Merdeka Nails

Happy Friday!
It is a holiday here in Malaysia. It is our Hari Merdeka a.k.a National Day today! 55th National day to be exact! To celebrate this day, I have decided to do a mani based on the Malaysian flag, or more fondly known in Malaysia as the Jalur Gemilang. Looks familiar??
YES! The Malaysian flag does resemble the American flag quite a bit. If you are curious about the meanings behind the elements on the flag click THIS link for more information.
On to the nails!
I have chosen some really pretty colors from Cult Nails for this mani. And – yup! – I decided to do a tape mani again. I picked inspiration from Sophie’s (My Awesome Beauty) little tutorial here. It’s funny how the colors I used are actually quite similar to Sophie’s. Hers is more pastel-y and mine brighter.
My picks for this mani was – Cult Nails Evil Queen (red), Time Traveler (blue), Feel Me Up (yellow) and OPI Alpine Snow for the white.
artificial light
Time Traveler and Evil Queen were both really hard to photograph! The colors seemed to come out really really dark on the nails than in real life. The only way to get the colors as close to as it is IRL is to use flash as seen below.
with flash
Or if I put my hand reeaaaaaaally close to the light above my headboard.
artificial light

One more for the go!

airtificial light

The blue of this mani turned up a little dark for my taste and I wanted to lightened it up. And of course, I couldn’t resist adding some glitter to it! With no hesitation, I looked into my polish collection and pulled out Rainbow Honey’s Mare of the Moon!

indirect sunlight

All I did was a thin coat on my nails. If you look closely, I only have 2 bits of glitter in this mani. It was intentional of course! I made sure I swiped off the moons and stars before each coat. If I did not I would have had at least 3 stars in these photos!

direct sunlight
Before I leave you, here is a last photo of my claw overlooking the pool at my condo!
in the shade
Have a great weekend everyone!

365 Days of Color – Cotton Candy

I’ve been so busy posting new stuff that I have ignored many posts in my draft folder. So, for the next few days/weeks I will be posting those oldest in the draft folder before I move forward. Hope you’ll like them!
Another super duper awesome polish from Sunny at 365 Days of Color! It applied wonderfully and I did not have to do much to get the glitters on mu fingers. I looooooved this soo much. The color combination. The jelly-ness. The ease of application. It is definitely a winner in my books!
I wore this alone (3 coats) topped with Cult Nails Wicked Fast. 

Tutu Glittered

Did I mention that I managed to collect all 6 polishes from the OPI New York City Ballet Collection? I finally got all 6 polishes after scouting at leas t3 different websites selling them. It wasn’t all that easy mind you. One of the sellers actually did not know what stock she had and was having a ton of OOS items on her shop.
Anyways, lets get away from that and focus on the pretty polish!
My fingernails are stained really really bad. I’m quite sure if you did not read the title you would’t have guessed which OPI NYC Ballet I used! This is 3 coats of OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu topped with a glitter gradient with LA Girl Glitter Addict in Celebrate.
Indirect Sunlight (morning)

I love how Celebrate is packed with red, white, blue and a hint of green glitter! This is a perfect glitter to bust out for Independence Day Celebrations later this week! 

Direct Sunlight (morning)

Artificial light
Evening Sun

My First Casualty! :(

It was just a split second and just a few inches in the wrong direction and before I knew it a polish bottle hit the floor! Though e.l.f polishes may be cheap in comparison, I really loved this polish. I used it maybe once as a full mani, once in a gradient mani (coming up soon!) and 3 times as a pedi. *sigh*
RIP e.l.f Fire Coral
I am missing you tons already!
Edit: OK, I posted on the e.l.f sale yesterday. So I’m going out on a limb asking this – Anyone willing to send some e.l.f.s over to me? I could purchase them and ship them over to you and you forward them to me later? Please? Anyone?

Nail Polish Sale Alert!! – e.l.f Cosmetics

e.l.f is giving away 8 free polishes of your choice with any purchase of $20!
Anyone who lives within e.l.f shipping areas DO NOT HESITATE! I have only 3 polishes from them and I love them tons! At just $2 a bottle the formula and color both blew me away!
If shipping was tons cheaper I definitely will not hesitate to pick a ton of polish from them. *sigh*
Click on the photo to be taken to the sale!

From the Vault: Glitter Showdown

The contenders are:
LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails #07 and Milani Jewel FX in Teal
LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails #07 only has one kind of glitter in it – turquoise hex glitters. If you just judge it by looking at the bottle you can see that it is very densely packed. Milani Teal on the other hand has turquoise, green and silver hex glitters as well as fine turquoise glitters in it.
I swatched these polishes over my OPI My Pointe Exactly from the NYC Ballet collection. Not surprisingly the brown base of the grey polish has been cancelled out by the turquoise of the glitters. Under the glitters MPE comes off as a cool grey instead.
From L-R: #7 2 coats, Teal 2 coats, #7 1 coat, Teal 1 coat
Application of #07 wasn’t a walk in the park. It was a hit or miss thing. Sometimes it is quite hard to get the glitters on the nails but if you are lucky you can get tons of glitter with just one stroke. My ring finger applied nicely in one coat but for my index finger I had to dig around the bottle a little and dab the glitter on.
Application for Teal wasn’t too bad. As in the photos, you can see that you can get quite a bit of polish with one coat and by the time you applied the second coat you have a rather opaque coat of glitter on your nails.
After staring at the glitters on my finger for a good minute, I realised that the hex glitters in both the polishes are of the same size. The turquoise glitters do differ in colour a little; #07 is just a tad lighter than the Teal.
My conclusion is that #07 and teal are very different polishes. #07 creates a cleaner look compared to Teal due to the lack of fine glitter. But if I had to choose, I prefer Milani Teal more compared to #07 based on the application.
If you had a choice, which polish would you get?

From the Vault: Mermaid Nails

After the last post I’m sure some were wondering – How could she just leave it like that?!
Well, I couldn’t and didn’t!
I decided to go full on and glitter up my nails with both glitter polishes! It was a whole lot of polish on my nails mind you. Seche Plus Base coat, 3 coats of OPI My Pointe Exactly, 2 coats of LUCIDarling #07 and 2 coats of Milani Teal, a coat of Esence Quick Dry Top coat and last but not least a quick coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat which brings me to a total of 10 coats of polish on my nails!!!!
I like how the colours turned out. It kinda remind me of the mermaid nails that are buzzing around on nail blogs and pinterest with the blues and the greens and the grey.
These nails were hard to photograph! The glitters were so sparkly that my camera didn’t know where to focus on.
Take 4
Take 7
Finally another sharper photo! But it seems that the glitter is way darker in this photo. :/
As scary as 10 coats of polish sounds like, this combination was actually not too thick on my nails and wore really well. I only removed it after 4 days because the weekend was ending and these are not exactly office friendly nails. I am really really surprised that these nails did not crack or chip at all!
I wanted to do a glitter sandwich with this, and I actually did it on my thumb, but decided that I couldn’t hide all the awesome glitter on my nails! I did take a few photos of the sandwiched thumb though.
The thumb actually loks quite good, OPI MPE gave a milky touch to the glitters. If I wasn’t in such a glitter-y mood I definitely would have went ahead and sandwiched it all.
And to end it all, a bottle shot of the awesome glitteriness (I really doubt this is a word) of Milani Teal: