Purple Dots

I think I may have a thing for purple polish these days. This is my second post in a row with purple polish and I can tell you that I have at least one more coming up.
I have a dot gradient for you today. Believe it or not – this is my first time attempting this! I was quite scared to try this technique before because I was afraid to mess things up with too many or too little dots. But after seeing so many people do this, I knew it cant be that hard 😛
My take on this manicure now: Its easy breezy!
I used the biggest dotting tool I had to create the large dots and used the other end (standard size) for the smaller dots. I think the contrast in size helped make this manicure a success (in my books).


I guess the key is to not put down so many dots in the beginning. If it looks bare at least you can still add on to it. But if you over-do the dots in the beginning, it’s a little harder to save it. So – if you were ever hesitating on this technique, hesitate no more! Just pick up a dotting tool (or 2 different sized pins) and dot away! I can guarantee you’ll love it!



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