Nail Mail – Cult Nails 2nd Anniversary Special Collection

I received my Cult Nails order late last week and I am in love~
I purchased their 2nd Anniversary Special Collection which consists of Fetish (a wax finish black polish), Tempest (white creme polish) and Blaze (a gold and copper polish). I also picked up Bitten and Blackout in this order!
Notice something about the card behind? Here it is with the special release collection.

Maria included a drawing along with my order! I was really surprised at this gesture. Initially I thought that they did this for all orders but eventually figured out that they took a line from my order! How sweet! ūüôā
I am definitely floored by their actions and obviously this collection. Now to figure out which of these polishes I should try first!

Cult Nails Sale Alert!

Just a heads up!
There is a “Because we¬†‚̧ you” Sale going on at Cult Nails!
Most nail polishes in stock are going for 25% discounts. Heck, some of them are even 40% off!
I spy the coveted Flushed and Bitten and the Deceptive collection on sale too!

*Discounts are only until the 8th of February*

Random Ramblings: Low Buy anyone?

The past few months were crazy months for polish buying! There was soooo many sales and offers and discounts going about all over the place. Online, offline, etsy, Sephora, Llarowe. Gaaaahhh! I for one couldn’t resist them and bought a whole bunch of polishes!
So for the month of February¬†onward¬†till hopefully June, I am going to set myself on a low-buy. Not a no-buy because I would be good the whole month and go crazy once the month ends. I think I have had 2 or 3 no buys 3 months apart. I would buy things on the first month, receive most of the items in the second month and by the time the third months come rolling by I’ll be all – OMG I bought too much polishes the past month! It’s going to be a No-Buy next month!¬†Rinse and Repeat! It is a vicious circle that never ends!
This time around, my low-buy is going to cover all aspects of my life! From not buying too much junk food to buying clothes and shoes (Luckily we do not have 4 seasons in Malaysia :D) to nail polishes and beauty products! I know I cray cray. This low-buy thought not as extreme as a no-buy will still be kinda hard. But I gotta be hard on myself for the sake of my bank account and pending holidays.
Plus! With some packages that I have yet to receive, I should have enough of everything to last me a few months.
Wish me luck girls!

Cult Nails 2nd Anniversary Special Release Collection

A few weeks, or was it maybe a couple of months ago, Maria from Cult Nails announced that they were going to have a special collection for their 2 year anniversary. Not many details were given I think. Or maybe my stalking skills aren’t that good yet. LOL!

Anyways, Maria just annouced the new collection today! There will be 3 polishes in this collection: Tempest a high gloss self leveling white; Blaze a glowing gold and copper glitter; and Fetish a wax look finish!

Buy them here!

And you know what the best part of this Anniversary Colletion is?

There will be a pair of earrings with every bottle of Blaze. There are 3 possibilities of earrings that you might get.

A) a pair of Cubic Zirconia earrings

B) a pair of 1/2 carat genuine diamond earrings and

C) a pair of 1 carat genuine diamond earrings!!

I am not kidding!! Pop by and read their blog post if you do not believe me!

Did I mention that these polishes will be at a special price too? $30 for 3 bottles, which is more than a 15% discount!

AND free shipping on all orders above $50. Even international orders!

What are you waiting for? Hurry on and buy yourselves a pair of diamond earrings!

and if you do not like them I am happy to keep them for you.

Sale Alert!

Illamasqua is giving away a free nail polish with every order this week? They are even offering free shipping on international orders above £35!

They are also offering Limited Edition Gift Sets for the Holidays!
Go go go! What are you waiting for? :P(Click on the photo to be directed to Illamasqua’s Online Shop!)