Lucky Lucky Lavender

I bring to you one of my most used polishes in my stash – Lucky Lucky Lavender from the OPI Hong Kong Summer 2010 Collection. If you ask me, this polish is more pink than lavender to me. I actually got this thinking it was a pink and for months I referred it to as my pink polish. LOL. I still like to call it  my pink polish, although after staring at my nails for the past day I can’t deny that it does lean towards the violet spectrum quite a bit, more obviously so in this photos.
LLL applies nicely in 2 coats, the formula is great and the color doesn’t change much after 2 coats unlike the bottle Big Apple Red that I own (will do a post on this soon!).
As usual, I can’t just leave a polish be, some glitter is definitely needed here! I am kinda torn between The Hungry Asian’s Mumbling or Essie’s A Cut Above. Both untrieds mine you!
Which would you choose? Come back tomorrow to see which polish I picked.

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