Rainbow Honey – The Worst Possible Thing

Chop chop! My fingernails are down to nubbins again due to cracking at the tips. I think my average cycle from nubbins back to nubbins is around 2-2.5 weeks. =/
Since my nails are shorter now, I decided to go with a neutral color with a dash of glitter to help give the illusion of longer fingers. My choice of colors for this wonderful task – OPI Malaysian Mist for the base and, as is seen in the title, RH The Worst Possible thing.
This is 3 coats of Malaysian Mist on it’s own. I love this color (I know I have said this many times now!) but sometimes dry time can be a problem. It is a really pretty peach that looks really simple and classy at the same time.
And here I have topped it with one coat of TWPT. Yup! Just one coat and my whole nail is covered. Rainbow Honey glitter polishes tend to be on the thick side. I believe this is due to fact that the polishes are jam-packed with all sorts of glitter and shimmer – No complains here really.
At first I thought it may turn out kinda weird to layer this polish over a light color let alone a light peach but looking at it now I love the purple-orange combination that is seen here. TWPT also seems to have a duochrome property to it which cab be seen in the photo above. Definitely have to try this over a darker color next time.
More photos before I end this post:
Indirect Sunlight
Artificial Light
And last but not least, a super grainy photo. I did not want to post this at first but this photo is the only one that really shows off the glitters and shimmers in this polish.
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