Reverse Glitter Tips

As much as I loved my full mani with Irreplaceable, I knew I just had to bring out the subtle gold shimmer in it! I used NYX Mushroom Glitter (greyish gold glitter) which I got for only RM5 from my recent haul from the Nail Fiesta moving out sale.
I just painted a a third of my nails with NYX MG and dabbed some polish along my nails to give it a slight gradient effect. The two polishes blended very nicely and whenever lights hit my nails I would just stare at them in awe!
An artsy accidental blurred photo which shows how shiny the glitter is.

Essence Irreplaceable

This is the missing polish from my Essence haul not too long ago – Irreplaceable from the color & go line.
Irreplaceable is a grayish beige polish filled with gold glass flecks. I was hesitant as first to get it but now I’m glad I did! It is such a lovely colour and the formula was good. Only two coats was needed for full opacity.
Irreplaceable dried to a gritty finish which I thought could be settled with a coat of Seche Vite. But surprisingly SV didn’t work in smoothing out the surface! I tried on other top coats that I owned and the one that worked best with this is actually the Essence Quick Dry Top Coat!
The photo below was taken a day after I did my nails. It shows the color off more accurately.
My camera and it’s mood swings :S

Bye Bye Bling

Guess what happened to the layer of glitter I added as an accent nail in my last post.
It literally slid off after 5 hours!
This is the first time I had polish just slide off my fingernails. LOL. It was even still intact in the shape of my nail! I guess this is kind of a good thing right? No PITA glitter removal tonight 🙂

Samoan Sand

A quick quick update from my office table!
I did a mani using OPI Samoan Sand from the Winter 2011 collection if I am not mistaken. Or was it the Winter 2007 collection? Anyways, Samoan Sand is a lovely nude. Even after 3 coats it still looks barely there.
A photo with an apple aka my breakfast.
I tried to do a glitter sandwich with Samoan Sand and OPI Getting’ Miss Piggy With It from the Muppets collection but it didnt turn out to be what I imagined so I decided to scrap that idea.
Instead I did an accent nail with a pink hex glitter from the LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails collection. I just added 2 coats of the glitter on top of Samoan Sand. It looks kinda gold-ish in the photo below though :/

There! This is a better photo for the pink glitter but you can barely see what SS is like in this photo.

Barre(-ing) My (Heart and) Soul

First up on from the OPI x New York Ballet Collection is Barre My Soul. Barre My Soul is a sheer beige jelly. Even with 2 thinner coats and one thick coat my nail lines were still very visible under them. I think it might be buildable with more coats but I didn’t want to try because I liked this look very much. If you didn’t pay much attention to them it looks like I was not wearing any polish.


I took out my essence Quick Dry top coat for a test drive on this manicure. Unfortunately it didn’t work it’s magic this time. If you look carefully, you can see a small wrinkle on my index finger. That happened about 20 minutes after I was done with everything. But come to think of it, maybe this wasn’t the right manicure for it considering the thicker layer of polish below.
20120524-000948.jpg 20120524-001013.jpg

My thumb has an extra layer of heart glitters to hide the huge dent on it from when I was packing up my stuff back to their proper places. It looks really cute tho. And the polish only cost me RM5.90 (~1.85USD)