Spring Gradients

Hello!! How was your weekend? I hope it was better than mine!
My whole family was away and left me at home to hold down the fort so to say! I had to do everything from the laundry to the dishes to cleaning up the place and tending to my little boss aka dog.
But! Despite all that I did manage to find time to sit down and do my nails – slowly. No rushing involved! Here are the results!
The last time I did a gradient was ages ago and I have always been wanting to do another but was scared of the mess and clean up and….. I know it’s not as bad as a water marble manicure but you get it right?
Anyways, since I was home alone I knew that there would not be any interference and grabbed my sponge and a few pastel polishes and went to town! I kinda love the end results.

What do you think? Did I do OK?


The colors I used are (from my thumb to pinky):

OPI Alpine Snow

Bavi Phat Baby Blue

Essie Mint Candy Apple

piCture pOlish peaches n’ cream

piCture pOlish mellow yellow

piCture pOlish fairy floss

March Cosmobox

*Products were purchased by me. I am not in anyway related to the company or  products mentioned in this post*

I only remembered that I have not posted anything on my March Cosmobox when my April Cosmobox came in the mail! The horror! I shall do a quick quick post on this.
Last months box was quite good really. when it came in it was quite heavy and I did hear some glass clanking. I was really scared that something was broken. When I opened it I was soooo happy that nothing was broken and that the box was really full too!

To be honest, I have not found the time to use these products. Life has been hectic. So, instead of my usual posts, I am just going to post the information of the items in this post.

Watson | Natural Mask (1 sheet/RM5.90)
Watsons’ Natural Mask is specially formulated with nature’s potent flowers, plant and fruit extract to soothe and beautifully moisture your face.
I got 3 of them – a brightening facial mask with Camomile extracts, a moisturizing mask with Aloe extracts and another moisturizing mask this time with Cucumber extracts!
I know that these are things you just slap on your face and let it be for 15minutes but somehow I never do it. I wonder why. The number of masks in my drawer is growing so fast I could use one a week for the next 3 months or so.
Melissachens High Performing Skincare | Luminous Moisture Replenishing Toner(150ml/RM198)
Intensely skin hydrating toner that maximizes moisture absorption and retention. Enhances skin DNA lifespan, cellular integrity & strengthened skin barrier protection with Raspberry stem cells, potent swiss botanical extracts & active ingredients.
Melissachens.. Hmmm.. Melissa Chen right? LOL I did not realize anything was amis until I typed out the brand name. It seems like it is an Asian brand formulated and made in Switzeland. That’s all I know so far. Google did not help too much here.
SP Hair | SP Shine Define Mask (200ml/RM100)
SP Shine Define line with Shine Tri-Complex provides intense shine whilst smoothing the hair for flawless light reflection. The Shine Define Mask is an intensive treatment for ultimate light reflection which promotes noticeable shine and smoothen the hair for flawless light reflections.
SP products have been good to me so far so I actually have high hopes for this hair mask!
The Nail Shop | High Quality Stainless Steel Light Weight Tweezers (1 pair/RM9.90)
I have used this tweezers before. I think I bought my old one in Japan because I forgot to pack one for the trip. As far as I can remember, this little Japanese Doll tweezers works great! Even better than some branded ones even!
ALQVIMIA | Body Sculptor Oil (RM98/150ml)
Reshapes the figure rapidly. Shapes your Waistline into an “S-Shape”. Trim the tummy and reduce hip size. Leg slimming and arm toning.
ALQVIMIA | Shape Reducer Body Oil (RM290/150ml)
Slim Rapidly. Eliminates water retention. Prevent the accumulation of excess fats. Reduces body size, resulting in an attractive body contour.
ALQVIMIA | Anti-Cellulite Body Oil (RM290/150ml)
Targets access localized adipose (fat) tissues. Reduces the appearance of “orange peel” skin. Increase skin’s purifying function. Dissolves lipids.
ALQVIMIA | Body Oil for Firm and Healthy Skin (RM290/150ml)

Strengthens skin tissues. Softens the skin, making it velvety smooth. Highly recommended to use on inner thigh, inner arms, forearms, tummy and neck.

