Mumble Jumble

Yup! I settled on Mumbling to bling up my mani from yesterday! I decided after I swatch both of the polishes on some paper and Mumbling was the clear winner!
Enjoy the prettiness of it all!
If I remember correctly, this should be just one coat of Mumbling over Lucky Lucky Lavender. Just one good swipe and no dabbing whatsoever!
Intentionally blurred to show off the holo glitter!

Lucky Lucky Lavender

I bring to you one of my most used polishes in my stash – Lucky Lucky Lavender from the OPI Hong Kong Summer 2010 Collection. If you ask me, this polish is more pink than lavender to me. I actually got this thinking it was a pink and for months I referred it to as my pink polish. LOL. I still like to call it  my pink polish, although after staring at my nails for the past day I can’t deny that it does lean towards the violet spectrum quite a bit, more obviously so in this photos.
LLL applies nicely in 2 coats, the formula is great and the color doesn’t change much after 2 coats unlike the bottle Big Apple Red that I own (will do a post on this soon!).
As usual, I can’t just leave a polish be, some glitter is definitely needed here! I am kinda torn between The Hungry Asian’s Mumbling or Essie’s A Cut Above. Both untrieds mine you!
Which would you choose? Come back tomorrow to see which polish I picked.

OPI Steady As She Rose, THA Vote for Purple

Yay for sunlight!
I have been kinda sun deprived this few weeks due to the bad weather here that when I saw the sun I quickly re-painted my nails so that I could get some photos of them in the sunlight.
This is OPI Steady As She Rose from the Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides collection form last Spring. It is a dusty lavender-leaning pink. It covered nicely in two thin coats. This is 2 coats of SASR topped with SV.
I did a quick tape mani over OPI SASR after 2 days. I used both striping tape and regular tape this time. It did not take much time to do this but I am loving my glittery tips. A nice pick me up for me to look at when I’m at work 🙂
Happy Monday everyone!


Glittered tips for me please!
I added a triangle of NYX mushroom glitter to the mix because I had to. No bling no win. Surprisingly there seems tobe a lot of gaps in the glitter polishes here but in real life you can’t really see twinkle through the glitter. I’m guessing it’s just a matter of lighting here.
I couldn’t decide which photo to use. Somehow both photos show my skin in an awful reddish tone. But take a closer look and you can see the shimmer in Princess shining through in the top photo!

Half and Half

Half and Half just like milk!
I loved princess so much that I wore it around as a full mani for 2 days. At the end of day 2 the polish was still quite perfect if you ask me. I was thinking to pair Princess with a pink/purple polish to bring out the pink shimmer more. After going through my stash, I decided to top off my mani from yesterday with a nice triangle of Twinkle from piCture pOlish. Twinkle, like Princess, applies like a dream! I only needed two thin layers to get this look!