Etude House Pink Glitter

I’ve got a (almost) dupe for you today!
This is Etude House’s Magic Kiss #2. What do you think of it? Reminds you of anything?
YUP! This really does remind me of Deborah Lippman’s Mermaid Kisses. I love DL’s range of polishes but obviously cannot afford them with the high price and even higher exchange rates! So when I saw this polish on the rack in the store I just had to have it!
I am wearing 2 thin coats in these photos. In real life it seems a little more opaque than in these photos actually. No VNL definitely 😀
Ahh.. A good bargain is always awesome! Have you found any dupes for high end polishes recently? Let me know too!
xoxo Louanne

Rainbow Dots

I have always wanted to try rainbow ombre-like nails and thought that when a challenge calls for rainbow nails it was a sign!
I always hesitated to do this because I was afraid that I would mess it up. How wrong I was!
This manicure is really easy to do and , honestly, it being a little messy is still somewhat acceptable. To me at least 🙂
All the colors here are Cult Nails polishes (Riot, Nakizzle’s Shizzle, Love at First Sight) except for the pink and orange polishes which are Sugar Rush and Sun Worshiper by China Glaze. I used Tempest from Cult Nails as the base by the way.
I loved how this manicure turned out. I am definitely going to do this again in the near future! Any suggestions from my readers out there on what you’d like to see? Let me know and if I have those colors I might just give it a go 🙂
xoxo Louanne

Cult Nails Valentine’s SALE

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Monochrome Leapord Print ..with a hint of Rainbow!

I haven’t done leopard nails in a very long time and kinda miss it really. I actually did this before the challenge but it fits in this just nice as one challenge was to recreate a manicure that has gotten the most compliments. This manicure, my dear friends, is the one manicure that everyone noticed and some even said it looked like nail art strips! *beaming*
I chose to do a monochrome manicure with a little twist. Can you spot it? I guess you could call this a snow leopard print if you want to but I doubt snow leopards have rainbows peeking out of their fur. Hehe.
I don’t usually wear animal prints but when it comes to my nails I really do love sporting leopard prints! Maybe I should venture a little bit and incorporate some animal prints in my wadrobe..
Or maybe I should just leave them on my nails =/ What do you think?
xoxo Louanne

Minnie Nails Take Two!

Part of the nail art challenge I took part in last month required that I recreated the very first nail art I did. I can’t remember the very first nail art I did off the blog but I shall repeat the very first nail art I did here – Minnie Mouse inspired polka dots!
You see, the only reason why I did these nails back then was because these colors were all I had. No kidding. I had a red, black, white, pink, baby blue, green and yellow. And all of those polishes are still in my stash!
One thing I realised, I do a polka dot manicure in every challenge I do! No kidding. I don’t know if it’s because it’s one of the easier techniques or if I am unconsciously obsessed with dots. Heh.
These were how they looked like the last time I did them. What do you think? Did I do it better this time?
xoxo Louanne

[PR] ILNP Spring Collection

Are you sure you’re ready for this?

Hi everyone! I am beyond excited to share a swatch heavy preview of the newest ILNP Spring Collection with you! This beautiful collection is made up of 11 lovely polishes that are sure to put a smile on your face!

The new ILNP Spring Collection will be available for pre-orders on February 14th(12PM Pacific time) at the ILNP shop. Pre-orders are expected to stay open through the weekend.

Click here to visit the ILNP shop

I’ll be sure to send a reminder email to everyone at least 24 hours before and on the day of the release. It’s going to be madness!

What time is it? It’s swatch time!!!

Kings & Queens

Kings & Queens is a lusciously rich Ultra Holo that words can’t even do justice!

The deep and saturated burgundy hue of Kings & Queens functions as the perfect backdrop to the absolutely incredible holographic glow this nail polish delivers. This is a jaw dropping beauty that will get you nothing but compliments!


MEGA is the mother of all holographic nail polishes, period. It is not a top-coat. It’s a full-blown 100% all-thriller, no-filler SpectraFlair nail polish.

That’s right! Each bottle of MEGA is JAM PACKED with a blend of ONLY the highest quality holographic pigment on the market today.

The moment you step outside into the sun wearing this bad-boy (or girl), you and anyone nearby are almost certain to be overwhelmed with the most vibrant fingertip rainbows you could ever imagine!

Feeling creative? Try adding a few drops of MEGA to an old polish and watch something wonderful happen!

Charmingly Purple

Charmingly Purple is a sweet and creamy bright purple holographic nail polish that’s sure to please.

