Easter Stripes

Happy Easter everyone! Today is a definitely a day to celebrate! I hope you have a great one with your friends and loved ones ūüôā
Anyways, since it is both Easter and Spring already I thought I would do some egg-inspired nails today! I really had high hopes for this nail idea but I think I kinda failed on execution. I did a tape manicure and it seems my lines are kinda wonky. It is not bad in this photo but the next photo……please don’t scream.
The lines are really quite thick and uneven no matter how my tape is stuck. I suspect I may have pulled the tape off a little too late. Or maybe it’s just the matter of chalky pastel polishes. =/ And surprisingly, of all the nails, the one that turned out the best (in terms of how pretty my lines look) was my pinky.
One thing though, my lines may not be perfect but my nails sure do look cute!! I don’t usually wear pastel but I do love this color combination. It’s, well, srefreshing. LOL
I did a jelly sandwich with OPI¬†Mermaids Tears, Rainbow Honey¬†20% Cooler¬†and OPI¬†Don’t Touch My Tutu¬†and topped them off with OPI¬†Lucky Lucky Lavender, piCture pOlish¬†peaches n’ cream,¬†mellow¬†yellow,¬†honey dew¬†and Essie¬†Lapis of Luxury.

Pink, White and Blue!

This is an old manicure which I never came around to post because the photos aren’t as awesome as I would like them to be.
This was a super early attempt of a skittlette mani which I did. I did not include any glitterbomb accent nail but I like it all the same ūüôā
I love Cotton Candy very much and always wanted to wear it again but with all the new polishes I keep getting in the mail, it was kinda forgotten. I finally took this baby out and told myself – you must use this polish NOW! With that in mind I quickly picked out 2 the blue and pink to play off the glitters in Cotton Candy.

I think the combination, though a little simple, is still really cool. From far, many people have asked how I dotted the blue and pink on the white! LOL

And finally, the finger where Cotton Candy applied the best – my right thumb!

I used:
Cotton Candy by 365 Days of Color
No Room for the Blues by OPI
It’s Hot Pink by OPI

Cult Nails – Seduction

I finally picked a glitter topper to go with the navy polish I had on two days ago. Well, not glitter per-se but rather than a flaky topper!
This is the beautiful Seduction by Cult Nails. I am sure many of you are familiar with this polish’s sister – Clairvoyant a.k.a. Unicorn Puke from Cult Nails. Unfortunately for me, Unicorn Puke was long discontinued by the time I came to know about Cult Nails. It is now going at ridiculous prices on eBay and blog sales mind you!
This is one gorgeous flaky polish I tell you! Unlike Essie’s Shine of Times, the flakies in Seduction¬†are more subtle and less dense. It took me 2 coats of Seduction¬†over China Glaze First Mate¬†to¬†achieve¬†the opacity I desired.

The flakies in Seduction flashes red, blue, purple and the occasional green Рwhich was crazy hard to capture on camera!

I realised that the green comes out in lower light conditions. And also when my hands is wet. So off I went and wet my hands and hide in the shade to capture this gorgeous photo!
The green finally showed up!!
One more photo of this lovely polish to drool over before I end this post.

China Glaze – First Mate

Eeep! I’m running late on my posts – 12 and a half hours to be exact!¬†It’s been really busy this morning, plus the internet was down earlier on!¬†I’ve got a quick post for you today. I’ll definitely get a better post up tomorrow. On time too! LOL
I have got this gorgeous navy, First Mate from the China Glaze Anchors Away Spring 2011 collection. I had this color for ages but never came about to use it. My brother’s girlfriend always wears this color and everytime that she does I ask myself why I do not!
The formula with First Mate is like any other Chine Glaze polishes I have ussed so far Рopaque in 2 easy coats. And I always never have to do any clean up because their brushes are that easy to control!
I love how First Mate¬†is not too dark or not too light. Even in low light conditions this polishes is still an obvious blue ūüôā

I am not a big fan of blue polishes or dark polishes but I am really in love with¬†First Mate!¬†I have plans to layer a glitter polish over this beauty but I am putting it off for a little bit more ūüôā

Darling Diva Polish – Witchy Woman

It’s about time I posted about my lucky win at Naked Without Polish¬†don’t you think!
The first polish I have today  is Witchy Woman by Darling Diva Polish. Witchy Woman is a black jelly based packed with different sizes of multi colored rainbow glitters!

Application of Witchy Woman was easy peasy! All the glitters came out nicely in one swipe. No dabbing required!

I love how the glitters are in Witchy Woman. I don’t know about you but it reminds me of corals under water.

It wore quite well too! What you see here is actually photos of the manicure on it’s third day. Aside from the little chip on my middle finger from opening a can of Coke, all is well.
As soon as I got this polish I knew I wanted to layer this over Cult Nails Time Traveler. This is Time Traveler at just ONE coat! Look at how opaque and deep the color is!
Ahh! I just realised why the polished chipped a little! This manicure is only 2 coats + top coat!


Looks familiar? I used this as the base color for my snowman manicure I posted a few days ago. I was really amazed by this polish and decided that it should have a post dedicated to it!
This is Steavealicious¬†by Colors by T.B.N. It’s a nice blurple which has awesome coverage in one coat. Yep! This awesome blue/purple is a one coater! It also dries really glossy, these photos are without top coat.
I am a really hard time photographing this polish. In real life the purple is definitely more obvious. It definitely reminds me of  Want My Bawdy from the China Glaze Bohemian Collection, with less shimmer I think.
You know what I love most about this blue polish?
It does not stain!

NYE Mani – Clelestia and A Stroke of Brilliance

It’s the New Year already!! Time sure passes by really quickly!
I wore this manicure yesterday. My choices for the polishes were easy – what have I not tried on this year! A quick look in my drawers I picked up polishes which I thought looked good together. Rainbow Honey Celestia and essie’s A Stroke of Brilliance.
I first started off with 2 coats of Celestia. This color is lovely on its own. It’s packed with light glitter and glass flecks.
The only thing that bugged me a little was the sheerness of this polish. Even with 2 coats, under certain lightings my nail line was very visible.
Sheerness aside, this polish is super shiny!
I then grabbed A Stroke of Brilliance and dabbed it on my tip to create a gradient. I intended for it to be an accent nail but fell in love with it so much I did it on all 10 fingers!
I love how the different blues managed to blend together so well!
I even got a few compliments from my colleagues ūüôā
What did you wear on your nails on NYE?