Cult Nails Baker

My Cult Nails polishes have been sitting in the drawer for too long!! And if you read my post yesterday you’d know that I have just stocked up on some really awesome polishes. Without further ado, let me present to you Baker!
Baker has, in Maria’s own words, a rich butterscotch/tan creme base with the right amount of gold shimmer for a golden glow! I concur! This polish is an awesome nude which is totally different from all the other nudes I have. Aside from having a shimmer base, the color is really unique in my stash. I really have no other polish like this.
I used 2 coats of Baker in these photos topped with Cult Nails Wicked Fast of course!! One thing about Cult Nails polishes that I really love is the combination of it’s brushes and formula! Although their brush is kinda small compared to OPIs ProWide brushes, it is tons easier to control. I admit I am not all that good at polish application but when I do use Cult Nails polishes, clean up is always minimal!
Plain nails are never my thing! To add some interest to this mani I added a flower nail art sticker on to my ring finger. I placed the sticker half on my nail and the rest on my finger just for fun. I was going out for drinks so I thought – why not! The stickers are relatively inexpensive anyways.

Don’t you think it looks cuter this way! It lasted around 6 hours if i remember correctly. It was six hours of doing nothing mind you. I remember doing quite a bit of washing and cleaning and also had shower in with this on!

Signing off with a photo from my instagram feed!