Etude House mini haul

I picked up some polishes late last month from the Korean cosmetic brand – Etude House. It was a random thing as I really wasn’t planning to get any polishes. Of course I got this polishes, prior to me deciding to go on a No-Buy.
There were many polishes which are new to me as I have not been to Etude House for quite some time. I picked only 3 this time.
From L-R: Halloween Day, Look at Her and Pajama Party
Look at Her (#CPP501) from Etudes House’s Look at My Nails series is the sweetest lilac cream. I had a small bottle of lilac polish but it seems due to the size (mini bottle) and the fact that there are no steel balls in it and also because I don’t use it often, it has dried up. So Look at Her is it’s replacement!
Both Halloween Day and Pajama Party on the other hand is from the Dear My Party series. Halloween Day (#PPP502) is a glitter bomb filled with small square purple and lilac glitters as well as some larger pink hex glitters.
Pajama Party (#PBL601) on the other hand has a pastel blue creamy base with a whole lot of glitter in it! So far I have seen green, blue, red, pink, gold and silver glitter in it! At first sight this polish reminded me of Revlon’s Whimsical, with much more party in it of course!