Blue Skies and White Clouds!

With the seriousness on Monday out of the way I decided to add some clouds to the blue I had on. I used OPI Alpine snow for the white clouds on all my fingers except for the thumb on my left hand. It got dented when I accidentally closed the drawer on it! D: So in it’s place I used a silver glitter from Bloop and painted light blue clouds on it using nail polish from Baviphat.



My left thumb


20120418-191306.jpgI did a simpler design on my right thumb and fell in love with it!

Monday Blues

It’s Monday again!

And instead of wearing my usual black ensemble to the office again I went with a black and blue outfit! And to complement the blue in my top I picked bright blue nails to go with it!

Pick-me-up of the day: OPI No Room For the Blues

Blues usually don’t look nice on me – I am more of a warm colours girl. But I love how this blue stands out on my fingers but doesn’t have a ‘washed-out’ effect on them! 🙂




Lunchtime Bargain Buy!

I got myself some new polishes last week! It’s from Bloop (Australia) and only cost me RM7 per bottle!

These two colors caught my eyes the most! A sweet little lavender and a purple glitter filled with fine silver and holographic glitter! I couldn’t resist them and gave myself a little manicure before lunchtime was over 🙂



Dotty Fun!

Last week was a really hectic week so I decided to do a special mani to brighten up my week! After lunch picking and choosing I decided to do a polka dotted mani. Not the regular kind but a multi colored dotted one! I used yellow, green, blue, pink and orange on a base of white ( OPI Alpine Snow).

Look how pretty they are now!




Top (L-R) : Need Sunglasses, Green-wich Village, No Room for the Blues
Bottom (L-R) : Flower-to-Flower, Flit a bit


And this is my Right hand. The dots here are less delicate and somewhat smudge but I think I like this version of it better 🙂

Cinderella Blues

I met up with two of my friends right after I painted them the last time and guess what comments I got from them

Ewww, why did you paint your nails like that?! They look ugly!
My, my, what zombie nails you have!

Needless to say I was a little disappointed because I did my very best to get the polka dots looking as neat as I could make them. Apparently the red polish reminded one of them of blood hence the reference to the zombies. :/

Anyways I redid my nails, this time to a light blue with silver tips. I used Color Waltz BL503 a light blue from Nature Republic, Which really reminded me of Cinderella’s dress in the Disney Cartoon, as the base and topped it up with Pedicure Sparkle #3 Sparkle Silver from Skin Food on the tips. And to finish it all I used Seche Vite Quick Dry top coat.


Please excuse the messy clean up 😦

I must be only person ever to smudged my nails even with Seche Vite!


And guess what my friend had to say about this manicure – It still looks like Zombie nails !