I wonder how you pronounce ALQVIMIA. LOL

The products sounds awesome. I need to, er, finish what I have and start on these soon. I need to get rid of my ‘orange peel’ thighs!

This box is great overall. SP and The Nail Shop aside, all the other brands are new to this beauty box company. I think that the April box is my last box. Will I renew my subscription?
I am honestly not sure yet. LOL. I will keep you updated though 🙂

The Lilac Box – Box 2

*Products were purchased by me. I am not in anyway related to the company or  products mentioned in this post* 


The guys at the Lilac Box finally gave us their second box and I say – YAY to guys running a beauty box subscription!


There are 2 Calvin Klein perfume samples, Redken Intraforce Shampoo and Conditioner, Lunasol Skin Modeling Powder Foundation and Smoothing Makeup Base and finally 2 products from Nuxe the Huile Prodigueuse Dry Oil and Rêve de Miel Facial Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel.
Look at this little note they stuck on the underside of the cover. It is quite true too! Their boxes are the only ones with no branding whatsoever. And the pop of lilac on the inside – love it!


Something smells really awesome in this box! Lets get on to investigate which of this products is responsible for that!
First up we have the perfume samples from Calvin Klein. 

Calvin Klein | Beauty  (RM361/100ml)
Calvin Klein Beauty evokes the ultimate power of femininity and sophistication, while capturing the spirit of a woman who is beautiful from the inside out, with an aura that radiates. A new interpretation of a lily – a neo-lily – is the heart and soul of Calvin Klein Beauty. A sophisticated flower that is the essence of femininity, the lily is also radiant and powerful.
Calvin Klein | Sheer Beauty (RM325/100ml)
Calvin Klein Sheer BEAUTY is sparkling and carefree with a pure, sexy confidence. The fragrance evokes the sensuality and delicacy of bare skin with its luminous floralcy and skin-like warmth.
Beauty is the more sophisticated and sensual scent of the two samples given while Sheer Beauty tends to me more fruity and light. Being a fruity perfume lover I obviously steered towards Sheer Beauty more than Beauty. Mom would love Beauty though.
Nope, as much as this perfumes smell good the scent from the box isn’t from them.

Lunasol | Skin Modeling Powder Foundation (10.5g/RM148)

This is a new powder foundation that has finally achieved the quality that previously only liquid and cream foundation could perform. A perfect adherence to the skin that can hardly be believed in a powder foundation It achieves a finish that seems like it has become your skin, leaving it translucent and lustrous without becoming cakey at all.

Lunasol | Smoothing Makeup Base (30g/RM118)

This cream-type makeup base has been created exclusively for SKIN MODELING POWDER FOUNDATION. It fills visible pores and uneven surfaces with a creamy texture and creates and even film over the skin to leave it silky smooth. The make up base absorbs perspiration and sebum and the same non-greasy texture as when as when first applied lasts for many hours.
Yup! another item that I have received in a previous beauty box that I have yet to try out. I think that the next few boxes I am going to post about are the last few that I have. All my subscriptions end here. So after this I will slowly go through all the samples I have received. Starting with this because it sounds so awesome!


Nuxe | Huile Prodigeuse Multi Usage Dry Oil (RM148/100ml)

A cult favourite of many women and celebrities, this multi-usage oil is nourishing yet easily absorbed for face, body and hair. Made with 30% concentration of Precious Plant Oils and Vitamin E. This formula contains ingredients of 98.1% natural origin. Silicone and paraben free.

Nuxe | Rêve de Miel Cleansing Gel (RM68/200ml)

This soap-free gel enriched with Honey and Sunflowers, gently removes make-up while cleansing and soothing the face in a single step. A treat for the senses that leaves the skin feeling impeccably clean. Suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin.
I HAVE FOUND IT! This little duo (or rather the dry oil) is the source of the scent in the box. I can;t describe it but it smells heavenly!
I have not tried the cleansing gel just yet but I did try the dry oil and I loved it. It is multipurpose and can be used on your face, hair and body. Did I mention that it absorbs quite quickly too? Girls, if you are reading this and are interested, hurry on to your nearest SaSa. It seems that it is on sale at the moment, only RM208 instead of RM350 (no coupons required). How do I know? Well, I liked it so much I went and got it!
Last but not least, and actually the bulk weight of this box:


