The Hungry Asian – Secrets

My cuticles are in the worse shape they have been ina long time. I do not know if this is because I’ve been doing a lot of housework lately or the a/c in the office is wreaking havoc on my hands. I do have a bad habit of washing my hands and not re-applying hand cream though :S
To distract myself from my horrible cuticles I decided to wear Secrets by The Hungry Asian. I am not usally a fan of purple polish and actually got this polish because mom liked it. But when you are having sad cuticles and need pops of color in your life, you can’t say no to a purple holo polish!

Secrets has a secret – aside from the scattered holo, it also has a smidge of red glitter in it that adds to it’s charm!

The formula on this polish was a little draggy for me. I had to wait just a tad longer than I usually do before starting on the second coat. I wouldn’t say its the fault of the polish but rather the super hot and humid weather we have in this part of the world!
And of course I had to include a blurred photo to show off the rainbows!

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