From the Vault: Tape Mani – Fail

I always pain my nails at night before I head to bed. Most times I start at about 11pm and don’t finished until 1am because of my indecision. Tonight was one of those nights.
I wanted to do a funky french with a the striping tape I bought recently. But *alas* it was not meant to be 😦
I painted my nails in Revlon’s Opulent Pink and prepped them with striping tape. The striping tape I used was kinda different from the one’s I see on other nail blogs. For one, it wasn’t metallic and it wasn’t a solid colour either. It was a black paper base with hot pink stripes going through it.
I now think that they look quite unique here. The black-pink tape actually goes very well with this polish.
Why oh why wasn’t I aware of this earlier?
I should have just snipped the tape to size, applied top coat and jump into bed and sleep. But, noooo, I had to complete what I envisioned! And thus – a really odd manicure was born!
The yellow I used was China Glaze Lemon Fizz. China Glaze was the most logical choice for me because so far they’ve all been rather opaque on the first coat. But somehow this time it didn’t work out for me. I needed to use 2 coats on them. And they were quick thick at that! I really wasn’t thinking straight. When it came to removing the tape, the yellow smudged, went under the tape and some even came off with the tape. I couldn’t think of any ways to salvage it *sigh*
Needless to say I only wore this manicure long enough to take some photos and off they came.
Check back tomorrow for the manicure that I eventually did. I promise it isn’t half as disastrous as this was.

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