Ozotic 604

This is my first full holo manicure so far! I always hesitated to use holo polishes because I do not have an awesome camera to take good photos of the polish. But I could not keep this baby in the cupboard for any longer, so please do excuse the not-so-awesome photos I have here.
Ozotic 604 is a white gold scattered holo. This means that the holographic particles will not create rainbows across your fingers but rather small burst of rainbows randomly on your finger nails.
I did 3 coats of 604 over my NailTek II (No-no #1) and topped it off with Cult Nails Wicked Fast (No-no #2). I actually did the base coat before deciding on a color. 604 id not go on smoothly at all! It kept creating empty spaces when it dragged against the matte base coat. Luckily this isn’t a linear holo, if not I can’t imagine how distorted the rainbows would turn up on the nails! After I let the polish dry a little, I instinctively picked up my top coat and did my nails carefully. I did not think too much of it when the polish started to look a little dull. Only after I did the manicure did it hit me that you usually do not use top coats with holo polishes as it dulls the holo effects :\

This is generally what I got under the sun. You can see shimmer and subtle glowing from the holographic particles.

This photo above as well as the previous one were taking both under a mid morning sun and the ones below was taken indoors under a ceiling light. Surprisingly the sparkles are much more prominent in the indoor photos as opposed to the outdoor ones!

Blurred to show off the holographic shimmer!!
I knew there was much more to this polish so I finally resorted to taking photos with flash to coax the holo glitters to shine!!
First attempt: Almost there!
Second attempt: Boom!! Holo galore! 😀
Have a great weekend everyone!!