Redken | Intra Force Shampoo (RM60/290ml)
Detoxifying shampoo that gently cleanses, helps reduce excess sebum and DHT, promotes hair density and a healthy scalp environment, and safeguards haircolor with UV filters.
Redken | Intra Force Toner (RM65/245ml)
Lightweight toner that detangles, moistusrizes and strengthens, helps safeguard color haircolor with UV filters, and replenishes hair and scalp to prevent premature breakage and improve manageability.
In a consumer study, the following were observed:
•75% of users noticed increased fullness.
•70% of users noticed a thickening effect.
•70% of users noticed enhanced density.
Interesting. Its for thinning hair. Colored and thinning hair. I wonder, would it work wonders for 
my dye free hair? Or should I just pass it along to someone else? This samples are HUGE but I don’t know if they would work for me. But then again if it works for colored hair it should be good for normal hair right? I am so torn. Over 2 bottles of hair care products. LOL


Well, I really do like Box 2 from The Lilac Box. The items in the box is definitely more than the RM49.90 I paid for it. And the guys sure have kept their promise in keeping the samples high end brands only. Di you know that the guys personally flew to Paris to scout for products?? I am impressed!
Well, I am definitely going to subscribe to their next box rumoured to be coming out in May. Hopefully I am quick enough! Rememeber to stalk their Facebook page and Website so that you don’t miss out on it!

My BeautyFoot Experience – Foot Diary

*Products were purchased by me. I am not in anyway related to the company or  products mentioned in this post*

For the past few months I have seen products like this all over the internet. It promises a pain free way to make the soles of your feet baby smooth. I was really intrigued by this but never went ahead and purchased this product on my own. When I got it in my CosmoBox a few months ago I was excited and a little scared to try it out.
This is the only photo in this post because I did not want to scare you with icky, peeling feet.
It was really easy to use the BeaytyFoot foot therapy system. All you had to do was wear the little booties filled with what seems to be fruit enzymes and wait an hour. I did this in the middle of the night (not smart) and was so tired by the time I took it off my feet! A quick rinse and I was good to go. On the first night itself I noticed that my skin has become somewhat plastic-y. The skin on my soles seemed more tough and really weird to the touch.
Day 2 – Nothing really happened on day 2. Maybe just the further hardening of my soles. I wore heels on this day and – NO PAIN! I mean no usual pain that I feel from wearing heels. You know what I mean right?
Day 3 – My skin looked like it started to peel a little. I was really fascinated by this and since I have fidgety hands I could not resist and started to pull back anything that stuck out. It did not hurt! YAY!
Day 4 – My soles were starting to peel quite bad. They would come out in pieces about an inch wide and probably 3 inches long. Not in a huge patch like on the box but then again I was peeling at them from before.  One weird thing I noticed – the skin around any existing calluses takes a lot more work to come off.
Day 5-7 – OMG! My foot looks like it is going through a bad bad time. It is peeling all over, from the soles to my toes and to the top of my feet! And it was really itchy too. Like a wound healing :S Time to slap on foot creams. Lots and lots of foot cream!
Day 10 – My skin now is baby smooth with just a bit of skin peeling at the sides of my feet. YAY!
My overall view on this product?
It’s quite a cool little thing which definitely works, it works better if you don’t pick at it. LOL. Your feet will come out baby smooth and looking great! No need to go for callus removal at nail salons no more.
I would recommend this to anyone looking to get baby smooth feet painlessly. But remember to slap on moisturizer on your feet to avoid feeling itchy all over. It may get really gross while your feet is changing it’s skin but trust me, the final outcome is pretty awesome!

Press Release: I Love Nail Polish Holographic Nail Polish

It’s time. They’re here… and we’re just getting started!

Hello my pretties!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I know you’re all very busy!

As promised, the first round of ILNP holographic nail polishes are available for your browsing pleasure. There are 10 stunning colored holographic polishes plus 3 variations of our amazing SpectraFlair top coat to choose from.

Click Here to browse the ILNP holographic nail polishes. 

Hurry, these holographic nail polishes will sell out fast so be sure to get your order in today!

Take care!
-Barbra 🙂