Trio! – Part 2

I try my best to do the same mani on both my hands but sometimes I just like to switch things up a little. In this case, I decided to move my little glitter triangles around on my right hand. This move made the manicure much more discreet. But it does let Twinkle stand out more than it did on my left hand.


Glittered tips for me please!
I added a triangle of NYX mushroom glitter to the mix because I had to. No bling no win. Surprisingly there seems tobe a lot of gaps in the glitter polishes here but in real life you can’t really see twinkle through the glitter. I’m guessing it’s just a matter of lighting here.
I couldn’t decide which photo to use. Somehow both photos show my skin in an awful reddish tone. But take a closer look and you can see the shimmer in Princess shining through in the top photo!