Take a closer look and you’ll see there’s more to this polish than you may think! Charmingly Purple is also accented with a colorful array of micro sparkles that work their magic effortlessly… even indoors!

Music Box

Searching for the perfect teal? Here it is!

Music Box is a gorgeously rich teal nail polish loaded with holographic goodness and an intense turquoise twinkle that will definitely catch you off guard!

Cutie Pop

Cutie Pop is a super fun rosy pink holographic nail polish just right for a day out in the sun.

But that’s not all!

Look closely and you’ll notice the perfect amount of golden twinkle complimenting the holographic sparkle of this precious polish! Wonderful!

Dreaming In Violet

Dreaming in Violet is our tribute to Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid.

Dreaming in Violet is an amazingly rich holographic nail polish accented with stunning purple and magenta sparkles. A must have!

You’re sure to fall in love the second you put it on!


Princeton is a beautifully refined mint green holographic nail polish that’s certain to impress. So tasty!

Remember not to bite your nails 🙂


Reminisce is an electrically vibrant Ultra Chrome, full of life, with a glow to it that you have to see to believe!

Reminisce shifts from hues of stunning greens to refreshingly cool blues (you may even catch subtle hints of gold occasionally) depending on the angle of your fingertips and the type of lighting you’re under.


Sirène is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible nail polishes in the ILNP Ultra Chrome family.

Sirène magically shifts through spectacularly vivid hues of green, blue, violet, red, and even offers subtle hints of gold depending on the angle of your fingertips and the type of lighting you’re under!

As with all of our Ultra Chromes, Sirène will be INCREDIBLY distracting to you and everyone around you. Wearing Sirène in public will definitely get you loads of attention from everyone and anyone. Don’t be surprised when complete strangers stop to talk to you about your magic fingertips!

The best part about that last line is that it’s not just some marketing ploy, it really WILL happen. Just read some of the reviews from our other Ultra Chromes! 🙂


Undenied is a phenomenally gorgeous and sultry Ultra Chrome that radiates elegance at every turn.

With effortless shifts through stunning hues of violet, red, and gold (depending on the angle of your fingertips and the type of lighting you’re under), Undenied is sure wow you when you least expect it!

This incredible nail polish is a real head turner so be prepared for a lot of attention when wearing it! Most people have never seen a nail polish like this in person.

Nostalgia (H)

Nostalgia (H) is a holographic version of the original Nostalgia Ultra Chrome polish!

The new Nostalgia (H) has been hit with a precise amount of holographic magic to add an incredibly vibrant rainbow sparkle to the polish. The intense color shift effect remains as spectacular as it always was!

The color shift of Nostalgia (H) magically cascades through vibrant hues of green, gold, red, and everything in between!

Mark your calendar & set an alarm! February 14th… it’s on!

A huge thank you to Very EmilyNailz CrazeWork Play PolishChrissyAi, and XOXO Alexis Leigh for their beautiful swatches! Please be sure to check out their blogs for more!

If you need anything or have any questions, feel free to contact me by replying to this email or sending an email to!

Be sure to visit the ILNP shop at for even MORE pictures of the new Spring Collection!

See you this Friday!
-Barbra 🙂

First of, Last of…

This manicure was part of a nail art challenge on instagram that I took part in back in January but never gotten around posting those manicures here. The challenge for this manicure was to create something using the first nail polish purchase of 2014 and last nail polish purchase of 2013.
I haven’t been making many purchases in the last few months actually. I did do 2 polish hauls from 2 seperate indie polish makers in November last year but unfortunately only one arrived. I tried contacting the seller regarding the lost package but they didn’t seem to want to reply my emails. Meh. Since then they have had more releases but I am too scared to place another order. Don’t want another $75 down the drain!
Well that sad story aside, both these polishes in this post were bought online. Relatively locally and both this sellers did give me awesome service. My last purchase of 2013 was OPI This Gown Needs A Crown and my first purchase of 2014 was Cirque Lonesome George.
This Gown Needs a Crown is a matte silver foil from OPI’s Miss Universe 2013 collection. I don’t own many silver polishes but I do like this one very much! It is a satin finish polish but looking at the photos you wouldn’t know really. Somehow they look quite shiny in the photos. LOL!
Lonesome George on the other hand is a gorgwous emerald green holographic polish. My very first green holo polish 😀 The formula on this was perfect! All I needed were 2 this coats to achieve the opacity in the photos. The holo in this polish was really strong too! Notice how there is a hint of rainbow in every photo I take?
But of course I had to include a blurry shot in this post 😛
xoxo Louanne