHOP to grab them before they sell out! Of course, remember to follow them on Facebook as well as their blog for more updates!
These polishes were provided to me for review. All opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the company.
Honestly though, I was beating myself over how I wouldn’t stand a chance to get these polishes because of my No-Buy. If I wasn’t on a No-Buy I would definitely bought all the polishes in a heart beat!

Apple anyone?

When the little flower fell of my finger last night, I knew exactly what I wanted to add on to my nails! Just a few days prior to this mani I came across a back to school mani by Margaret from Holy Manicures. I really liked the idea and she even had a step-by-step tutorial fr it.
This was really easy to do and it does add a cute quirkiness to the overall look. I only did the apple accent nail from Margarets tutorial because I didn’t want this mani to be too busy for work. Yep! I wore this to work and someone actually did notice the apple! 😀

I used OPI Big Apple Red, OPI Alpine Snow (White), Cult Nails Feeling Froggy (Green) and Tulum (Brown).

Cult Nails Baker

My Cult Nails polishes have been sitting in the drawer for too long!! And if you read my post yesterday you’d know that I have just stocked up on some really awesome polishes. Without further ado, let me present to you Baker!
Baker has, in Maria’s own words, a rich butterscotch/tan creme base with the right amount of gold shimmer for a golden glow! I concur! This polish is an awesome nude which is totally different from all the other nudes I have. Aside from having a shimmer base, the color is really unique in my stash. I really have no other polish like this.
I used 2 coats of Baker in these photos topped with Cult Nails Wicked Fast of course!! One thing about Cult Nails polishes that I really love is the combination of it’s brushes and formula! Although their brush is kinda small compared to OPIs ProWide brushes, it is tons easier to control. I admit I am not all that good at polish application but when I do use Cult Nails polishes, clean up is always minimal!
Plain nails are never my thing! To add some interest to this mani I added a flower nail art sticker on to my ring finger. I placed the sticker half on my nail and the rest on my finger just for fun. I was going out for drinks so I thought – why not! The stickers are relatively inexpensive anyways.

Don’t you think it looks cuter this way! It lasted around 6 hours if i remember correctly. It was six hours of doing nothing mind you. I remember doing quite a bit of washing and cleaning and also had shower in with this on!

Signing off with a photo from my instagram feed!

Malaysian Mist

OPI Malaysian Mist is one of my favourite polishes of all time! No. It’s not because of the name. Really! The polish is a really pretty peach and the formula is good. If you are careful, you can get away with just 2 coats of it!

Instead of my usual glitter accent nail, I dedcided to just add a little rhinestone on my ring finger. Unfortunately the shine of the rhinestone only lasted for 5 seconds. One layer of SV later, not only is the shine gone, the faceted rhinestone looks more like a round gem on my nails. And if you look carefully, you can see that the nail polish is bunching up at the base of the rhinestone. I guess this is what other nail bloggers mean by SV shrinking their manicure 😦
Malaysian Mist looks much better on the nails as compared to the polish in the bottle. It’s less flesh tone and more peachy you can say!