The Hungry Asian : Belle

I have an awesome polish for you today! It’s Belle by Kae from The Hungry Asian. Belle was made with Kae’s dog in mind. As a dog lover myself, I find this really sweet! On to the polish, Belle is a sheer milky base with small pink hex glitter and medium brown hex glitter. I especially love the pink and brown combination. You seldom see that around!
Artificial Lighting
The last I used this polish was as accent nails in this manicure. Back than I layered it over a light pink polish but this time I am going with just 3 coats of Belle. As before, the glitters come out with no problem and it applies really smooth. Just your usual top coat routine should suffice.
Belle might be a white based polish but surprisingly when I took some outdoor photo of this manicure it took on a pink hue; as if I painted it over pink!

I love Kae’s creations and am thinking to get her newer colors – if I weren’t on a No-Buy! She does have a fall and Halloween line coming up soon!! It looks great from what I have seen on Fcaebook.

If you are interested to buy some polishes from Kae, do pop by her Etsy shop to grab them. Also, do follow her Facebook page for updates on her products.